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@MrsRuby:  Oooh, what bag of soup do you use?

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I’ll play! 

Many people call me Jude… one simple reason… “Hey Jude…” I’ve always been a huge Beatles fan. 

I’m 25 … Currently living in Orange County, CA but I’m origionally from Miami, FL. Fiance is from here and I followed him back home on a cross country road trip. 

I love it here … FL was very boring with Flat terrain, only regional diversity, & hot muggy climate.

I’m Cuban … I grew up in Miami… Cubans everywhere. Now… Living in OC… I’ve really started to miss being around other people like me. I miss good Cuban food, music, & speaking the language. Speaking to a Mexcian is never the same. 


  • The beach!
  • I love drinking soda, coffee, & boba.
  • I’ll always have room for dessert
  •  I love listening to music… anything other than rap & country.
  • I <3 our fur baby… his name is Mochi and he’s a Papillon.

  • I can very easily become a couch potato… I have a good 4 or more shows recording every night on the DVR. I love watching every one of them. We like TV so much that we sometimes go see it being recorded in person. 
  • I also love watching a bunch of asian TV dramas & anime.
  • I love traveling… I can’t wait till Fiance and I do more of it. 
  • I love cooking… I can’t wait till we have our own kitchen…
  • I find myself looking through old photos and smiling all of the time. 
  • I’m always up for a hike… as long as I have a friend to go with me.

  • Having Disneyland only 15 mins away from me.  


  • Eating veggies.
  • When people use internet slang in person. 
  • “Friends” who drop off the face of the planet… and only come back to you when they need something. 
  • Car accidents.
  • Hospitals.
  • Alcoholic beverages… they don’t really taste good to me.


  • I go through phases… I’ll be obsessed with something for a little while then I get sick of it very quickly. For example… Taco bell, & working out.
  • I have two tattoos – A butterfly and Kanji for the word love. 
  • I sleep very very deeply… I have slept through hurricanes & earthquakes and never woken up. 


  • I check weddingbee every single day. it’s become part of my daily routine.
  • I’m not married yet but sometimes I try my wedding band on just because.
  • @bakerella: I sometimes use scrabble helper when trying to come up with words for words with friends too. Only when i’m really frustrated! haha

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@KristenGotMarried: Your likes/dislikes list is exactly what I would have written. Plus, with the Family Guy avatar, you may just be the most awesome person on this site! 

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What an amazing thread!!!!  This is me, Miss Longcoat:

This is me and Fi, my metalhead:

This is our baby, Charlie, when he was just a puppy:

Likes: cooking, baking, reading, gardening, and hanging out with friends and family

Dislikes: Northern Virginia traffic, driving in DC, bad drivers, see a trend?

Little known facts about me: angel hair pasta gives me the heebie jeebies, I speak 5 languages, and I got accepted to medical school but decided not to go.  I now work in a medical school–go figure!

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Ok, im play, i might be a little boring though, oh well, listen anyways 🙂

Im 24, newly married!! live in CA but from MO


  • MY PUPPY the only baby we are having for a LONG LONG TIME! We like to make weird names for him (his name is Drake) but right now i call him “Drakey McQuakerson”
  • I love to watch TV and movies with my hubs, Anything that is funny!!
  • I love reading (harry potter, twilight series and ANY Nicholas Sparks books are my favorite, but recently started reading Ted Dekker and he is also AMAZING)
  • Love to bake but not the best at it
  • love to be oranized (i know i sound anal but that is who i am)
  • Love to organized other people things (again i know im a crazy one)
  • LOVE anything that makes my laugh
  • I crochet, but only know how to do one line LOL not all that detailed stuff yet…

bakerella  Love your dislikes, i can agree to all of them, EXPECIALLY when people walk slow and take up the whole sidewalk!! CANT STAND IT! other than that i dislike when people talk to me like i am a little kid and wont understand!! At work this happens all the time… IM 24, I WILL GET IT!!!! OH and i hate when some assumes i speak Spanish (maybe that is because of where we live but it sucks, NO i dont speak Spanish)

FYI: The smell of skunks doesn’t bother me all that much either… hmmm

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Hi gals


I’m MsFrancez, a 22 year old born and bred in the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico!. I’m a complete klutz, I break everything, especially if it has wires. Electrical stuff goes haywire around me and if stuff with batteries never work. I am also very absentminded so much so that during the wedding there will be a special part where my MOM passes done a box filled with my paperwork (passport, birth certificates, social security…. I have lots all these documents at least 5 – 6 times ea.) to my Fiance for safekeeping.

