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i’m not the healthiest person (ED/anorexia), so my weight loss advice isn’t going to be very helpful. BUT – one thing I do find that helps me to lose the most/fastest is to cut out carbs and sugars. carbs and sugars for women = kiss of death. if you’re working out that much, it’s best to get a lot of protein: lean meats, fish, etc. also, drop the sodium. that’s another water weight accumulator…makes you a lot fuller around the mid-section. i am the same height as you, so we may be similar as far as frame size/body type. get as much protein as you can each day….they keep you fuller feeling. also, high fiber fruits and veggies. that’s all i have…good luck!

p.s. the pill does cause weight gain. i refuse to be on BC for that reason. it made me gain 15 lbs. once. EFF THAT!

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Busy bee
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What about switching up the gym routine? Cardio/weights one day, yoga another (bikram is awesome and a lot of places will give you a starter month unlimited for a reduced rate), swimming? Your body may have adjusted to your workout regimen. I’ve had good results with bootcamps.

Also, if you’re serious about it, what about getting a trainer for the last month? The gym trainers tend to be pricey, but if you find someone outside the gym (does your city have personal trainer schools/certification?), you may be able to get a deal.

Then, I second the cutting out sugar advice. BUT, you don’t want to be crabby and unhappy the month leading up to your wedding, so I would avoid any drastic diet changes.


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Also, to lose some water weight/bloat, try to cut out salt/salty foods – for example I am always a pound or two heavier the day after eating Chinese food or French fries (which then goes away in a couple of days once the salt is out of my system).  Green tea is also supposed to be good for this.

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I don’t have any advice, really, but I swear there is something extra in US food. When I lived in both France and the UK, I had no problem dropping weight, even eating unhealthily. Here though, I can eat perfect and exercise and it’s so much harder, if not impossible. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think it’s all you!

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Sugar bee

I need to lose some weight before my July 3 wedding so I decided to drastically reduce carbs and eat mostly brown rice for my carbs but not more than three quarters of a cup per day. I also eat oatmeal with raisins and little sugar and low fat milk. Lots of beans and spinach and other veggies and lots of salad. I haven’t had beef or chicken in weeks because I substitute eggs for my meat. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but I see that my stomach is kinda shrinking…kinda.

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Sugar bee

Didn’t read all the comments but I wanted to say re: BCP

It CAN make a difference SUPER fast.  Please don’t count it out and think of it as a cop out.

Your body might just be ‘checking and balancing’ the new hormone shift, etc. 

Good luck with the weight loss 🙂  I’m trying to lose weight/tone up too and although my stomach is flatter, I have not lost more than a pound maybe and instead of my arms looking toned, they just look bigger 🙁 I feel some of your pain here

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Busy bee
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I know exactly how you feel. I’m 5’5 and weigh about 145. I feel like while I’m not really fat, I’m too chunky in the middle and I need to lose 10-20 lbs to feel better about myself for the wedding, but it’s just not coming off quickly as I hoped. It’s proving to be a real struggle. I used to have a much easier time dropping weight so I definitely think now that I’m older, my metobolism is changing and maybe that’s what is happening to you. I used to weigh like 120-125, 4-5 years ago and I miss that, but I’m starting to feel that I won’t ever really get back to being that thin. I have been eating much heathier and less often, I’ve also been walking a lot more frequently for the past 2 months.

The best advice I can give is to be patient and try not to stress about it. Just don’t give up and stick to your diet and exercise routine.

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You said you gained the weight after you left Australia, and you’ve been back for a month, so you’ve only been working out for a month, right? From my personal experience, someone who only has 10-15 lbs (or less) to lose, it will take about 3 months of consistent exerise and eating well for it to really kick in. So no worries, just look at it as a part of your life and dont worry about the numbers, it will all come together!! Oh, and measure yourself, it shows quicker

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I had similiar issues, and they were REALLY frustrating.  Try upping yoru cardio, how hard are you working when you’re doing your cardio. Don’t just do the movements on the machine WORK IT!  I remember my ex-BF who was a personal trainer said bring everything you have to EVERY workout.  I dont’ do that all the time, but I try.  Also, how are you tracking what you eat.  I knwo when Iw s counting calories, I hit a point where I wasn’t losing weight, and everyone kept telling me to drp more calories, btu when how much I was workign out 1400 calories wasn’t doing it.  I switched to WW and started a new cardio routine and that helped alot. 

I know its really frustrating but do you look better.  I know when I first stared working out my clothes fit better and I felt better, and I looked better naked, but I didn’t see anything on the scale.

Lastly, don’t dismiss the BC.  I went to a new BC and got REALLY bloated and gained about 3 lbs in a week.  I keep telling myself to NOT Blame the pil and looked into all these other things, and stayed on it for about 5 weeks. Finally, I gave up and stopped taking the pill.  Within 4 days of not taking it I lost those 3lbs, and I had unfortunately also lost 5 weeks of potential weight loss.  I’m STILL upset by it. 

Good Luck!  And I hope you feel better.  I hear about all alot of women losing weight FAR quicker than I am… so maybe I’m doing something wrong as well.  

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