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@victoria86:  You might want to have this thread moved to fitness or something. You’re probaby not going to get a lot of responses since most of the women on the Waiting boards aren’t engaged yet.

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@victoria86:  No need to get defensive; I was just trying to be helpful. “When did you start” makes it seem like a question aimed toward women who were already engaged.


ANYWAY, to answer your question: I don’t see the point in waiting until the last minute to get in shape. Fitness should be for health, and it should be a lifetime goal to stay in shape. I’m comfortable at my size and don’t plan to kill myself trying to fit into a smaller size.

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@victoria86:  Yes!!!! I started working out before becoming engaged, I really only wanted to tone up since I’m pretty petite to start with but it is so annoying to work out! Also started eating healthier, this with health in mind actually! And the extra it gives to skin and hair isnt too bad either lol I did start because even if my date is over a year away it takes a while to build and maintain muscle, I also figure that if I keep it uo for that long hopefully I’ll enjoy it and since the routine will be set in my daily life I will keep it up after the wedding, for health reasons!

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Knowing that I will get engaged someday and then will want to look my best for the wedding is really the only thing that gets my lazy butt to the gym right now as it is! 

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Exercise to be healthy and to be the best version of you. Your wedding isn’t any more important than your general health!

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I sort of have, but I know the ring is coming. If not for that, I would not feel inspired to do anything extra. I already ride my horse and do yoga for fun, not specifically to work out. The extra I’m doing is trying to work harder in my yoga classes to tone my arms, which is sort of working. I’m making progress as far as strength anyway, but I can’t say that my arms look any better. What I really need is to do for more exercise is sit ups a home but I haaaaaate them. Maybe once I have a wedding to work towards that will inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also thinking about getting a hula hoop. 


This is not related to exercise, but general appearance – I am trying to keep my nails done and get my hair done more regularly in preparation for strangers (his family mainly) scrutinizing me during the engagement. I do my own nails once a week-ish but I had only been getting my hair cut every 6 months! It saves money ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m trying to get into the habit early. 

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@victoria86:  Yes I am!  I started January 26, and since then I have lost almost 21lb.  I am hoping to lose another 10lb this month, and I think he will propose sometime within the next 2 months.  I don’t notice a huge difference, but it definitely makes me feel better!

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@victoria86:  I have started to work out 5 days a week. I have it down to a routine of stretching for 5-10 minutes, and then I alternate days with straight cardio (running) and a cross fit work out that targets my, abs, thighs, and gluts. Usually, about 30-40 minutes each workout. I went from mostly walking and a stretch & ab routine (pre-engagement prep) to running almost 10 miles a week. It has helped my mood, increased my energy, and made me feel better about my body. 


I also have been eating mostly organic fruits, veggies, and lean protiens. Since the last engagement convo I had with SO (over a month ago) I have all but cut out sweets, heavy fattening foods, and anything processed. I started taking better care of my nails, skin, and hair. I take vitamins daily. 



I think it makes sense to start prepping yourself pre-engagement. The way I see it when he proposes I wont need to change my routine, I’ll just maintain what I’m doing. I wont need to wait until I’ve lost enough wieght to go get fitted for a dress, I will be right where I want to be. As soon as that ring is on my finger I can get to planning ๐Ÿ˜‰ 



I hoped secretly that all these improvements would inspire my SO to propose sooner. Its a lot of work getting my butt in shape and changing up my diet. It takes discipline and an investment in time. Though doing all this pre-engagement work on yourself can backfire slightly. It can make you feel like “what the hell?” “I look great, I already treat you like gold-like my husband, and I get nada?”  WTF??




In reality anytime is a great time to bump up your workouts and improve your health/life. When your (or think you are) about to get engaged it makes sense that a woman would want to look her best. 

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I, too, have started working out and eating better. I want to do it for myself, but then I also want to look great when we get engaged & for the proposal photos (that I hope SO will have someone take!). I want to feel better about myself as well so I’m trying to work out to feel better about myself self image wise. & as per Mr. Bee’s plan, be the woman my SO fell for originally

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I’ve been trying to be more active for the past 2 years, but i have to admit that with wedding bells ringing in my head there is a bit more motivation

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