My Fi is my complete opposite in that sense; he is a Type A, overachieving, civil engineer who always has everything always organized to a T. We balance each other out perfectly, since he brings discipline and structure to my life, while I bring adventure and fun to his. We are both homebodies whose perfect idea of a Friday night is lying in bed watching a documentary on politics/history/religion/healthcare/behavior or whatever topic and spending until the wee hours of the morning discussing the social and political ramifications. That’s one of my favorite parts of our relationship, not only is he my best friend, a loving, caring and wonderful man, he is also the person with who I most enjoy having just having an intelligent conversation with.



  • Traveling
  • Eating
  • Eating ethnic food wherever I’m traveling (the weirder the better!)
  • Cooking Puertorrican food
  • Books
  • Studying (Weird right?)
  • Current Affairs
  • Public Speaking



  • Doing the dishes (If I cook, I don’t clean)
  • A sink full of dirty dishes
  • Liquor especially beer (I can’t stand the smell of it)
  • Drunk people
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Yelling
  • Flowers
  • The beach (Sand gets everywhere!)
  • Judgemental people


Little Known Facts

  • Everybody that meets me thinks I’m so friendly and nice but in reality I’m kind of antisocial and really bad at making friends.
  • I enjoy spending time by myself, going to the movies, to dinner or concerts.
  • I have this weird thing when random people to spill their lives story. Ex. While waiting in line at the bank this random women strikes up a conv. with me, I politely respond and then 10 min into the conversation she has told me all about her troubled son, her non-existing sex life and has offered to buy me lunch. Stuff like that happens ALL the TIME…..!
  • There is nothing I enjoy more that speaking in public…
  • I recently decided to forgo with my lifelong plans of getting my PhD , for a totally new career path.

Our favorite PR Vacation Spot .. the beuatiful Island of Vieques
At SAn Francisco 1 year ago
Our beloved baby a Shih tzu, Sushi, when she was a puppy!

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@jude7186: Yeah, I hate veggies too.  And I hate that I hate veggies because I’d like to be more healthy.  GO BEATLES! <3

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@Mrs.KMM: I love the fraternity confession. It totally cracked me up.

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@MrsLongcoatPeacoat: I’ve never seen you before. You’re so cute.

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Hey everyone!

I’m callirome, but Calli suits me just fine.

(In case anyone was wondering, this is me in my hair, makeup, and costume for Little Shop of Horrors)

I’m a twenty year old Panera worker trying to get back to school to be a paralegal. My SO would say I’m nerdy and apparently awesome, his words, lol. I’m really am a very nerdy person and loyal to a fault. I just got involved with a new Weddingbee trend called the Lonely Girls Club (I see you up there

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@MissPumpkinPie:) I also have four adorable fur babies, one doggy and three kitties.


-Singing (especially along with Glee!)
-Road trips with my SO
-Apples to Apples

-People who are rude
-People who think age has something to do with maturity
-Being told what to do!

Little Known Facts:
-I’m a tattoo addict! I have three and many, many more in the works (one coming up very soon)-I can’t whistle well
-I want to learn to play guitar
-I also want to learn to swing dance!

I’m not even engaged but more than 50% of my wedding is planned.

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I just don’t imagine that soup being very homemade like. How can people not tell the difference between fresh cooked chicken and veggies, to non perishable stuff?

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I’ve tried posting to this thread a couple of times, but WB was acting up.


Let’s see. I’m 26, will be 27 in January. My Fiance is 30, and his birthday is also in January. We got engaged early in the morning of New Years! I’m a graduate student in biology, and a bit of a nerd. 


Favorite food: Ice cream 

Favorite music: Classic rock. I am more familiar with the past than I am with my own generation’s music.

Favorite TV show: The Big Bang Theory (recent convert)

I also like reading (eclectic tastes) and exercising. 



Waiting (I’m impatient)

Text speech (c u l8er) – drives me up the wall.


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Love this thread!

I’m Ms. Martian, 27 (almost 28, how did that happen???) and Mr. Martian is the goofiest 30 year old I know. My screenname is a take on Mauritian, which is his background. We’re planning our wedding for September 2012 and hoping it all works out like we want it to! 

We met through a work friend of mine and I honestly can’t even say that I remember what life was like without him. We make an awesome team. 

This is us on the first night that we met. That is his creeper face which he makes all the time and goes “Hey baby!!” apparently I’m supposed to think that’s attractive! LOL (He’s joking btw, in case that reads wrong)

This is us minutes before he proposed: 

My birthday a few years ago, my feet hurt and Fiance was amazing and let me piggyback to the car!


