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@sarahbabs: Nope, it is a MI local business-chain actually. Biggby- I will never look at Starbucks the same again!

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@Rouquine: LOVE HIMYM! SUIT UP!!!  And the Beatles too-we had it play duing our dinner.

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Hi, I’m AnneTossy. I’ve been here for a year and a half. I recently got married, and it was amazeballs. I like using obnoxious words like amazeballs. I’m also a super picky eater.


– Our minpin, Carly.

– Nail polish

– Holidays (Especially Halloween/Christmas)

– Nascar

– Carrie Underwoods legs. I mean damn. So jelly.

– Reality trash TV. Actually, all TV. Especially HBO.

– Travelling.

– A new pair of socks.

– Crossing things off my bucket list.



– Traffic. Kill me.

– Doing the dishes. Kill me x23492378543.

– When DH interupts me when I’m on the phone.

– People who insist on talking about politics (and why they’re right and I’m wrong) when I’m obviously not trying to hear it.


– My ears aren’t pierced. I’ve had them done 7 different times, and none of them took. After a trip to urgent care, DH made me promise not to get them pierced ever again so no earrings for me πŸ™

– I sleep talk/walk all the time.

– I love pickles and salt!



– My DH is 12 years older than me.

I’m still waiting on pro pics..so this is one of the few pro pictures I have from our wedding. Those are clip-on earrings πŸ˜‰

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@AnneTossy: we should be friends IRL, lol

Who is your favorite NASCAR driver???
I love Carrie Underwood sooooooooo much – have you seen her performance of How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill? Chills.
Never got my ears pierced – didn’t even try, unlike you!

DH and I are kinda the same way on babies. I get all mushy when a cute commercial is on and then I realize I like being lazy at night and getting a full night’s sleep so yeah, too selfish right now!

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@irishbride2be: Beatles <3 I plan on using them as well!

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@hisgoosiegirl: Haha we should be! You don’t live in Virginia do you? It would be fate πŸ™‚ Carl Edwards is my favorite driver – I named my dog after him. Here’s hoping he takes the championship this weekend! I haven’t seen that performance with Vince Gill but I’m going to youtube it now. I’m obsessed with the ‘Remind Me’ video. She looks amazing in it. Her voice isn’t bad either πŸ˜‰

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I’ve been around for awhile, but some of the newbies may have no idea who I am. 

I am 31 and recently left my job as an executive to start my own creative business. I have been married to my husband now for almost a year and we are expecting a baby next June. I have the most amazingly cute bonus son who is 4. I’m a fairly goofy individual. I constantly make up songs about what’s currently happening and tend to dance if I’m standing up without knowing it. I recently caught myself singing about orange juice in the grocery store. Eh, I’m sure someone smiled.

Likes: a good argument, cooking, ashamed to admit but any show that starts with “The Real Housewives”, smart ass’, anything winter (snow, christmas, sweaters, etc), and everything about family


Dislikes: People who think that their situation is worse than everyone else’s, my husbands bathroom habits, things that have a smooth texture but are chunky like crunchy pb or some hummus, and people who just stop by without calling first

Little known facts: My dining room table is always set. I love designing table scapes.  I am a cancer survivor. I speak in different voices more than mine own voice, and when I am at home I very rarely wear pants 

I can also get my husband to participate in anything I ask πŸ™‚

 Confession: I’m a very sore loser. I am super competitive and will do anything to win

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Hello! This is a great idea. I am somewhat new, and honestly I have been on this site ever since iv discovered it!

Here are some things about me:

*I had my son at a really young age (16) with my Fiance and it was the best thing that ever happened to me!

* I am OBSESSED with dieting! I have a skinny minnie before I had my son, and gain 100lbs!! And can’t seem to loose it!

* My house is a zoo! (not seriously) I have 3 dogs, 2 cat, 2 lizards.

*I love baking! I swear to myself that I wont eat my own baking .. that never happens

* I love travelling more then anything! I just got back from punta cana a few months ago, and want to get married there more then anything, but that isen’t an option because none of my grandparents would be able to make it

* I am probably the most unorganized person EVER, I am sooo messy, my Fiance is the one that does the cleaning.

*I get more excited about Christmas more then any kid I know (confession: I am already listening to Christmas music and almost have all my christmas shopping done.)

