(Closed) Getting Hit on by a creeper! What did they say to you?

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@weatherbug:  …..it was at our company Christmas Party!  One of the newer additions to our staff brought a friend, who took full advantage of the open bar and over-stayed his welcome.  Things had wound down, and everyone, except for the owners, (us) remained, we were waiting for the final bill on the bar and I was sitting with my mother, who is 60 by the way, and on oxygen along with another co-worker who is also in her late 50’s and we’re all married.

He saunters in from the private deck, stumbles a little into a nearby table, sees all of us and comes over:

Him:  They didn’t tell me it was pretty lady night at the club.

My mother, trying to diffuse the awkwardness resorts to self depreciating humor:  More like old lady night, but whatever.

Him:  Well sweetheart, age is just a number.

Its at this point that all our jaws hit the floor!  Not only was it bizarre, not only had we JUST met this dude…but he’s hitting on the owner’s daughter, wife and friend…creepily.

My Dad showed him to the door and advised the employee that brought him it was time to go home…I was so embarassed for her.

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I had a creepy stalker freshman year of college – luckily I had some good guy friends who went into protective mode whenever he was around, so I never had to truly worry about my safety or take it to the police.

The one and only time he openly asked me to do anything, he showed up at my dorm room at like 2 am and asked if I wanted to “go exploring.” It was very creepy – luckily it was a weekend night and said guy friends were present.

(Over the years, I met a handful of other girls who had been stalked by the same guy and I eventually heard a rumor that he had been arrested for going into the tunnels under campus…)

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@weatherbug: Not that I have been to a club in like a year, but i think the creepiest thing is when you’re dancing and some guy some comes and starts humping you from the back. Ugh gross.

I will dance with any guy if they introduce themselves and ask politely. I will say I have a bf and as long as they understand that I would love to share one dance.

And you know what? Almost any guy who is nice enough to ask is usually nice enough to understand and keep it a friendly dance and then thank me and be on their way.

Instead of the humping creeps when you tell them you have a bf and they look at you like “well why the F**k are you here then” and take off. pssssshhhh

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the other day i was at the gas station, and a delivery guy was in the back of a delivery truck while his coworker wheeled some stuff into the gas station. He must have seen my ring & asked “You getting married?” I said yeah…. he said “why you aint wait on me??” Not gonna lie, it made me laugh lol i normally act like a stone cold bitch when any man tries to talk to me, but i was quite amused!

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doublepost whoopsy

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Last year I was in a bookstore and this guy (probably in his 40s) started talking to me.  I was kind of talking back at first (bad move, but I was trying to be nice), then he started giving me creepy vibes, and asked me to go to the movies, then for my number, and I said No.  He ended up following me out of the store and started saying how his truck was broken down and could I drive him somewhere and I just said flat out No way!  I booked it to my car, locked the doors and sped out of there in a hurry!

It still creeps me out though just thinking about it.

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@weatherbug:  Hahaha, love creepy guys old enough to be your grandpa!

I once had a guy say “I can tell you’re an old soul.”

And I replied “Sir, my soul is one third of your soul’s age.”

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I used to take public transit to work, when some oldish man (probably 50s) came up to me (20s) and said, “I see you here every morning in the same spot.  I watch you every day.”  He proceeded to introduce himself to me and try to sit with me on the train.

Shortly after this, I changed my commuting plans.

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Not super creepy – but a little bit:

I was at a club downtown – it was a gay club that welcomes straight and gay people.  This guy comes up and starts talking to me, tells me he’s here with his boyfriend, but would I like to dance.  I say sure and we go dance.  While we are on the dance floor he tells me “my boyfriend is watching us, he is getting jealous” so I say sorry, I can leave now, (we were dancing very tamely too) but he just says “no it’s good.  I am actually bisexual…jealousy is a turn on, do you want to come home with us?”

I left quickly.  And I should mention – this was my BACHLORETTE PARTY!  I was wearing the sash and everything lol.

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I was 18 fresh out of high school and in my first few weeks at my university. I was commuting and of course thought i was the bee’s knees in my brand new car (that was really mom and dads). I got to a stop light on my way home and this guy motions for me to roll the window down, so I did, thinking he wanted directions. He then proceded to tell me I was pretty and looked like the woman he was cheating on his wife with….As if that wasn’t enough, he continues “I’m looking for a new mistress and there is a hotel only a few blocks up the road…would you mind?” I. Was. Shocked. I just calmly rolled the window up and prayed the light would change!

To make extra money I scorekeep for a 21+ Adult hockey league. Most of the guys are 40+ with some even in their 60s. I get hit on all the time, its mostly super awkward because the entire league knows who I am and that my dad also is a referee for the league. 

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I used to have a neighbour, who we nicknamed “creepy Tony”. He was very weird. One time I went outside in pyjama pants and a tee shirt to feed the chickens and he looked into the yard and said I had “sexy pyjamas”. Another time my father found him in our yard petting our dogs, at 11pm. I am very glad he moved away

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When strangers compliment me I just say “Thank you, that’s so sweet!  Have a good day!” and walk away.  Regarding the strangest thing anyone has every said – some guy on a bike was riding past me one day and he yelled “Damn girl, you look special!  And I don’t mean retarded, I mean hot!”


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Too many creeps to count, but for some reason, this one really stuck with me – probably because he DIDN’T say anything.

During college, I was taking the train to the airport in Baltimore. I got on and a little while later, this guy (probably mid-30s or so) got on and sat next to me. It was a full train, so no big deal. I took out my book and read; he was on his phone the entire ride. He never even said hello or anything like that to me, so I really didn’t give him a second thought. After like 20 minutes or so, he got off at his stop. After he got off, I was just glancing out the window when I noticed he was standing right outside my seat’s window. He knelt down, took out his phone AND TOOK A PICTURE OF ME through the window. Then he walked away. I felt EXTREMELY violated and still shudder when I think of what that guy did with my photo.

Also, a toothless (yes..completely toothless) man in a bus station once told me he was a modeling agent so he could take my picture. Needless to say, I wasn’t convinced.

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I’ve been creeped on twice now between my 7th & 8th month of pregnancy. I think it’s cause maternity pants are stretchy yoga things, so they see me from the back & can’t tell with my jacket on.

The first time, I was walking home from the train when I passed 2 guys waiting at the bus stop:

“Hey Booty-full, where you going? Don’t walk away! C’mon!”

“I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant… I don’t think you’re interested” & kept walking

The second time, I was packing my groceries into my car when a guy walked by and asked

“Giiirl, can I marry you?”

I just opened up my jacket, turned sideways to make sure he could see the bump and said “I dunno… I think I’m spoken for.”

Hollering at girls in the wintertime is a bad plan!!!


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