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I think here in Florida, they are supposed to ID you if you look under 35. When I was in Gainesville, everyone always got carded everywhere no matter what unless they were clearly middle aged or older because underage drinking is such a huge problem and the laws and punihsments for restaurants and bars are so severe, but now that I’m in Jacksonville, I don’t get carded too often, but I get carded more with Darling Husband than without even though he looks older that me (and is older). I always assumed that I just look younger by comparison. I can’t remember the last time I was carded while out with my mother.

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Busy Beekeeper
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It is all in the judgement of the person carding you.  As you said most likely it is because you are with your parents is why you get carded. I am 39 and I still get carded! Just shows you that I look extremely young yet.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I get carded all the time.  Darling Husband and I went to the casino bar to meet his sister and they carded me and told him he was ok, obviously old enough.  Bahahaha That happens all the time and it ticks of Darling Husband.  We are the same age (40) and he just gets so pissed when it happens, I laugh and enjoy it.

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Honey bee
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I thought it was interesting to see the difference when I go abroad. When I was 18 and in South Africa, I never got carded. I was with 20-somethings.

In the UK at the age of 20, again, never carded! This time I was either alone or with my SO, who is 28 and looks it.

Other countries are so much more relaxed about alcohol though. I’m in a college town too, so if I dare tried, no matter who I was with, I’d get carded here. They are super strict.

But it makes sense that if you’re with your parents you may be carded vs. your SO. If you’re with your parents they may assume you’re dependent on them and therefore are young. If you’re just out with your SO, especially since he’s older, I can see why they age you up!

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Busy bee
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This kind of makes me laugh because it’s so similar to my experience. I’m a year older than you, my Darling Husband is a couple years younger than your SO and definitely looks several years younger than he is, but the only time he gets carded is when he’s wearing a baseball cap… I don’t know, I think it makes him look like a college kid or something? I also think it’s funny that when we buy beer or wine with groceries, the cashier almost always bypasses the age verification, but the only time that happens for me alone is when the cashier is a girl who’s younger than I am and, I guess, assumes she can tell what age I am.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Some people are just terrible at guessing ages.  When I worked retail, someone came in to buy cigarettes, and I carded her.  She asked if I was joking, and I explained the store policy of carding anyone who looked under 27.  She laughed, handed me her license, and said “Thanks, I’m 42.”  I guess I made her day… but I suck at guessing ages!

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Buzzing bee
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Yeah, people just suck at guessing ages. If I go buy liquor looking like a frump, it’s a guarantee that I’m getting carded. The drinking age here is 19, and I definitely look younger than 19 without makeup. If I’m dressed up, I never get carded.

Also, if I’m with my Fiance it’s a sure fire thing that I’m going to get asked to show ID. Fiance is 5’4… together we look extra young, even though he’s got like 6 years on me. 

But I do find that if I’m with my parents, I never get carded. I guess the servers assume that good parents won’t let a minor drink, or something. I’m not complaining though. I’m enjoying looking young while it lasts, haha.

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Busy bee
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Hilarious flipside of the carding issue – recently went to the races & it was an 18+ event. These nasty older women behind me were loudly bitching about everyone in the line in front of us, their fashion choices etc. My partner & I were with his son & the son’s gf (who is just 18) so the kids got carded. Then I got carded (I’m 28 but I’ll take the compliment!)

The evil women behind us started freaking out “omg I didn’t bring my ID, we won’t get in!!” They got to security & started making excuses for their lack of ID. Security laughed and was like “um no… not necessary” Their disgruntled “hmphfs!” were hilarious.

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Buzzing bee
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I get carded just buying a damn lotto ticket and that isnt even buying alcohol lol and Im 28 years old lol

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Bee Keeper
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I only ever get carded at chain restaurants, might be a corportate policy.

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Buzzing bee
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My SO likes to make fun of me because I get carded every time we go out. I’m 23, but I look about 16. Everyone says that I will love it when I’m older, but its annoying as all get out right now.

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Maybe they are more likely to card you because you are with your parents, who the server assumes is paying the bill, and is working for extra brownie points ( tip).

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I am 23 and I went out to dinner with my mom last year and the waitress asked me if I wanted apple or cranberry juice right after she offered my mom a glass of wine. My mother and I could not stop laughing. I guess I didnt look old enough for soda either.

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