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@bookworm88: Exactly!! It’s actually such a nice balance.

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@bakerella: Ugh, totally agree about slow people taking up the whole sidewalk
I love me some Say Yes to the Dress, too!

Well, I’m Goodatlove. This Christmas will be SO and my 3 year anniversary. I hope to be engaged within the next year and married within two years. He lives on the West coast and I live on the East coast. We have been LDR for the entirety of our relationship.

I like shopping, cooking, and traveling.

I dislike drama and folding laundry.

The first thing I notice about people is their shoes. I started selling shoes in highschool and now, 6 years later, I’m a manager at a shoe store.

I have a degree in marketing management with a minor in mathematics. I went to three colleges but still managed to graduate in 3.5 years.

My dream job is probably interior decorating. I wish I was really good at that. I don’t decorate my own place too much because I’m in an apartment and don’t want to have to deal with undoing everything, but once I have a house, FH bettter watch out cuz I’ll be decorating everything!

I’m a little bit ADD and OCD. Bad combination haha.

I’m really small. 5’0” and under 100lbs. I have a hard time finding clothes that are small enough. My SO, on the other hand, is 6’7”.

My favorite food is spaghetti.

I don’t wear belts.

We went do Disneyland last week, so here are a few pictures from that.


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I’m going to bump this for the AM bees. As well as add another funny little fact.

I’m terrified of aluminum foil.

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Hi! I’m soyjoy. I’ve been on here a year? Didn’t start posting a whole lot until I got a new job and am in an office all day, instead of out doing client visits. I miss getting out, so thank god for the bee!


-My furbaby. He is pictured below sleeping.

– Exercising!

-Making crafts!

-Being at home. I really love coming home/taking a day off and just hanging out. I am a huge homebody…Fiance is, too.


-Loud chewers, people that crack gum. Makes me crazy. Congrats, you can chew. No, you don’t need to prove it to everyone.

-People that don’t drive the speed limit. It’s 45. Why are you going 25? If you don’t know where you are, can you pull over and let me go so you can continue to move at a glacial pace at your own convenience?

-I have done gymnastics for a big part of my life and I compete for a local adult team. Yes, I still wear a leotard and do flips in public. Surprisingly, it’s not embarassing. I’m hoping to start a blog soon about this upcoming competitive season. I don’t care if people think it is strange, I’ve met great people, and at 25, I’m in great shape and flexible!
-I love any and all music by the Foo Fighters. I’ve seen them in concert twice and I sang along to every song!
-I am on here way too much and would die if anyone ever found me!!

@bakerella: Such a cute idea! Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

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I’m FutureMrsMcK (or really, just MrsMcK now) πŸ™‚ 

I’m 26, and DH is 32. We met when he moved in with me. I was roommates with his BFF from Jr. High (who is one of my nearest and dearest friends) and BFF’s gf. After a bad breakup earlier in the year, DH decided he needed a fresh start, and moved to Philly. We happened to have a newly vacant bedroom, so he moved in with us. And the rest is history. He loves me because I laugh at his bad jokes. We’ve been married just over a year, have three kitties, and are TTC our first child. 


LIKES: Cooking for other people, baking bread, road trips with DH, cuddling on the couch with DH and our cats, DH’s often-corny jokes, reading Harry Potter to my 10 year old niece, good coffee, good beer, and red wine

DISLIKES: People who walk slow and manage to take up the entire sidewalk on their own, (THIS!), drama queens, religious fanatics (sorry, but my family is full of them, and they make me nuts), most seafood. 

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS: I used to cocktail and work as a cashier at a strip club in NOLA. I had a bad habit of getting bored in the middle of the night and chopping my hair off (ok, well known to anyone who knows me IRL). 

CONFESSION: I hate guacamole. Really anything that has avocado in it. With a burning passion. I don’t even know why. Even the thought of it makes me gag. It makes my husband sad/happy because he loves avocados, and thinks I should too, but he always gets to eat mine. 

Me at my bachelorette party, our kitties, me and DH at our wedding, and me and my BFF SIL. 

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@bakerella: This is a great idea for a post! I love your first picture, absolutely priceless and your kitties and sooo cute.

So… I’m Couawilou (pronounced coo-wa-wee-loo lol). I have been on here since March I think and I totally love this place.


  • Baking/Cooking
  • My babies (3 cats and 1 dog)
  • Crochet
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Swimming
  • Making crafty things
  • Writing


  • People who chew food with their mouth open, it drives me nuts
  • If I’m on the phone and ppl are trying to have conversation with me, like seriously are you blind?!?!
  • Being cold, I absolutely hate the feeling of being cold, I do not like the cold -30 weather we get in the winter time, beurk


  • I did synchronized swimming for 14 years and my dream was to go to the Olympics, but never made it. I came 4 in Ontario region when I used to compete in high-school.
  • I love Latin music. There is something about listening to latin music that just makes your body move and I absolutely love it
  • I teach latin dancing on the side on top of my cake business and working full-time.
  • I can smell food miles away, I have a very good sense of smell which is great lol


  • I spend all day on the Bee, litterally from 7:30am until 10pm. If not on my computer, I’m on my phone lol. I’m hooked!
  • I can put my legs behind my neck (I know totally random but it’s the truth hehe)

And now some pictures:

Here are my babies – Shade is up first, then Grizzly, then Felix and then Diesel.



Fiance and I:

And one of my crochet projects along with my latest cake:

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HI, I am IrishBride2be….but scratch that since I am now married. Almost a whole 2 weeks now-haha. I am 28 yeards old.

I was born and raised in Chicago and love me some Chicago White Sox-or CHICAGO SPORTS! I now live in MI just outside of Ann Arbor-University of MI right in my backyard. And I can’t stand U of M! I am a die hard Notre Dame fan!!!!