– Baking and Cooking: I spent the summer after graduating from university unemployed and ended up cooking every day for everyone. I made all sorts of delicious food and totally fell in love with cooking. I also bake quite a bit but not as much now, my butt doesn’t need the calories!

– Photography : I used to spend a lot more time taking photos but I just haven’t made the effort in the last year. 

– Video games/arcade games : I spend a ridiculous amount of time playing silly games online or on my Nintendo DS. 

– Make-up : I have way too much of it and spend way too much money on it. 

– Wine, cheese and chocolate are probably my favourite edible items in the world. I lived in Switzerland for a year and I would move back tomorrow if I had the opportunity just for the cheese. The stinkier the better. 

– Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) : I have a bit of an obession with him and the character. 


– Peppers YUCK!!!

– Haters, negative people, closemindedness : All 3 just make me want to rebel and do whatever that person/group hates even more. I’ve worked really, really hard to be a happy and positive person after some rough times in my life so I keep that junk out of my life as much as I can. 

Little known facts: 

– I grew up in Bosnia and left due to the war when I was 10 years old. I only speak Serbo-Croatian with my family, no English (it’s odd!).

– No one really believes me that English is not my first language even when I tell them this. 

– I have always felt really left out when people start reminiscing about things that happen when we were kids. Well.. I didn’t really grow up here and even when I was living here I just didn’t clue into what was going on around me haha!


– I am awful at keeping our place tidy and it drives me nuts! One of these days I will get into a habit of putting my clothes away at night. 

– I am super, super, super accident prone. I have fallen off my bike several times. I walk into walls, doors, corners (ouch!!) and anything else that is immobile. There is even evidence of my clumsiness from my first birthday, I banged my forehead into the corner of a table! 

One more goofy one to end it, we were pretending to be presents (??? I don’t really get it myself). I think it started with me saying I was a present because of the bow on my headband. 

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@irishbride2be: Your dress is soooo pretty. It looks like just what I am looking for. May I ask what designer/style it is? I have just gotten into the dress phase of wedding planning and have no clue what I’m doing! Finally going to look next weekend. Yay!

Anyways…..on with the question:

I’m 32 and work in accounting, which I absolutely hate. I love the people I work with, and my company is great….but I really would like a more creative job. I’d loooooove to get into event planning, either for weddings/parties or working for a non-profit to help plan fund-raising events.


*Photography. I dabble in it. I was taking quite a few pics for friends up until this year when life got crazy. I’m pretty much obsessed with pictures.

*HGTV/DIY tv: Our TV is pretty much always on one of these channels, even if we’re not really watching, it’s like background music. We bought a house almost a year ago and I’m so proud of how we’ve transformed it, all by ourselves.

* Being frugal. I go to Hobby Lobby almost every single day on my way home from work with my 40% off coupon to buy my wedding stuff one item at a time. I’m literally foaming at the mouth at the Michaels/Jo-Ann fabric Black Friday sneak peak ads I’ve seen online!!

*Tall boots and skinny jeans. Never thought I could pull this look off, but I realized I can and now I’m obsessed with tall boots. Just bought a pair of grey ones that I’m in love with.

* Reality TV: Fiance hates it, but it is my guilty pleasure.

*Cheese. haha…I am a cheese freak, seriously I could eat it every meal.

*Traveling. Love it. Fiance and I have already planned out our retirement years and all the traveling we plan to do. Hence, why I am so frugal. I am determined I will retire early and actually enjoy life.



* Bad grammar! Yes I will judge you if you use the wrong form of a word. You learn that in 2nd grade people!

*Slow walkers. The elderly and those with children are excused. Everyone else, get outta my way!

*Being rude just because you’re mad at the world. I worked in customer service for years. So over people taking out their misery on me.

*People who wait in a line 20 deep at the drive thru. Really? You can’t walk those 5 steps inside to save yourself a half hour of your life? Again, the elderly and those with kids in the car are excused.

*People who don’t take care of/don’t pay attention to their pets. I cannot watch Animal Cops, I sob.

Random facts: I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, I can recite word for word the McDonalds Menu song from a commercial that came out when I was in 4th grade, I got proposed to on the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset (awesome!), I’m obsessed with the Colts (let’s not talk about this season), and 2011 has been the hardest, worst year of my life but it has taught me a lot. That being said, I’m so ready for 2012 for a fresh start and to get married!!!

Oh, and here’s me: (me and my daddy who passed away last week <3)

Here’s me and Fiance:

And the other love of my life:



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