(Closed) getting cavities filled and am super nervous!

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I’m probably not much help because I tend to fall asleep as I’m getting a cavity filled…BUT I usually bring my mp3 player with me and turn it on as loud as possible so I can’t hear any of the weird noises and I zone out and pass out.  Also, I have TMJ so he will put a bite block in my mouth so that I’m not straining my jaw so def ask for a bite block…because it really effing hurts to hold your mouth open for that long! 

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Ask if you can get laughing gas along with the novicane.  The only time that I’ve actually been injected with novicane was when I had oral surgery, otherwise for cavities I just need laughing gas 🙂

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Bumble bee

Are you overly-tolerant of medicines?  I can’t/don’t take painkillers (OTC ones, at least), because they don’t work.

Whenever I have dental work done, they have to give me at least double the amount of drugs.  After one time when they pulled out a good six or so shots, they realized they need the hardcore stuff and call me back early, so they could start drugging me ASAP.  

I think they give me a “block”, which puts out the whole quadrant of my face.  I hate when it’s an upper one, because them my eardrum tingles afterwards.   I don’t mean to scare you, but the needle they use for it is comically large, and then my dentist jiggles my cheek so it’s not as bad.

When I had surgery, the surgeon was surprised he needed as much as he did to put me out.  My mom said after the second vial of whatever it is they use to put me out, he came back, looks at me and goes “what?  she isn’t out *yet*???” 

You may want to let them know beforehand if you are tolerant of painkillers and such (or at least of your last experience), so they can bring out the horse-needle and get you done and done on the first go.

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I am all about the laughing gas.. I am terrified of dentists and have to be dragged to go.. You can also find a dentist who does twilight dentistry where they basically give you a pill you take about an hour before and it knocks you out for the whole appointment. 

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I have very deep nerves, so it usually takes a half of dozen or so stabs of novocaine before I’m numb.  I would always feel everything too.  Now I just go in and ask for a block (numbs a whole side of your mouth), and that works for me.  When I switched doctors, he wanted me to try novocaine again, but I said I would leave unless they gave me a block, so he did.  Just be stern with them because I only get anxious when I think I’m going to feel pain, but I know I won’t with the block so it makes it so much better.  I was numb for 3-4 hours after, but that doesn’t usually bother me too much.

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I see by your handle you’re a redhead. There was a study that came out recently that redheads need more anesthesia for surgery etc. You might try waving that at them!

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@snowflake…where did you see that? I’d be interested to know…weird!

I hate the dentist too…but by now it is over and done with, so congrats 🙂

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I have a problem at the dentist too! Apparently because of having braces for so long my enamel is now softened so the dentist said I will have many many cavities. Thus said, I have a bunch of fillings. For some reason I get super nervous when I go. I have to get multiple shots of novacaine and usually have it done a half hour before the actual filling to make sure I’m good an numb. While there I have to squeeze a stress ball (they always make me.) Anyways one time the dentist tried to give me laughing gas but it didn’t work…I think because I was too nervous. I’m moving soon so I think with my next dentist I’ll ask for laughing gas or the blocker the other bees were talking about. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

p.s. i didn’t mean to scare you…i’m a total wimp when it comes to pain.

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first of all, change dentists. 

second of all, i used to get myself so worked up that i would puke the entire night before, all morning and then during the appointment.  i also found out after passing out cold TWICE that im allergic to novicane.  it would take 7-8 shots, i was sore for days, it was horrible.  i thought thats just how it was to go to the dentist.  i was sooooo wrong. 

i found a dentist that i LOVE.  she doesnt use novicane becuase i get really ashmatic reactions to it, she uses a simlar drug, but it only takes her 1 shot!!  i was in total shock the first time!  she explained that some dentists numb the tissue and where she injects it is straight into the nervous line, numbing the whole side of my face.  she also uses a “kickstand” so i dont have to hold my jaw open and its not sore for days.

i have TERRIBLE teeth – they are all hallow, so they break really easily.  I currently have 5 root canals and crowns, 14 fillings and 1 cap.  I love her so much that i havent had a panic attack going to the dentist since i switched to her. 

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I never had a problem with the dentist until I joined the Navy…oh how I missed my old dentist then!!  I think your last experience was the extreme for cavities, I hope the new drug works better for you!

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