I met my husband though a friend. Both of us never pictured ourselves getting married-since both of our parents are divorced. But funny enough here we are. He makes me laugh and we can be out goofy, nerd-chic, lovable selves around each other.  



COFFEE-I am an addict. My Husband proposed to me at my favorite coffee shop. All of the staff was invited to the wedding-can you say I love them!

TRASHY MAGAZINES-when travelling I can’t get enough of them

BAKING & CROCK POT COOKING-I have been told my sugar cookies are to die for πŸ˜‰

READING-I am would love a new kindle fire *le sigh*

BEING IRISH-it is awesome, lol

MAKEUP-I love to play around with it-I did my sister’s makeup for her wedding, and my own too

COUPONS-any kind; food, clothes, etc

SHOES-seriously can I get some more closet space pretty please



SALAD DRESSING of any sort I find it disgusting

FAKE and MEAN “girl” type people-seriously chill out people life is too short….eat a cookie!

BEING TICKLED-just because I am laughing-doesn’t mean I find it funny

ENERGY VAMPIRES-serioulsy again life is too short to be so pessimistic all the time…eat  a cookie!


I Stick my tongue out in most pictures-I hate having my picture taken see ex below (even at all occasions)

I quote many many movies-it drive hubby insane

I love to wrap presents- Christmas is awesome to me for this reason!

We invited ELLEN to our wedding-she is awesomesauce

Oh yeah I love the word AWESOMESAUCE!        

I loved my wedding dress-got so many compliments on it -and even though it is popular here, outside of wedding world NO ONE had every seen it before!

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@irishbride2be: I love to wrap presents as well! It’s like an art form for me. However, it does take me 2 to 3 times as long as most people since I’m also super anal about it. 

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@leafgum: seriously how did you get a picture of my diamond! LOVE IT!

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@soyjoy222: I am a homebody too! Not that I dont like to go and do things. I just love my home too l)

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@couawilou: your Fiance and my hubby look like brothers =)

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@irishbride2be:  Go BLUE!  Hehehe πŸ˜€

This is a great thread – I need to remind myself to do it tonight when I have better pics πŸ™‚

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@mwitter80: It takes me long too! ANd I do all the pretty ribbons and decorations!


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@sarahbabs: ahhh Traitor-LOL. I get dirty looks walking around in my ND stuff everytime.

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@irishbride2be:  Hehe I bet!  Though as long as you are not an Ohio State fan, it’ll never get ugly πŸ™‚ 

I went to U of M so I gotta declare my love!  Just out of curiousity, is your fave coffeehouse in Ann Arbor?  They have so many good ones.

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Miss Pumpkin Pie here.  ^.^



  • Photography
  • Baking and cooking
  • Christmas!/decorating
  • Reading
  • Weddingbee (eek!)
  • Throwing parties


  • The sound of a spoon clanking against a bowl. Ah, I want to cry.
  • Drama queens
  • Those who judge before they get to know a person
  • Feeling tired (which I do now)
  • Twilight (sorry!)

Little Known Facts

  • I studied elementary education for two years.  I stopped going to school because I was unsure if there’d be any jobs after I graduated.  I absolutely love and adore children.  After 1.5 years, I finally decided it is my true passion to work with them.
  • I am obsessed with I Love Lucy, The Beatles, and anything from older generations.  I have always been called an old soul. 
  • My username is Pumpkin Pie because I immediately started calling Fiance pumpkins when we started dating.  It’s stuck ever since.
  • Oh, Fiance and I are gingers.  We’re going to have the greatest ginger kids ever.
  • I am full blooded Italian, but the palest one you’d ever meet.  C’mon gingers can’t be tan! πŸ˜› Anyway, people think I lie when I say I am Italian.  I will be taking an irish name once Fiance and I are married and I am sure people will argue with me even more. >.<

About me and Fiance

  • We met in the summer of 2009 through a friend’s Facebook status.  We were discussing a documentary we all watched on HBO about a little boy who was severely depressed and had other illnesses.  Anyways, it was a controversial conversation, but Fiance and I agreed.  There was something about him that intrigued me so I immediately friend requested him.  A little later, he accepted.  We both quickly learned that neither of us are the type to send out random requests and accept.  I always found that funny.  We talked through Facebook and texts for a bit. He constantly bugged me to hang out with him, but I was a full-time student with a part time job.  I took my school work seriously and I felt as if I never had time.  I finally agreed on Labor Day weekend.  Our first date was on September 5th, 2009.  This happens to be my dog’s birthday too. =) We have been inseperable from the start.  We survived a long distance relationship for over a year.  
  • We are both stubborn, sarcastic, and just overall ridiculous. 
  • Fiance proposed on Christmas Eve 2010.  I chose the date October 13th, 2012 because I love fall, his lucky number is 13 (and that’s the house number I grew up in all my life), and 2012 is believed to be the end of the world.  Well, it’s the end for us in the fact our old life begins anew. =)
  • Fiance hates that I worry so much.  He’s so laid back that I can’t stand it.  We both have a few things to learn from each other, but that’s what’s so great about us.
  • We are both content kicking it back at home and relaxing with each other now that our schedules are opposite.

Pictures of my loves and interests

Me and my Satine – She was named after the movie Moulin Rouge.  She’s hiding her ears!
Me and Fiance at Hershey Park last December.  We both hate pictures so have none together. πŸ™
My awesome Beatles song tattoo.  I can’t wait to get more 
Let’s Go Flyers!!
Me being silly in Target.  BRO CODE – SUIT UP!


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@irishbride2be:Are you a southsider too?! Why are you in that scary place near Ann Arbor? I hear some really nasty things about her reputation…? πŸ˜‰

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@irishbride2be: Haha now that you mentioned it, they do look alike lol

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