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You’ll get hit on while you’re waiting, you’ll get hit on when you’re engaged, and you’ll get hit on when you’re married. And even then, i’ve had a couple guys say, “so what?” Hm, yeah.

I think most of the guys who are THAT forward are, in my experience, not the kind of men i’d want to be with anyways.

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BF once joked that he needed to get me a ring or something so that I could ward off the creepsters that would hit on me.

Given that they’d ask if I was faithful or if I’d cheat, I don’t think they’d pay much attention to a shiny.  

Ah well.

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i honestly dont think wearing a ring makes any difference. guys will still hit on you.. if they are interested seeing a ring doesnt seem to bother most of them

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Having a ring does make it easier to tell them to buzz off though, for sure. I have two ‘fake’ rings for various purposes. The first one I bought because we were going to Northern Ireland and staying in a small B&B and weren’t sure if the owners were religious or not. They were and I’m glad we pretended we were married because who knows how they would have reacted….a hotel is one thing but this was someone’s home and they were an elderly couple. We each wore a fake ring.

When I take the bus anywhere or go out on my own (meeting my girls, etc.) I would always wear it. I recently upgraded my fake to a a CZ from Amazon that looks like what my engagement ring will look like. I wanted to 1 – make sure it’s the right ring and 2 – test out the pave band and 3 – we’ll probably use the fake in our ceremony since we’re having a dw and I don’t know if I want to travel with my baby. Aside from obsessing over it all the time (it’s so pretty) I also wear it when I’m out on my own. BF really prefers this because I often get propositioned in the weirdest ways. (Guys on the bus asking me to sit in their laps, men driving around the block to hit on me, walking the dogs around the block and men ask if they can live with me, very weird stuff, etc.)

So yeah, I feel you. I even wear mine to the mall when I’m by myself. It’s just so much easier to smile and say, “Oh sorry, I’m married.” and hold up your hand. Done and done. I highly recommend a stand-in.

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What I hate is when I tell them I have a boyfriend, they ask if it is serious, then the point out I DON’T have a ring, so I should consider myself fair game. UGH.

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A ring doesn’t stop them (on either part). They don’t care if a girl has an engagement/wedding ring; and many men don’t seem to be bothered by the ring on their own finger when it comes to hitting on girls.

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The ring doesn’t make as much of a difference as you’d think it does! I still get hit on all the time, even when I am VERY obviously flashing my ring!

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@surkim: Bf makes the same joke.

I don’t think it would matter anyway, some men are like cockroaches, just cant get rid of them, esp the creepy ones.

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I bought two plain sterling silver bands for this very reason.  I occassionally get hit on from guys and I tell them I have a SO.  Although I don’t think they look at the ring when they ask.  I’m just trying to get use to wearing a ring I’m not a big jewelry person.  When SO saw I had the rings on my ring finger he says are you trying to tell me something.  I said no but your more than welcome to draw your own conclusions lol.

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A week ago while waiting in a clinic a man told me I was the most beautiful creature he’s seen, and I was flattered but didn’t want to string him along. I implied that my 9 year-old sister was my daughter. That only sparked more interest because he has kids too, and his son is only 2 years younger than me. I finally said I was dating someone, but he didn’t care. He still persisted.

Last night I was walking with my BF and these two gentlemen somehow singled me out, and while BF was busy emailing people from his phone I was quarried into a corner, trying to avoid them. The man talked really sexy-like and tried to start a conversation with me, but I just answered his questions casually and walked away (or tried to, for the better part).

Recently I worked with a man, when he discovered I had already been divorced from abandonment, he said with a gasp, “Who would want to abandon you?” implying how much he admired me. My BF joked that his invitation to swim in his pool was just an excuse to see me in a swimsuit.

I’m a bit unnerved about my BF’s nonchalantness on it, but then again he watched me in a close relationship with a guy and knew/trusted that it was nothing more than I said. I have a hard time keeping secrets anyways. I would be horrible at having an affair.

But I would love to be engaged. I do have a ring from my BF, but I wear it on my middle finger…and it could be construed as a gift to myself. I also have pendants with his FACE on them…but alas…no ring means free game.

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I got hit on yesterday leaving borders.  This guys hits me with do I know you and I said no.  He said well I would like to get to know  you.  You know we can be friends.  I said I have b/f.  He said he must be a lucky man.  He said but you can still have friends I said I know and I do and I don’t need anymore.  Learn how to take a hint why don’t you.  I didn’t have my rings on but I don’t think it would of made a difference.

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The ring doesn’t stop a lot of guys! I was surprised to get hit on while getting a self-serve-coffee at the supermarket the other day! Of course, I am an older bee who doesn’t get much attention these days, so I am thankful to get ANY flirting! 😀

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OMG so I took my pup to doggy beach today and as soon as I got there this 30 something guy was on me with his dog.  Introduced himself, asked my name.  I’m friendly so I told him and then he goes “God you’re beautiful.” Nice, but made me totally uncomfortable.  He then proceeded to compliment me for the rest of our time there.  Thank goodness my pup likes to run and I have to chase her!

I told BF I need a ring to deter the weirdos!!!

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sounds like some of you need a ring and a squirt bottle! That is my new go-to (daydream) solution. I mean It works on the cat! Cant you just imagine some skeezy guy saying “so what you are married” and you just say ttst and squirt him in the face.

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I actually quit my job because of this reason, It wasnt a great job anyways just a job to help pay for school. But I worked with all guys who acted like they had never seen a women in their life. It was awful! Not to mention my boss was in his 50’s short and weasle-like, but he thought he was the $#@% and could get with all the younger girls… and he was married and made me very uncomfortable! Wow vistagirl your post made me laugh… wouldnt that be awesome if we could carry around a squirt bottle to take care of the weirdos lol!!

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