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@leafgum: I ♥ you on the ring comment, so true!

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I’ll play! I feel like I might just be one of the faceless older members too.

Hi! I’m zippylef!! I’m 23 years old, originally from St. Louis, MO.

I wouldn’t even sugarcoat myself at quirky… I’m weird, plain and simple. lol. The Mr. and I have been married a year and together for almost 6. We were high school sweethearts.  I am a gigantic nerd, as evidenced by my super sweet Zelda tattoo.

The loves of my life include: My puppies, Chloe and Simon. Baking (my lastest project was Snickerdoodle muffins. Amazing!). Video games. Fantasy novels and movies. Costuming and wearing costumes. Makeup! Zombies. And the newest one being crocheting, which I am currently teaching myself to do from youtube.

We are also convention folk around this house. We love going to sci-fi/fantasy/anime/gaming conventions and Renaissance faires. I’ll go ahead and share an extremely embarassing picture of my very first one in high school. lol. What you don’t see in this picture was my best friend running around dressed a devil, it made sense… I promise.

I also do musical theatre and majored in theatre with a specialization in costume and special effects makeup in college! I LOVE playing with prosthetics and latex and gore makeup. I worked 2 seasons at a haunted house as an actor and as their assistant makeup director. My favorite role ever was as Rizzo in Grease.

Currently, I am an Air Force wife and live in England with my husband. We are having our first baby in March. It’s a little girl. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait.

My Dislikes:

  • drama queens and gossip
  • people who drive slow and ride in the left lane and don’t use their blinkers
  • fruit (yeah, I know… I’m weird)
  • having to repeat myself over and over
  • kids who thrown tantrums in public and the parents who ignore them

Little Known Facts:

  • I have a long tongue and can actually lick my own nose.
  • I played classical violin for 13 years, although I don’t anymore.


  • I find very strange men sexy… like Adrien Brody. I think he’s smokin’

Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

The puppies!

I love being married to a musician…. until he tells me he wants a $1500 drumset

The baby blanket I am working on. My very first crochet project!

And, our baby girl!

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I’m Helenberrycrunch, age 23. 

I was born in Nashville, TN and have moved various places in the state. I live in the hills of Tennesee now, in a “city” that really only exists because of the small college that’s located here. This is my drive to work:image


  I have thee half-sisters (37, 35, and 29) and one half brother (16).  I developed a cat allergy when I was in college, so now I only have dogs. I have a very old bassett that lives with my mom because he’s too old to make a move. The dog that lives with me is a pit mix we got at the animal shelter. His name is Virgil.



I met my husband in highschool when he moved to my very small town from Portland, OR.   He was two years behind me and was friends with some of my friends, so I just had to put up with his arrogant ass. He had three pairs of the same WalMart trackpants that he wore every day with somerandom old tshirt. By choice. He also had long hair. In short, I hated him. He hated me. By the time he graduated highschool, I had gotten to know him better and we were friends. By July of 2008, we were dating. I kissed him first. We were engaged in January of 2010, moved in together in April of 2010, and were married in June of 2011. He totally wears normal people clothes now.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN), which allowed me to test for licensure to practice, making I have a commute of 76 miles, one way.

I read sci-fi novels and romance novels.  My favorite number is 36, my favorite digit is 9. I enjoy neither chocolate nor pie. I’m currently in a weird place, religion-wise, due to all the dramz around my wedding that occured when our church kicked us out just over a month before our wedding. I don’t have television (but I don’t think I morally superior to you) but I like Grey’s Anatomy and the Big Bang Theory. My favorite color is black, closely followed by green. I’m a dirty hippie that refuses to use soap (except to wash my hands) because I think it’s the worst thing you can do for your skin. I refuse to bake unless I’ve been begged to the point of giving in for my sanity. I’m a whiskey girl that usually drinks wine. I’m registered as a Republican, but I don’t vote party lines. I’m terrified of wet grass, alligators and sleeping with my feet exposed in any way. I only eat red meat because I have a weird mystery illness that really affects my stomach. At five-foot-nine, I’m shorter than both my grandmother and my greatgrandmother. If fact, I’m the shortest person in my generation on either side of my family, and the third shortest living person on my mother’s side. I don’t do dishes. Ever. I like to paint my nails.

