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In my opinion, if baby hasn’t arrived yet then theres a reason they’re still cooking. I know you’re uncomfortable and probably soo ready to meet your baby, but if they’re not ready to come then I would try and stick it out as long as you can!! A due date is in a range of time and you just happen to be at the long end of the range

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eecuadrado:  My baby came 2 weeks early, so I didn’t have to deal with this. But, in talking with my OB they wouldn’t entertain an induction unitl at least 41 weeks, and even then it would be on a case-by-case basis.  They would let you go until 42-44 weeks depending on your situation. I’d try and wait it out as long as possible if they will let you if you’re trying for natural and want to avoid c-section. I personally just wanted to avoid induction at all costs and I was planning for the epi. The doc would have to convince me there was a good reason to induce before 42 weeks.

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Don’t focus so much on your “due date” and the idea of being “overdue” – it’s completely normal for pregnancy (especially first-time pregnancy) to run to around 41 weeks or beyond, not 40. There’s nothing magic about the due date (which is only an estimate). Ultrasound measures of baby’s size are also only an estimate and can be way off: http://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-for-induction-or-c-section-for-big-baby/

If your blood pressure is okay, etc., and there’s no other cause for concern, then impatience/discomfort/tired of being pregnant really isn’t a great reason to induce. +1 to the PP who pointed out that you would do well to look at your Bishop score and the statistical chances of ending up with a C-section if you try to evict baby too early.

When the baby is ready to be born, s/he (not the mother!) sends out a hormonal signal to initiate labor. It’s hard to wait, but you give your baby the greatest chance of the best outcome by doing so. In the meanitme, the best thing you can do is help baby get into a good position with lots of walking, climbing stairs, bouncing on a yoga ball, etc.

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I would just wait until the 26th.  It is only a few days difference and gives you more of a chance to go into labor naturally.  Just enjoy the last few days with your SO and relax.  Pitocin contractions aren’t fun (I am sure that is the case with all contractions), and my baby didn’t like the Pitocin at all, and it caused his heartrate to keep dropping, so I would avoid it for as long as possible.  Like I said previously. you will be fine if you are induced, and you won’t care how he got here when he is in your arms, but I wouldn’t ask for it early.

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I would also wait.  I had the easiest, walk in the park delivery  I attribute that to letting things happen on their own. 

I didn’t let them break my water or so do anything extra.  I was due on a Sunday and the baby arrived Thursday morning.

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I was induced a week after my due date. They said my fluid was low so they didn’t want to wait any longer than that.  My labor/delivery still went pretty good considering (8 hours in labor and 20 minutes of pushing – no major problems) but that pitocin is no joke. I have nothing to compare it to, because this was my first baby so I’m sure regular contractions are no joke either but I do remember after the fact saying over and over again that if I’m given the choice next time, I do not want to be induced again.  I know you’re uncomfortable, but my advice would be to wait a little longer if possible and try to enjoy the final days of it just being you and your Darling Husband. Go out to dinner, take long naps, etc. etc.! 

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I was told Pitocin contractions are way worse than normal contractions. I can’t imagine being induced earlier than what your doctor recommends just because of being uncomfortable. This baby will come. it doesn’t feel like it, but he’s making an escape plan as we speak 🙂

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I was induced due to pre-e 2weeks before my due date. I didn’t have a choice of being induced or not. It wasn’t the best, but then again, labor isn’t the best. It was also my first baby. (Here’s my birth story: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/pmerrs-birth-story/#axzz32BOtWVL3

I would wait as long as possible before getting induced.

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Thinking of you! try doing the deed and see if that gets things going! Hugs and excitment!

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I waited and waited for labor to kick in, and nothing.  My doctor induced me at a little over 41 weeks, and thank god.  My baby was wrapped up in her cord -twice- and was never going to come out on her own because she couldn’t exert pressure on my cervix while bungee jumping.  If i had waited, there is a chance that the cord would have slipped up around her neck.  I am glad I induced, and the c-section (because baby wasn’t coming out) was a pleasure.

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If I could go back I would choose not to be induced, it is harder than some may think. You are laid up in a bed for a looooong time and they pump you with so many fluids. It is also really painful to go from 0-60 using pitocin for contractions. I know this can happen to if you let things happen on their own too, this was just my personal experience. I did have a c section but it wasnt because of a failed induction, it was because my baby’s head got stuck when I was 8 cm and fully effaced.

Anyway… do what you feel is best and talk to your doctor about the pros and cons. I know a week seems like an eternity but it will go by faster than you think.

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i see see it’s been 3 days since you posted this. Has baby arrived yet? Edit* saw 3 hours ago I guess babys still cooking lol! I just needed to chime in. I’ve had two births. My first at home induced with castor oil (painful!! Uncontrollable contractions) was manageable though because of the water birth, I preferred this one. My 2nd hospital induction because like my first water broke no contractions, she was premature though had to be induced at the hospital. The pitocin contractions were steady and regular and controlled, kind of like a pattern. Not more painful but less able to manage the pain because I was hooked up to a million machines and needles sticling out of my hand. way harder to relax and feel comfortable. I hope everything goes or went well:) congrats.

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