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So fun!!!


Hello! I am Tessemasgirl:) I am 23 years old. I have been on the Bee for a year and a half. I was born and raised in Cali. I work full time as a pediatric nurse. I also own two businesses, one knitting newborn photography props and another making dog collars. treats, and toys. I am currently in the process of a career change and going to school to become a Licensed Social Worker.


DH was born in Ethiopia. He is getting his business degree and plans to open a cupcake shop:)

My husband and I met in highschool. I was a freshmen and he was a senior. We liked eachother but his best friend liked me and told him we were dating when we weren’t. All of a sudden he stopped talking to me and I never knew why. Three years later when I was a senior, He decided to look through his old high school yearbook. He came across a note from me and decided to look up my name on Myspace. I am so thankful he did! We have been together almost 6 years and got married May 28th 2011.



We have a dog named Marley who is my absolute everything! We rescued him from the shelter the day before they were going to put him down. He was 3 months old. He is half chihuahua half….Jack Russel? Rat Terrier? Who knows!


  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Knitting
  • Watching movies
  • Rocky Road Icecream




  • Peppers
  • Salsa
  • Ketchup
  • Stuck up people
  • People who pick on others
  • Liars
  • Onions
  • People who crack their knuckles
  • People who crunch food with their mouths open (ie: chips), I hate crunching! LOL
  • Bad grammar!



  • I am super OCD about my food. I inspect every piece of food I eat, and oftentimes I find fuzz or a hair. πŸ™
  • Between work, school, and my two businesses, I do not sleep. I get about 4 hours a sleep a night. My doctor told me I better knock it off or I will die form exhaustion :/
  • I am completely and utterfly obsessed with Ariel from the Little Mermaid as well as anything with hearts
  • DH and I order a pizza every week, we really should stop. lol
  • I just recently did a post wedding shop and cut off 13.5 “. Even now, I am still thinking of cutting off more!

  • I have been a cheerleader since I was 4 years old and have always been known as “the nice one”



 I check wedding bee about 100 times a day via the work computer and my phone. I even got a warning at work for internet usage but I just can’t help it!

DH and I paid for our entire wedding ourselves so we were unable to take a real honeymoon. When we get our tax returns, we are planning our real one <3

I am VERY hard and critical on myself.

I secretly fear that when DH and I have children, they will look nothing like me. LOL





This past Halloween at work πŸ™‚


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I have loved reading this thread everyone!

@kmsw- I’m SO jealous you are a cellist! I took cello lessons for many years and stopped, and it is one of my biggest regrets. I dream of starting lessons again.

@irishbride2be – may I have your sugar cookie recipe? pretty please? πŸ™‚

@mwitter80 – omg, love that facemask pic…priceless!

@couawilou- that is such an amazing cake! i love salsa dancing, so sexy.

@mrs estep – your animals are sooooo cute. i love the red sweater on your kitty. im surprised you’re shy in real life you seem outgoing. πŸ™‚

@mrs jazz- i love jazz too! your wedding pic is gorgeous and congrats on the baby!

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I’m MrsCheetos πŸ™‚ I’m a 21 year old student stuck in educational limbo while waiting to enter a master’s program, and working as a subsitute teacher. My Fiance is 25 and plans to get a degree in nursing. Here we are:




I’m a pretty normal person, with just a bit more sarcasm and eye-rolling sprinkled on top. I’m Muslim, and wear the Islamic head covering called “hijab”. It tends to raise a lot of interesting questions.



Likes: Reading, my Fiance, fashion, and CHEESE, holy God I love cheese so freaking much. My favorite is creamy havarati <3 Cheese. All day, every day.

Dislikes: I actually dislike a lot of things. But really and truly, there’s nothing more I dislike than an empty toliet paper roll. 

Little known facts: 

-I graduated with my BS in Psychology when I was 19. I had been taking college classes since I was 15, and took so many classes that it gave me little social time. Thereby, making me extremely antisocial.

-I tend to label my style as “granny chic”. I can’t help it. I just love granny type clothing. Exhibit A:

-I have a cute ass cat named Max. But he’s actually kind of mean. Wah. πŸ™


-I’m going to be an Aunt to a baby girl soon! yayy

-I am Lebanese, and obsessed with going to Lebanon. Here’s a picture of me at our house there, where I spent 4 months last Spring/Summer:


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@hopefloats: That last picture is stunning! My first kitty was also named Max. πŸ™‚

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@Evie19: Thanks! My brother named him πŸ™‚ 

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@Cash000: I add fresh vegtables, extra noodles and cut up huge chicken breast pieces when I make the bagged kind πŸ˜‰ I can make the same thing from scratch, it just takes forever its mainly the broth and consistancy of it  ,spices  are the same, therefore people cant tell the difference.

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@MrsMcGyro: Your dog looks SO much like mine! What is he? Mine is a Bichon mix. I loved your description – spoiled and rude! So is mine, and I”m proud of it!! I tell people when we walk and he barks at them: Ignore him, he’s just rude and has no manners.

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@hopefloats: hahaha please add me to the list for the empty toilet paper roll… that happened to me this morning… not happy about it!

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Yay Bakerella!  I was just in line at Target and the woman behind me was purchasing your book – Cakepops!  πŸ™‚  It made me smile.

I’m MKendrick.  Old fart here!  DH and I were married in August 2009.  Can’t seem to break away from this place.  Been around here since 2008.

Likes:  doing crossword puzzles in ink, home improvement/design shows/blogs, shopping, running (until recently – I’ve lost my passion πŸ™ ), my doggie Harper, the smell of fresh cut grass, coconut and chocolate, traveling, good wine, spending time with my daughter, the ocean

Dislikes: BAD DRIVERS, BAD GRAMMAR/SPELLING, tomatoes, the smell of newly paved roads (tar), beer, seasonal allergies (never had them until I moved to LV), seafood, crabby people, emergency rooms, romantic comedies or books

Little known facts: 

  • I was a flight attendant for 10 years before I went back to law school
  • I was a dance/theater major in college and spent my childhood doing musical theater 
  • Baking terrifies me 
  • I was a Jr. lifeguard on the beach 
  • I own golf shoes, a set of clubs and 3 outfits but have never played (my DH plays at least 2x/week and we belong to a golf club – yeah, I know!)

Confessions:  I am a horrible perfectionist, type A personality.  Drive myself crazy at times.

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