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I don’t have my degree finished, but I’ve been so frustrated applying for part-time work right now. I know I’m a great candidate, but I can’t seem to get hired. It’s depressing. I understand.

Go through a little practice interview with someone and see if they can give you some outsider tips. Have a couple people look over your resume and see if anything could be fixed up.

It’s a tough economy though, so there may be absolutely nothing wrong. Something really will eventually come up, even if it doesn’t feel like it! Have you thought about taking a different job in a school district in order to get your foot in the door? 

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@SweetartMD:  I think that is the hardest part- that it can start to tug at your self esteem.  Don’t let it!  Darling Husband and I are both in fields that have a LOT of rejection- I am an artist and he is a designer.  Well whoop-a-dee-do.  I wouldn’t wish it on anybody 🙂  Some of the best advice I ever got was from one of my Professors, a brilliant painter who is the head of the department- he said- “it is the successes that matter.  I applied for 50 jobs, I got 1 job!”  He is the head of the entire department!!!

Just do not let this get to you.  I don’t know if it will be annoying, but I have some pointers, and again- I don’t really know if you are looking for some or where you are at- but I am good at getting jobs… I just usually do not want them!  Tip 1: Always wear a suit.  A nice, well fitting, Jcrew or better perfect suit.  Trust me on this one!  Tip 2:  In your mind, head in understanding that you already have the job and that you are not sure if you really want it- that you are there to interview them and that this is an internship/ volunteer position you already were offered.  This really helps keep my nerves at bay!  I am sure you already have your own system that works for you, but I find these very helpful.  Being calm and confident and professional are my best job-getting friends 🙂

Darling Husband got laid off in September 2 days before we found out we were already pregnant!!  AHHH!  I do my best not to worry, but it is so hard sometimes.  I stalk jobs for him and then each week he applies.  He is working at a local organic coop (aka a grocery store in the deli) until he finds another job in his field.  It is so hard out there right now.  I also have to remind myself not to put too many eggs in one basket- I will get so excited about one particular job :/ and I think it is best to see it as a longer-term project.  50 jobs… 1 job!

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@SweetartMD:  HUGS!  I don’t have much actual advice for you, but I know how you feel.  After I got my Master’s (wildlife biology), I was unemployed for 7 months.  My field is super tough to find a real (non-temporary) job, and it sucks.

The best thing I can say is that you should try to keep some sort of routine.  I definitely was depressed (I can say in retrospect) and would spend full days just sitting in my PJs watching internet TV and feeling crappy.  Or cracking a bottle of wine at 4 pm.  Have a standing weekly date with friends, go workout at the same time every day, use this chance to go on long hikes or skis if you’re into the outdoors, etc etc.  And don’t get so depressed that you stop looking for jobs!  I definitely did that for a while.  :/

And just keep telling yourself, it’s not you, it’s the stupid economy and job field!!

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Trust me, I know it is hard to find a job no matter what your degree is in. I graduated with a bachelors in Criminal Justice hoping to work in law enforcement, and after searching and applying for jobs for a year and a half I was disgusted and fed up, which is why I am now back in school for nursing. Sure I will end up being in college for another 2.5-3 years….. but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I know it is hard, but if it is something you really want to do, sometimes it just takes a lot of time and effort to land a job. Especially now with the economy like everyone said, it doesn’t seem to be getting much better any time soon.

Good luck! I am sure you’ll land a job, just be patient.


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@SweetartMD:  Not sure what the rules or chances are where you live but have you considered being a substitute teacher? Right after I graduated from college I could not find work anywhere but I was able to substitute teach. I should point out that education is not my profession at all but in most places if you have college credit you can sign up. What I found was that teachers and administrators started to know my name and were ready to write recommendation letters for me if I ever decided to take on teaching as my profession. I say all this just to say that in this economy sometimes we have to look at some unconventional ways to get around to our real jobs and careers.

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Boy do I know how you feel. Two years since finishing with a doctorate, two short lived jobs later and now I can barely find part time work a couple nights a week. It is SOOOOO depressing. I have to depend on my boyfriend to support me. His business is super successful and he is constantly busy. Our fields are related and so it it just makes me feel depressed and worthless. Hang in there. God knows I’m trying too! It isn’t just you (or me). So many people I know are struggling now, when just a few years back all was well. Something will come along. Try to stay busy.  


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@SweetartMD:  Make sure to get outside, get exercise and see people on a regular basis. It can sap your energy when you cut out these things. You also would probably benefit from finding a “hobby” you really love. You know, something you would do for a career, if only they would pay you for it (I put “hobby” in brackets because the word sounds minimizing, and it could be something fun and easy, but really it can also be something very wonderful and inspiring). Remember who you are, and that you are not your job! You are so much more than that! Imagine yourself sometimes as lucky enough not to have to work. What would you spend your time doing, that isn’t very costly? What have you always wished you had the time to do, but never did before? Learn a new language? Become a much better chef? Research that topic you’ve always been curious about but seemed complicated? Volunteer with that non-profit you admire so much? Etc.

Last, it sounds like you are just in a funk, not out-and-out depressed, but watch out for that. It’s not uncommon for people to become depressed during bouts of unemployment. If you think it’s getting to the point of depression, consider seeing a therapist.

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@SweetartMD:  Oh, one other thing that helped me when I was in your shoes: volunteering for an animal shelter!!!  We don’t have any pets (and I LOVE animals, boohoo), but I would walk dogs a couple times a week.  It was such a pick-me-up.  🙂

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@SweetartMD:  I’m in the same boat as you – after getting a super expensive education (including a Master’s) in frikking LAW, I’m largely jobless. All my friends are successful and well-placed and I feel like such a leech depending on parents to this date. My ex kept me away from the profession on the pretext of starting a firm with me and then he left me penniless when we broke up. Well, I shouldn’t give excuses when the fact is I’ve been to several interviews (in full formals) and been rejected. I do a small job now but it’s not even fully legal. It really gets me down at times.

@whitefuzzy:  I’m trying too, I just hope to see some results now. Let’s pray for each other.

@cbee:  Excellent advice about thinking that I already have the job. I’ll try that if I ever get another interview. 

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@SweetartMD:  Hang in there, you’re definitely not alone.  I’ve been searching for another job for THREE years, with only a few interviews that didn’t pan out.  I don’t even get interviews!  I know how hard it gets to stay so darn optimistic all the time and you fully deserve your time to laze around in PJs and wallow.  Just give yourself a few days and then pick yourself up again.

I agree with the suggestion for substitute teaching, if you do it regularly at the same school, maybe they will offer you a permanent position.  So who knows!  Also it seems like these days, getting jobs is all about connections.  I bet you would have made a great counselor…except maybe one of the teachers has a cousin or someone who got the “in” for the job.  Ask around and see if you can use connections too.

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