Here are some pictures:

This is my Fiance & Me

This is my parents, my son, myself, and my Fiance in Punta Cana.

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I’m New England Girl, I think that makes it obvious I was born and raised in New England, I am also almost a walking stereotype.

My SO describes me to people as “a cute tomboy” and I think that is perfectly accurate. I am aware I look extremely girly but I don’t like shopping, pink, chic flicks or chocolate. I could talk sports all day, I love all Boston sports and hate all the teams you stereotypically think I would (and some more). :-p


  • The beach! I love the ocean in any weather but the warmer, the better.
  • Laughing, it is wicked easy to get me to laugh. I love “corny” jokes!
  • Coffee…I’m addicted
  • Beer, wine, liquor…it’s all good!
  • Sports, football and baseball mostly (Patriots, Red Sox <3)
  • I love being outside
  • My friends, family and SO
  • Dogs!
  • Working out
  • Country music


  • People who chew food loudly or with their mouth open, it makes me angry and feel sick.

  • Slow drivers, I do tailgate. I also hate tailgaters, I will slow down wayyy under the speed limit since 10 over it wasn’t good enough for you! (Annnd I did nothing to help the “mass hole” driver view)

  • Being cold, I absolutely hate being cold and I hate the snow. Winter can suck it! 



    • I want to learn another language just to say I know one, I’m thinking German.
    • I love love love almost all things Southern and Country, especially the accents. I speak with one sometimes. (Ok people who know me IRL know this all too well.
    • I don’t like cats. I am allergic to them so that’s the reason I tell people, but I also just don’t like them (no offense!)
    • I truely believe I will live on an island in the USVI at some point in my life.


    • I love celebrity gossip
    • I should be working

    (No pics on my work computer)

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    @irishbride2be:  Oh Biggby!  How sweet πŸ™‚  I shared your disdain for Starbucks until I met my fiance in one when I was studying in NY – now I can’t hate them anymore hehe

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    @AnneTossy:  My body is similarly resistant to earrings – I’ve only tried twice, but the last time left a lump in my earlobe, so I won’t be trying again either.  Your wedding clips are gorgeous πŸ™‚

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    @AnneTossy: I haven’t actually seen that video yet! Sadly, I’m in WI, so a little ways from you!

    Ohhhhhh Carl. Hmmm I guess I shouldn’t say I’m hoping for Tony! I’m a Dale Jr. fan so I really have no dog in this fight! My brother said back in April that he predicted Carl to win though.


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    Hello, all! 

    My name is jo.lee, and I’ve been here probably over a year now. It’s the only forum I’m on, though I used to frequent a video game site when I was younger. 

    This is a typical photo of us (please note that no alcohol has been consumed. 



    • Being goofy with DH.
    • Reading on my Droid. 
    • Video games, specifically Fable and Resident Evil 
    • Writing about video games 
    • Dr. Pepper
    • Fiesta Ware dishes
    • Martha Stewart, even though I’m not crafty


    • Cleaning up dishes
    • First person shooters
    • Loud people 
    • People who think they’re always right. 

    Little Known Facts: 

    • I didn’t really consider that when you buy a console, you can have multiple games on it when I was little. I only owned Kirby and the Crystal Shards and Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64, and I had it for years.
    • I’ve never been beaten by another human being on Need for Speed. 
    • I suck at Gran Turismo because of the camera view. 
    • I sometimes tell DH I don’t know how to do something so he’ll do it for me. Ooops. 


    • I really wish I could be Martha Stewart. I even admire her for coming out of prison with a new fashion trend (crocheted capes, remember?) instead of with a new tattoo, lol. 
    • I think I’m hilarious.
    • There are far too many days when I just want to sit on the couch. 
    • DH and I frequently sit on the street and read antique books. (not really, it was just for our e-shoot :))



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    OHHH this looks fun!! I’ll play!!!!! And I second

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    @AnneTossy:.. Carrie Underwood’s legs are definitely on my like/want to be like list!!

    First.. my LIKE/LOVE is my Fiance…. he is the greatest!! He would kill me for putting his picture up because he doesn’t like pics of himself but he is too cute to resist! These are a few of our epics… can’t wait to get the rest of them in!





    –          LSU or Saints football

    –          Being out on the boat/ driving down some old back roads or exploring new places!

    –          Sweets… seriously, ALL of them!