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@zippylef: Ohh sweet baby, that’s an amazing picture.. congratulations!

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I’m Sherry! My Fiance (Alex) likes to call me names, including sherryberry or sherryberrypie. I guess he’s Mr. Berry. Like a previous poster, I am short (5’0) and he is tall (6’3″) I never even noticed until after we had been dating for awhile. We dated for five years and lived together for 3 before finally getting engaged.

We don’t know when we’re getting married yet. We’re carefully saving and living our life as usual. I’m 26 and in my last year of university, where I study publishing, writing, journalism, and more. It’s chaotic but fun. I can’t wait to be done school!

I am full of witty one-liners and my friends and I are definitely weirdos. So is Mr.Berry. I’m watching Breaking Bad right now and am not finding it to be nearly as good as Weeds or the C Word. Drop Dead Diva is my guilty pleasure show. 

We have two cats: Moe (Moesly) an orange maine-coon and Java (Java baby or Java pants) a fat grey tabby I can keep them alive, but I can’t keep houseplants alive. 

I adore elephants and turtles, and really want to travel anywhere I can. These are the lean years, but we have fun πŸ™‚

No pics right now because my internet has been really bad lately,

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 I am NYCBRDE2011. I have been posting on and off here for about 2 years lol. I started out lurking in waiting but am now in full fledged planning mode!!! Me and Fiance have been in an LDR for 3 years. He lives in Manhattan and I live in Toronto. We have gone through many immigration issues trying to get me into the states and hopefully all will be fine once we get married this summer!!


-coffee (drink about 6 cups a day!!!)



-Say yes to the dress marathons

-LOVE watching Sex and the City marathons with my girlfriends and drinking wine lol

-My dog Mr Miyagi (shih tzu) LOVE HIM



-bananas lol

-cucumbers lol

-watermelons lol


I will add pics once I find the cable from my camera! That is another tidbit about me I am not tech savy at all lol


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Ok.. I’ll play! I’m kimbean

Fiance and I are both 27, born and raised Chicagoans, and kinda nerdy. It’s what makes us awesome, I think.

Here we are… awww…

We met in high school, at senior homecoming… but didn’t start dating until 2009. 

This is our dog… her name is Payton, and she’s pretty awesome… kind of a pain sometimes, but pretty awesome.


  • cooking/baking
  • Huge Indie music nerd
  • reading
  • TRAVEL πŸ™‚
  • Photography
  • Concerts
  • CHICAGO, and Chicago sports!
  • Event planning
  • The Beatles
  • Nerding out… seriously nerding out (Watching Dr. Who as I type this…) 


  • Pickles
  • Melon
  • Cucumbers
  • The Green Bay Packers
  • When there, their, and they’re are used incorrectly. Same goes for your and you’re
  • When people use y, u, and r instead of why, you, and are… English is a beautiful but seriously funky language, we don’t need to funkify it more 


  •  I don’t have a middle name
  • I fractured my skull falling out of a bunk bed in college
  • Snakes seriously freak me out
  • My background is crazy awesome: Persian, Chinese, and Punjabi


  • My above hatred for pickles will never be conqured, as I refuse to eat them.

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@leafgum:haha! Right on about the ring!!!

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@nycbrde2011:Watermelon and cucumber! GROSS!!! Up until this weekend, I’ve never found anyone that felt the same way! It’s a texture thing, isn’t it?

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@kimbean + Coffee Cup: I’m a little bit biased though, when it comes to engagment rings, I never ever wanted something flashy and glittery and giant, I didn’t even want a diamond… I have a wooden band with a moissanite stone, and that’s as close to bling as I get. But seriously…highly dislike 99% of engagement rings, which is why you’ll rarely see me in the Rings board.. because I’m out havin’ a puke at them.

