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@MrsStrawberry24:  They hurt for like a day, maybe two after you get them tightened. And then you wait a month or two between tightenings. So most of the time its really not that bad. And when they hurt its more like they’re sore and its mostly only noticeable when eating (the soreness). Its been awhile (I had them when I was 13, and I’m 21 now) but I remember being annoyed I couldnt get them tightened more often because I thought that would let me get them taken off sooner. WEAR YOUR RETAINER. I didn’t and my teeth shifted after I got the braces off. Part of it was the retainer would not stay in while I slept, and then once my teeth moved I couldn’t bear the pain that the retainer caused. But that only happens if you don’t wear it enough in the beginning.

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I got mine off right before I turned 16. The only thing that was very painful was the extra gear. I had a bumper, an expander and headgear at night. Yeah, I was that bad. I know my mom didn’t have a lot of extra money so she worked out a payment plan. Would your ortho be willing to do that?

Get the clear braces and always do clear bands. It’s less noticeable.

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I had braces as an adult and it was a breeze. I never had much soreness even after the adjustments.

I had a hereditary gum condition, I was missing some adult teeth (they just never appeared) and the teeth I had were crooked as they moved to fill in the spaces.

My parents did not have dental coverage and could not afford to pay for braces.

The way I looked at it was ” I can go ahead and have braces on for 2.5- 3 years and end up with straight teeth and a beautiful smile  OR I can be 2.5 -3 yrs older and still have crooked teeth and rarely smile.”

I have never regretted it for a minute and I would pay twice the amount if I had to.

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My SIL is 38 and has them. She said they only hurt after tightenings for a couple days. She takes some advil and it’s fine. She got clear bands and clear brackets, so they are hardly noticable!

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I had them through college and they were annoying, but never anything unbearable. My teeth would be sore for a day or two when they were first tightened but I could still eat regularly and everything was fine. Over all I wish I had been a kid when I had them just to get it out if the way before college, but it wasn’t terrible, like julies1949: said, better to do it now and have a great smile in 2 years than not do it and still have crooked teeth and rarely smile in two years.   

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i wore braces as a teen.

i wish i could say it doesn’t hurt, but it does. but only for a few days after they tighten them. take some ibuprofen before each appointment to help with the pain. you’ll be eating a lot mashed potatoes and other stuff that doesn’t require chewing, hah.

definitely follow all the rules as best you can. hard or sticky foods can make the brackets pop off (happened to me twice) or the bands loosen (happened once), and that may slow down your progress. and wear your rubber bands when you’re supposed to. they can be painful too, and it can be sooo tempting to take them out, but you just gotta tough it out.

and as someone else said, wear your retainer to make your pretty (expensive, lol) smile stay that way. the whole process really isn’t bad and it goes by pretty quickly. and in the end it’s totally worth it!

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My friend got a type of braces (she’s 25) that have clear brackets and wires- they’re WAY cheaper than Invisalign but they’re really all but invisible from far away. I can tell because I know her so well, but a stranger would have to do a double take to figure it out.  I think they’re only marginally more expensive than regular braces.

And yeah, when she gets a new wire, she hurts pretty bad for a few days.  It’s nothing Advil won’t kill for her, but she’s been eating a lot of applesauce.  She’s also on a way accellerated schedule for them, though, so that probably contributes.

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There’s nothing stupid about improving your teeth. My mother got braces in her mid-30’s and wore them proudly! 

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I have them now and its not bad, I don’t even have the clear brackets lol! You’re super lucky that your insurance covers most of them, my insurance only covers 80% if you’re under 18!

I agree with PP, that its only irritating when you get them tightened so just pop an alieve (not tylenol) before your visit and you should be fine. The rubber bands are the annoying part when you have to keep those on down the road. I think they look fine and no one really cares to notice that I even have braces. I’m just super grateful to FINALLY be fixing my crooked teeth, I love the way they are coming along and have a year left!

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As a 29 year old (I turn 30 next month!) who currently has braces; my advice to you is-DO IT!!! My dentist estimated the removal of my braces in about June! I am beyond excited!! They were worth every single penny. I suggest getting either the clear or white brakets and bands. You can hardly notice them at all!

