Getting my first puppy today!!!

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anonypup:  I personally would get a collar and leash. Wouldn’t want the little pup to run off! And just be prepared for 2 things: He will very, very likely cry the first night or for many nights. It’s all new for him and he misses his mom and siblings. If you are crating him at night, you can put your hand in the crate and he may calm down. My husband did that and it worked, though not sure how he slept like that. LOL! Or if he’s in another room you will just have to power through and let him cry. Ours cried for 45 minutes. Sad!

AND puppies bladders are the last organ to completely develop so he WILL have to go outside in the middle of the night for a while. AND a few times during your work day.

Puppies are cute, but tons – o – work!

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Wheres a pic?!

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bostonbride2016: Lol, priorities!!


I recommend a leash and collar or harness too. Honestly, the puppy will have nooo idea what it’s for and it’ll probably confuse him, but he should start getting used to the idea that leash = going outside to potty and that it is something he’s going to have to wear. We had a puppy for a week (long story) and she was very young, so she’d just kinda plop down on the ground when we leashed her because she didn’t know she was supposed to follow us on the leash. Took her a few days to figure it out. You’ll probably want to get him some puppy treats to reward good behavior early on.

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It won’t hurt at all to get him used to a collar now. Be careful of where you take him – he really should not be around strange dogs or public places until he’s all up to date with his shots. Get treats so you can start rewarding and shaping behavior you want – even as a wee one he can be exposed to rewards and praise for doing what you want. And get a variety of toys so he will have plenty of options for chewing and teething. To get started with crate training and not create the association that the crate means you’ll leave him alone to cry, make sure you toss treats in and toys once in a while to make it a place where fun happens, too.

Overall, expect some adjustment period. He’ll make messes, he’ll chew on things, he’ll misunderstand. But above all he’ll be the cutest thing ever and love you ;D

Congrats on the puppy!

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Make sure you are EXTRA careful about picking up poop and stuff if the breeder has not dewormed. I don’t remember the excat scheduale but usually they will deworm the pup once then when you get it you’re supposed to send in a sample or deworm again. Otherwise, like somethinbee has said, don’t let them around strange dogs that you don’t know is up to date on shots. and don’t take the puppy outside where theres dog traffic until the pup is up to date on all shots. 

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Our puppy was super tiny when we first got him & since we knew he would be growing (fast), our vet sent us to Dollar Tree surprisingly! They had teeny-tiny collars there for only a dollar 🙂

Also, do not let your eye off the puppy for even one second! I like to think we were pretty good about that, but I swear, that one time you look away just super quick, the puppy is already doing something he shouldn’t (peeing, walking away where you can’t see him anymore, chewing on a sock you didn’t even know was there haha). It’s lots of fun though & now that our dog is almost two, I can look back & laugh about the night we were up all night because we worried about nothing or having to go home on my lunch! You will be just fine 🙂

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My girl just turned a year, and we got her at 8 weeks. I thought I was prepared, I wasn’t at all and I had so much to learn!

1. Potty training. We literally took our pup out EVERY 15 minutes, whether she signaled she needed to go or not. It was absolutely exhausting, but their bladders are tiny. She only had a total of about 10 accidents ever in the house and never pooped inside once, and she was fully potty trained by about 4 months. When your pup does go to the bathroom outside, give her a treat and lots and lots of praise. And if she starts to go inside, say “no” or “ah ah” and take her straight to the yard. She’ll get the hang of it in no time.

2. Biting. Our puppy was awful about biting, and I had marks up and down my arms. We started putting her in timeout every time she bit, so she started associating biting with lack of attention, and it really helped with that issue.

3. Crate. Is there any way you can put the crate near your bed temporarily? That helped ours be more content and comfortable at night. She rarely cried since we were right there.

Congrats on the puppy! Honestly, those first couple of months were really hard for me, and it will be a long time before we have another puppy. But it’s sooooo worth it, and I’m absolutely in love with my dog. Please message me if you have any questions! I’m of course no expert, but I did a lot of trial and error with my puppy. Good luck!

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Ours was a bit bigger, but just as young.  Get a TON of toys to chew, because that’s all the puppy will want to do for months.  I have a huge bucket full and she still gets distracted by our shoes.  Bones are a must as well, mine loves the chicken flavored puppy bones. I also got tiny training treats and a clicker, which is working really well.  Bells to hang on the door for potty training.  If I had done that all from the start my life would have been way easier!

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Last month, I drove 3 hours to pick up a 10 week old pup too. Honestly, he slept the WHOLE time. I stopped twice in the trip to let him out to go to the bathroom just in case. (def get that collar and leash). I also brought a water bottle and a bowl so he could stay hydrated also. I had bought him the tiny Kong Ali the Alligator beforehand and he laid with that most the trip.

But went better than expected. No accidents. No crying. He just slept!

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