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I think you are deluding yourself if you don’t think you are judging, but that’s ok with me.

My feelings are if people are stupid enough to give money to a stupid cause, they deserve to lose their money- which they are. People recently gave over $40,000 on kickstarter to some guy who wants to make potato salad!

We are never going to eliminate stupidity, nor selfishness or greed. We all do have the option to not support those less than admirable qualities, however.


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Busy bee

leisha606:  My boyfriend’s mother and her boyfriend wanted to get funding for their business, but use the money to pay their mortgage. I said, “If people are contributing money to save your small business, it should go toward helping your small business, not paying your mortgage.” They said they need somewhere to live in order to keep the business running, so it’s justified. I don’t know if they ever asked for or received the funding…

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I don’t tend to get irked or worked up on these things but the other day I saw a lady I know post a link to GoFundMe on Twitter… For her wedding! As in “Hey guys X and I are getting married and I want to have my dream wedding. But that is an amount of money we can’t come up with. So I would be really happy to get your help so I can have the wedding I’ve dreamt of since I was a little girl”.

I. Kid. You. Not. I did not comment or donate but I was like hell no. Has it occured to you that perhaps many of us are doing what we can but trying to have a pretty wedding while still just going for what we can afford, not what we would love to have? My poor niece for example works as a teacher. She got her hours reduced so they didn’t have to fire people and what she gets paid is only enough to cover a $500 rent, utilities and food and she still struggles. She knows she can’t afford a wedding. And our family is up for helping her have a pretty but yet modest wedding but for some really grown ass woman who by the way has a great job and still wants a royalty like wedding that she can’t afford and wants everybody else to pick up the tab for her luxuries? Hell no.


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Here’s my take on it: People are always going to ask for ridiculous things. I personally thought the potatoe salad thing was hilarious as he was making fun of the ridiculousness of the site itself! Giving your money to something like that is always a choice. I think it’s a website with the best of intentions (and there are some people on GoFundMe who desperately need help) but people take advantage of situations like that, they always have. If you don’t like it, don’t give money. 

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and this is exactly why people find honeyfunds offensive…you’re asking people to fund something that is you’re own responsibility.

Some people just have no common sense

*proverbial ‘you’ by the way

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I don’t understand when it became okay to ask for handouts for pure luxuries.

So many causes on GFM are frivolous and self-involved, but that’s why most do not get funded. My Fiance went to art school, and his old classmates often post links to funding sites, asking money for cross country trips for some sort of art project. I get that they’ll be photographing their journey, but wtf? Why would I fund another person’s vacation? Save for the things you want like any other normal person.

I do really like kickstarter though, and have contributed to a handful of ventures. I like how you can choose what you’re paying for. I’ve gotten a really innovative part for my bike, a cookbook, a fun board game, and a small clutch that charges my iphone. I do think crowdfunding is great and that it sparks innovation. When an idea does provide value, I don’t hesitate to contribute. 

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The most interesting ones I’ve seen were shared also on Facebook. which is how I even saw them in the first place as I would never purposely visit the site. A couple is asking for money to fund their attempts at IVF. Another was for adoption fees. 

So, I would also then expect these same people to set up new GFM for diapers, formula, education costs…

Aside from EXTREME hardship situations, I find GFM to be no better than panhanding on the street. And actually, probably more unsavory. 

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Someone I knew posted a GFM to help her make rent after she refused to move in with her parents rent free, but didnt have a steady job and was posting pictures of all the crap she was buying and checking in on Facebook at the movies the day before she was allegedly freaking out about not being able to make rent. People live their lives and expect to not have major consequences like the rest of us. They make bad choices ans know it, and expect other people to pay the bill.

I just ignore it and don’t contribute.

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So many people, so much entitlement.

‘Nuff said.

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Have you ever heard the phrase “a fool and his money are soon parted”

Basically, if people are dumb enough to contribute to stupid gofundme’s then thats their own problem. If you dont support it, dont donate. Its that simple. 

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Sheesh, and to think I was going to post one here for my cause but at least now I know not to waste my time Lol not for my wedding though…..


Completely irrelevant but…

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Now I will say this::: being one of the people who asked for help when I genuinely need it, its frustrating to see someone got 40,000$ for POTATOE salad, but people have more valid reasons for asking and people call them selfish or poor with money. Its sad. 

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s2bmzbrown:  Sorry, but just so you know, from Weddingbee Terms and Conditions…

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