Yes, they do hurt a bit. I mostly dealt with a headache and sore teeth when they were first put on. Then again about a day after they were adjusted. I just took IBprofen and it was fine. Definately tolerable. One thing I think people fail to mention is, my teeth have gotten sensitive to cold. I was told (by friends and the dentist) this eventually goes away after the braces are removed. It’s nothing I can’t tolerate just something I was unaware of.

As for the money, be happy your insurance is covering that much. Mine covered nothing so 100% was out of my own pocket. But again, totally worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. And yes, when I first got them on I kinda felt like a “nerd”. But once everyone knows it’s not big deal. Like a new haircut or something. No one notices after a while. Besides once I saw my straight teeth the idea of knowing that the braces are temporary, but my straight teeth will last me the rest of my life makes the whole process totally worth it! One choice I will never ever regret!! I’m so excited to have my straight teeth and be able to smile without feeling self conscious for my wedding!! A dream come true!! Good luck if you choose to get them 🙂

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I had them as a kid and my mom had them at the same time as an adult! It does hurt for a bit, but more of an uncomfortable pressure that tylenol can easily relieve. If you are pregnant an ice or heat pack would do it! The only times I was sore was after adjusting my braces, but again, only a day or so.

In the end, I have beautifully straight teeth, as does my mom!


ETA: You will miss:


-biting into ice cream rather than licking it

-sticky candies during halloween

-eating corn on the cob without cutting it off first

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@MrsStrawberry24:  They are more of an annoyance than anything else. I’m 23 and have had then for about 2 years now. I think the beginning process is the worst or at least for me it was. The spacers hurt a bit more than I expected and it was hard not to move them. When you first get them on things will be awkward for awhile. You have to train yourself how to eat certain things. You also have to get use to the metal against your gums(they will give you wax to help prevent sores) but you get use to it rather quickly. You’ll have to visit every 6-8 weeks or so for tightening and readjustments. Those can range anywhere from easy peezy to low level painful. I find it’s best to take an ibuprofren before I go, just in case.

Overall they aren’t that bad though as long as you can deal with the minor annoyances and occasional awkwardness from being an adult with braces. The biggest issue I’ve had is remembering to wear/change my rubber bands(opps they aren’t in now!!) Other than that, I barely notice them at all.

As a personal opinion I WOULD NOT get invisalign. They are unnecessarily expensive and most people end up wearing them much longer than standard braces because people tend to take them out when they hurt. I know so many people who regret invisalign and my ortho refuses to recommend or use them. He thinks they are garbage.

I would go ahead and do it. A little pain and annoyance is worth the end result. Better teeth= better health and self esteem. I don’t know anyone, young or old, who regrets getting braces.

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@SweetHoneyBee:  I’d actually disagree. I’m have invisaligns now and I didn’t take them out when they hurt… those people are silly for thinking it wouldn’t be a painful process. Change the trays at night, pop a few aspirin and go to bed. The pain is usually gone by the morning.

I actually don’t know what you mean about them taking longer? I’ve had mine for 7 months and am already done and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I followed the directions because I took the money I spent seriously and wanted results, just because your friends didn’t, doesn’t mean they are garbage. 

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Whoa as I stated in my first I was simply giving an opinion. The OP is free and clear to take it or leave it. In my personal life with both people I’m close with and not close with the opinion of invisalign is a negative one. Maybe they didn’t take it seriously or maybe they didn’t think it would hurt as bad but regardless I think it’s a valid thing to point out to the OP. SOME people do take them out and this often means the time spent in them is longer and more costly.

As far as my ortho goes, Again that’s just an opinion, one he will fully back up and support but an opinion none the less. He considers them less than adequate because they have difficulty grasping and rotating premolars and often become damaged when taken out or if a patient grinds there teeth. These are just some of his complaints. It’s just not something he offers and it’s no big deal because people have plenty of other options.

Sorry if this offended you in some way. I was not intending on starting a debate over something simple like braces, just offering the OP a POV.

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