    –          Puppies… who doesn’t?

    –          Random little things like make-up, cool looking notebooks, candles and jewelry

    –          Shooting guns with my Fiance, he doesn’t like to admit I am almost better than he is… we tear up the shooting range!

    –          Hanging out with my awesome sister who always makes me laugh



    –          Pimples!

    –          Traffic

    –          Mushrooms or sushi

    –          Gangsta rap music

    –          Thin fingernails or hangnails

    –          Going to Wal Mart

    –          Pumping gas

    –          People who don’t have any semblance of manners or say “bye” when you hang up the phone!




    –          I  was born cross eyed and have had 2 eye surgeries

    –          I have the ugliest feet in. the. world.

    –          I read Wikipedia articles on EVERYTHING… works better than Google

    –          My favorite food is Red Beans and Rice and either Red Velvet Cake or Key Lime Pie for dessert… I often times just eat dessert as a meal, so bad.. I know!

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    Hi I’m Cash000. That’s my 2 year old sons name, sans 000. My fiance picked it out, and we love it. And of course him too! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and gives me hope, strength and happiness every single day. I’m 23 years old, and will be married in about 2 weeks to my other half, who actually helped shape me grow into the woman I am today. I have only known him for 3 1/2 years, but I have really turned over a new leaf since meeting him, and I do give some credit to him. 

    We hail from Canada, where winters come early, and end a little late, but I would have it no other way. I am a proud Canadian, and even tear up during the national anthem in hockey games, etc. ha!


    • My son
    • Running
    • The Third or fourth treadmill fro the left at the gym (overhead fan)
    • Baking
    • Eating
    • Movies in bed
    • Christmas
    • The Keurig my fiances mom got him for his bday
    • Cuddling on my fiances chest
    • Laughing our butts off to ridiculous people and situations privately in our home. ( Usually people on tv)


    • When people make mountains out of molehills
    • Fake and phony people, especially when they are SO transparent
    • Mind games, usually they are pretty obvious
    • Tardiness
    • Metal music
    • Scraping snow and ice off my car in the winters
    • Men who stare like creeps

    Little known facts:

    1. I have no tattoos. I would like one but 1) I’m too cheap, 2) I don’t know what I want!
    2. I will do mini prayers throughout the day while driving, or running on the treadmill, if I see something terrible, or something comes to mind.
    3. I love my family more than anything else int his world.


    Growing up I never wanted to be married. I wanted to adopt a child, and be a single parent (wierd I know, a kids dream). Then I met my fiance, and after having our son, marriage is the right thing to do, and it just feels right.


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    @Cash000: I never wanted to get married either and adopting was one of my biggest plans too!

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    I’ve been around for awhile (a year next week…wow!) but I love stuff like this so I’m in πŸ™‚

    I’m currently working as an administrative assistant but I have a degree in public relations. Most people who know me would describe me as extremely girly, silly, outgoing and just a little odd.


    -Running! I run mostly 5ks and shorter races but I recently ran a half marathon and am planning another one for the beginning of December.
    -Trying out new recipes. I used to be the worst cook ever but since I moved in with DH I’ve grown to love cooking and I rarely repeat recipes. We’re always trying new things!
    -Singing along with the radio in the car. DH and I listen to music all the time and if asked we can usually identify the artist and name of almost any song.
    -My iphone. I didn’t have any desire to get one but then I worked at AT&T for about a year right after the iphones came out and they were so built up that I HAD to have one.
    -Any movie with either of my Ryans…Gosling or Reynolds.

    -Anything sparkly!
    -My nephews πŸ™‚


    -Truck drivers who feel like they have to pass other truck drivers and use the fast lane to do it.
    -Mushrooms. I just can’t handle the texture!
    -Beer and the smell of beer on someone’s breath. Did I mention my husband is a beer salesman? LOL
    -People who don’t have logical backup for their arguments.


    -I took piano lessons for 9 years and am certified to be a teacher.


    -I could live on McDonalds french fries and be happy. Gross, I know.
    -I cannot dance at all. I really stink at it. Even things like dancing games on the Wii make me look ridiculous. I have a lot of fun trying though πŸ˜‰
    -Sadly, I can be a bit of a sheep. This usually comes into play with trends that I hate at first (jeggings…) but end up feeling like I just neeeed them. See bullet point above regarding iphone πŸ™‚


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