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Helper bee
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Yay, see ya later strange body altering pills! I went off of it almost a year ago after taking it for 10+ years, because my body was just so screwed up (I think it’s mostly because I was terrible at taking them regularly) Best decision I’ve made, for sure!

– I lost 5 lbs!

– Gained some hormonal acne, it’s worse some months than others (It’s prompted me to take better care of my skin)

– more regular

– increased libido

I hope it all goes well for you!

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Helper bee
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I was also taking the pill for about 5 years when I decided to stop and switch to the copper IUD. 

The main thing I noticed was acne. Lots and lots of acne… it was worse than its ever been! That’s saying a lot too since acne was the reason I started taking the pill in the first place. Luckily it’s calmed down almost completely! Unfortunately it took about 6 to 8 months to see a difference, but even with all of that in mind, I don’t regret a thing! The pill was making me insanely moody and not like myself at all.

Another minor thing I remember was that my first cycle after stopping the pill lasted a good 40-some days. Not horrible, but definitely out of the ordinary for me.

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Helper bee
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I tried quitting it for the sake of my libido a little over a year ago, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’d been on it for almost a decade. I went off it for around 4 months, and during that time I experienced the only anxiety attacks I’ve ever had. My general mood was lower and I was doubting my long term relationship because of it. My acne isn’t good typically, but it got even worse when I went off of it.

That said, it was also a super stressful time in my life (last semester of college, looking for a job), so it could have been a coincidence. I’m surprised to hear that birth control causes anxiety. I’m pretty anxiety prone so that may be why. I hope to try to quit it again soon now that my life is pretty routine now. I hope it goes well for you!

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Busy bee
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lightofmylife :  we stopped birth control for the same reasons! I also have a small nodule on my thyroid and read some bad things about the effects synthetic hormones so I stopped. I took my last pack in July of last year and the first two months I felt great! My skin was great but then in October it hit me the horrible horrible acne. I was so depressed about it and had to go to dr. but it’s all under control now! I feel so much better not taking the pill! Oh yeah and I had low libido on the pill and now it’s high! 😀

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Bumble bee
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lightofmylife :  After I got off the pill my sex drive went back up (thankfully!), weight stayed the same, I was more level headed (BCP gave me extreme mood swings), periods became heavier (expected) but I did miss my period the first month off of the bill so I had the normal withdrawal bleeding after finishing the pack then skipped a full month and got my period 2 months after taking the last pill, and I almost never get migraines anymore (I was getting horrible migraines at least once a week while on the pill). Good luck and I recommend what PP said about period tracking apps!

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Helper bee
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I was on BCP for about 16 years- with a few short breaks. I got on a good skin care regimen (Retin A) for a few months before I quit because in the past I had broken out really bad. Ended up with zero skin issues…yay! Another pro, went right into completely normal cycles. 

Con (it’s a biggie). I gained weight. 2 lbs a week consistently until I hit about 15 lbs. It sucked. No changes in diet or exercise, it was summer so I am way more active and I just packed on the pounds. Stupid hormones. 

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Blushing bee
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I was on BCP for 10 years without a break. After I stopped taking it I lost weight (5 kg/11 lbs) in the first month, my periods were still regular but shorter (pre-BC I was a 28 day cycle, post I am a 24 day cycle), length of period also shortened from 5 to 3 days and was lighter. I didn’t have any issues with my cycle after going off it, went straight into a 24 day cycle and I got pregnant 4 months after I stopped taking it (3rd cycle NTNP). 

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Bumble bee
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I’ve come off the pill 3 times over the years. The first two times were pretty uneventful except that once my period took 3 months to come back.

This time I came off to TTC and it has been interesting. The periods clicked right back in but I had bad stomach upsets, a change in toilet habits and abdominal pains that eventually got attributed to an IBS flare-up, all exacerbated by the health stress, although I suspect the whole thing was triggered by hormones. It has been really horrible.

I had an emotional time the first month, then completely back to normal, I think my hair got thinner as it shedded now appears to be growing back a bit of baby hair, but I had crap hair anyway so it’s hard to really say.

I’ve put on weight but I’m not sure how much is down to diet. Some of these things are hard to measure to be honest.

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Busy bee
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It took me a little over a year for my cycle to regulate, and for almost a year my hormones were so out of whack (trying to regulate themselves) that I cried almost every day! Seriously, I once cried because the Subway sandwich artist put the meat on “wrong”…it was intense!

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