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I could be totally imagining this, but I swear I heard a statistic that the pull out method in combination with charting still leaves a 9% chance of pregnancy. I know when I went off BCP it took at least 4 months for my cycle to regulate, and there’s no way I would’ve been able to predict ovulation, so if you’re really not ready for baby I’m not so sure this would be the best method. That being said, everyone’s cycles are different and you never know- you could immediately go back to 28 day cycles, perfectly predictable. Maybe talk with your dr about the other options? 

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I went of HBC the beginning of March with the intention of starting to chart. We didn’t use any backup plan because everything I had heard was it takes months for your body to regulate itself after being on the pill for so long (I was probably on it for 6 yrs straight and on and off it a total of 10 years). I didn’t take my temp, but tried to be aware of any CM while I waited for my first period off the pill. Well – I got pregnant two weeks after going off the pill so be careful!! We knew we weren’t really playing it safe so we’re ok with the outcome, but if your not ready for a baby, I’d suggest using some form of backup for awhile!

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Helper bee
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I haven’t found too many stories like mine out there, but here is my experience:

I went off the pill in september 2010. We weren’t trying to prevent, so I wasn’t tracking temps, but I was taking note of my CM so I could figure out when AF was coming. I got AF in November 2010. That Octover/Nov cycle seemed pretty textbook accoring to my CM. Then I went 5 months without anything. During those 5 months, I thought I had EWCM at least a couple times a month. There was no pattern that I could find with dry days, EWCM, and other CM.

I took HPTs periodically to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I was pretty sure I just wasn’t getting my period because my body was adusting to being off hormonal bc. Almost everything I read said that if you didn’t get your period within like 2 months, it was not likely that you would ovulate, and that your body would produce a period without ovulation to reset your cycle. This turned out to be not true in my case.

I ended up pregnant in March which we were happy about (but sadly miscarried in April). I did have EWCM during the time that I got pregnant, but it didn’t seem any different to me than the other EWCM during those 5 months without ovulation/AF. And as far as I know, temping only tells you after the fact that you ovulated, so you can’t really get any info from that until you establish a pattern from your previous cycles/charts.

So basically my advice would be to use backup until you are sure of your cycles and have charted for a couple of “normal” cycle months if you want to prevent pregnancy.

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i stopped taking my BC right after my wedding – it was causing dark spots on my face – too many hormones! anyway – my first period was pretty late, by a few weeks.. i wasnt worried about being pregnant because we are pretty careful, pull and pray, it wouldnt be a terrible thing if we got pregnant but like you we prefer to wait a year or so. anyway, although i wasnt getting my period i could still tell when i was ovulating – the mucus/discharge is there and thicker so i think you can still chart – its just difficult to do when that period doesnt come. i had mine a month ago, if my body is back on track im due to have another next week – but we will see, it may be another month or so before i get it again.


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Read the book, TCOYF (Taking charge of your fertility) it will answer all your questions about temps, charts and CM.

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I went off BC last November. My periods were EXTREMELY regular immediately. Even more regular than when I was on the pill! However, they were much much much heavier.  I have been regular, to the day, since then.

The best advice I can give you is to read the book Taking Charge of your Fertility (TCOYF) and make a strong effort to follow it. I followed it in December and January and wrote down the tiniest detail. In February, I took my temps and tracked everything, but didn’t write down all of the details on my chart. March, I didn’t track as well, and although I was very regular and knew what was going on by my CF, I still felt nervous. I started tracking again and charting all of the details in April. 

DEFINITELY use condoms or another backup method… I did until we were ready to start NTNT. 

So you could be extremely regular right away… you never know!! If your cycle is irregular, I think it depends on how irregular as to whether or not you can tell when you are ovulating. If you are following some sort of pattern, you will see a temp spike and a change in CF at some point in your cycle. It just might be earlier or later than you think. And the more you chart, the more you get familiar with YOUR patterns. Some people’s temps spike immediately after they ovulate, while others have a gradual temp change over a few days. So it all depends, but it gets easier the more you do it! Just be consistent with the time you temp, too! GOOD LUCK! Feel free to PM me with any questions!

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