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Great thread!

For those who don’t know me well…

I’m Evie19, Age 29 (Leo sun, Virgo moon, Libra rising)- yes I’m into astrology…:)

As you can see I love the sea, and the pic above is me delightedly swimming at my favorite beach.

I grew up in the DC metro area and I am first generation Greek-American. I studied Literature and Film then got my MFA in Filmmaking and am a documentary filmmaker. I moved to Athens, Greece 4 years ago and love it here.

Fiance and I met at a full moon party and have been together 5 years. Im the eccentric artist and he is the logical, grounded economist. He gives me peace and emotional balance, and I bring him some spunk and imagination.


Traveling!!! Nothing better in life than a traveling adventure.

Cooking/Baking- my hobby is hosting elaborate dinner parties with complicated recipes. (FI asks me- can we just make burgers today? lol)

Bergman films AND romantic comedies. I never cared when my fellow film students mocked me for this!


Passive aggressive behavior

Baby corn and ketchup

Mommy’s boys


I studied byzantine chanting for a short time

I enjoy cleaning while singing along to music at the top of my lungs

I love the sound of Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic languages


I am type-A and organized to a fault, probably. I love writing lists, I don’t procrastinate, and I get annoyed when I work with others who work at slower/less efficient paces.

(omg I know how obnoxious that sounds..sorry!)

Some more pics:

Above is my fav. pic from our engagement shoot

Here with my grandmother and my namesake πŸ™‚

Since today will be quite hectic, I’m ending with a pic of me and Fiance passed out on the beach. πŸ™‚



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I’m bookworm88 and I’m currently working on a Masters in English– and applying to PhD programs to start a doctoral program next fall… Surprised They are all I think about right now, but I’ll try to come up with a few interesting facts!

My SO and I met at a summer camp when we were 11… then didn’t see one another again until three years later in high school when he sat behind me in history and pulled my hair when we were supposed to be listening, the brat.  We eventually became friends but he moved across the country for college and I stayed at the school in our hometown.  He came back after graduation, just as I moved away for grad school, but the timing was right and we started dating! Finally!

I love animals, I’ve worked in animal rescue and at a veterinary office and I really wish I had the science-knowledge to be a veterinarian, but I also love writing and teaching so I’m happy with my chosen career.  I’m a snob about animal-care and I have to really try to hold my tongue to not snap at you for feeding your pet this-or-that food or treating animals like anything but royalty. Wink (Exaggerating… but just barely!) 

I love Diet Coke, knitting and crocheting, and reading.  I’m an introvert but also can rally and go out for drinks and dancing every now and then.  I’m currently converting to Catholicism and I used to be fluent in Spanish but am a little rusty now that I’m out of school– I double majored in Spanish in college. I also love soccer and hockey (Washington Capitals!) and played the flute for 12 years. 




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@Evie19: I’m the eccentric dreamer/writer and my SO works in finance! He keeps me grounded but I keep things exciting. πŸ˜‰

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@bookworm88:Aww.. we’re the opposite, I’m in finance and he’s the artist… talk about shock when I told my parents I was dating a guy with a painting degree!

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Hello!  I lurked for a while, but didn’t feel comfy having an account because I have been married for 10 years.  I have been here for ideas for the anniversary reception I am having for my parents.  Here are some things you might like to know about me.


+  I have 2 stepsons and 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl.  I would LOVE 1 more!

+  I am obsessed with this party

+  I went to culinary school, but became a Stay-At-Home Mom and cook for my family now.

+  I get as excited as a kid with Christams and bake insane amounts of sweets.

+  I hate cleaning but love a clean house

+  My house is NEVER clean!

+  I am addicted to buying clothes and HUGE hair doodads for my daughter.


@bakerella:  I have the snowman cookies on my pinterest.  I plan on making them for the kids this Christmas.

ETA:  I tried to upload a pic, but I couldn’t figure it out!

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