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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

– How did you pick a theme? I love all things classic and simple that have been “upgraded.” And that really influenced my direction and theme of classic, garden themed wedding with modern touches.

– How did you pick your colors? I love yellow, grey and gold. Saw a lot of inspirational pics and decided it could work with garden vibes, so I decided to stick to them!

– Is there significance behind your wedding date? Not at all. Wanted double digits and couldnt have my fall wedding…so we went with the first available date

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? No, I mean a lot of things changed…but I pretty much stuck with the colour scheme and vibe of the wedding. Sometimes I wanted to change, but always came back.

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? He hears about everything and makes small detail changes. Not extremely hands on, but he definitely helps out as much as he can/wants to

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2012


– How did you pick a theme? We both LOVE antiques and old time traditions and every clothing item, accessory, jewelry, or hobby we are attracted to has somehow always gone back to the Victorian era.  So, it makes perfect sense for our theme to be “Victorian.”

– How did you pick your colors?  The colors are actually my favorite colors and happen to be a hallmark of the Victorians…again, just happened to be that what I loved fit that theme!

– Is there significance behind your wedding date? Not really.  May 26 was just a date when I am on vacation from work for 2 months so we could go on our honeymoon and I could enjoy my wedding without having to go back to work immediately after.  However, my parents’ anniversary is May 28 and they’ve been happily married for 28 years, so I’m hoping going a few days before will be great luck for us, too!

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? We knew it would be victorian from day 1 and everything has seemed to fall into place.  No changed minds on anything!

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? VERY!  He’s helped me pick all types of things (music, linens, unity candles, etc.) and is doing all of the calligraphy for our invitations and RSVP cards by himself.  He’s a wonderful help in all of this and it makes me happy that he is this involved.


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

For colors, I initially toyed around with a green/blue palette or the increasingly popular yellow/gray, until finally it hit me one day and I settled on navy blue and yellow.  This was inspired by our college colors, since we met at college (the colors are actually “blue and gold” but in terms of school colors “gold” is yellow).  Plus those colors are fun and classy.

So I guess I’d say that meeting at college was my inspiration for our wedding.  I had selected an historical library as our venue because it was beautiful and right by the beach.  I hadn’t been sure about going all out with the library/book theme initially because 1) I didn’t really want to do an actual theme because I think “having a theme” has become way overblown, and 2) Fiance isn’t really a bookworm like I am, so that theme would not necessarily reflect him as much as it reflects me.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I liked the book “theme” idea, because it’s still pretty unique (to those not obsessively following wedding blogs), and because if we met at school, having a library/book-themed (or -influenced) wedding sort of does fit.  So I’ve started buying old books to incorporate into our decor, and I’m using library book cards as escort cards.  A coffee table book about our school will probably serve as our guestbook.

No significance behind our wedding date – it just happened to be the date that worked best.  πŸ™‚

Fiance really doesn’t want anything to do with the planning process.  I try not to bug him with questions, though sometimes I do want his opinion on something like food or music or registering – stuff that is at least marginally relevant to him.  I’m not that bride who asks his opinion on decor or linens or things like that.  Once in awhile I’ll come home with some new decor or craft stuff I’ve bought and I’ll say, “Look what I got for the wedding!”  He usually says “Fantastic” without taking his eyes off the football game, and that’s that.  πŸ˜›

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  • Wedding: September 2016 - tbd

Theme: We don’t really have a theme..

Colors: We decided on red/silver after the UNM Lobos. Fiance went there.

Date: Fiance is part Jewish, so we had to work around holidays…we decided on Sept 28th which is actually my late grandfather’s bday. He was a big influence in my life. We are getting married in Durango CO and usually the weather is still nice that time of year.

FI- So far we have picked everything together..since it’s so far out, we haven’t made deposits yet to finalize but we do have ideas. I hope he helps with everything. He seems excited.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2013

Theme: We are doing wintery/snowflake theme


Colors: Light blue, a little dark blue, and silver

Date: I am a teacher and wanted a date that would be close to winter break so that I could have time off without taking days..We chose black friday because my mom died three days after christmas, and didn’t want it too close to that

We were originally doing a summer wedding, but both really looove the CO winters, so changed it pretty quickly (before even engaged)

Fiance is VERY hands on! He i a graphic designer and is creating everything we need, and is really in to making sure everything is exactly how I want it. He loves all the little details, and really making sure that I am going to have “my day” (*swoon, love the man!)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

Ours is a carnival theme, which we both agreed on almost immediately when we started planning. No real reason other than we both love carnivals and circuses.

Colors are cobalt blue, aqua, yellow, and red.

Our date isn’t anything significant, we just wanted it to be in the spring before it gets to be too hot. I picked June 2nd because I’m a weirdo and I prefer even numbers. We’re moving it to 2013 though, so we’re changing the date to maybe the 8th.

We’ve never strayed from the carnival/circus theme. Although on our trip to Maine, he thought a nautical carnival would have been something unique and different. I told him no.

He’s super involved and full of ideas. Every time I come up with something I want to do, it seems like he’s got new ideas too. He’s going to make us a few props and things for the photo booth and even picked out our venue.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

Hi, all!

1) A theme, you say?  We don’t really have one.  When I think of words we’d like to describe our wedding, I think “whimsical,” “intimate,” and “authentic.”

2) I wear black daily, so I knew early on that it would be one of the main colors.  Ultimately, I took my color inspiration directly from a photo of some gorgeous fondant cupcakes (see my color board below!).  Our color scheme consists of black, charcoal, dark rose, blush, and ivory.  I love elegant gothic and vintage aesthetics, and these colors serve quite nicely to combine them.

3) We’re planning for October 13, 2012.  The date itself isn’t significant, but the month is: we love Halloween, we will have been friends for ten years this October, and I will be a third-generation October bride.  

4) Our original plan was to go to the courthouse, but we’ve chosen instead to share the day with our nearest and dearest.  We had to switch venues, as well, but that’s another topic for another day.

5) He has been wonderful!  Being a programmer/general computer genius, he has created budget spreadsheets for us in InfoPath, as well as teaching me to use vectors for our stationery and signage.  Most of all, he’s excellent moral support.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

– How did you pick a theme?  FH and I got engaged back in August (on my birthday), but we knew we wanted to get married during the holiday season.  As I started to look for Christmas wedding ideas, I kept finding myself drawn to the black, white, gold, & silvers of New Year’s Eve.  Plus, my grandparents on my mom’s side were married on New Year’s Eve in 1947 when they were both working for the US (her feds, him Army) in Berlin.  Their wedding was teeny and sweet and I’d like to replicate just a bit of it, though getting married at the amazingly gorgeous church in Austria (if you’ve ever watched The Sound of Music you’ve seen it at the very beginning of the movie), in the snow, is not an option.  We live in a folk Victorian-style cottage built in 1920, but most of our decor is Pottery Barn-ish, so we decided to incorporate vintage 1940’s-ish details into the traditional New Year’s Eve party decorations.  I’m collecting both vintage and new clocks and mercury glass to ramp up the decor.  Oh!  Just to clarify, our wedding is intimate (20 or so adult guests), the ceremony will be at our church’s smaller chapel, and the reception will be at our (tiny) house less than two blocks away.  We are probably going to use our front room as a lounge/cocktails area since the piano is there (22×17), the formal dinning room area as a dance area (about 8×10), and the (much bigger) breakfast/keeping room as the dining area (18×17).  We have two full baths on the main floor and one on the upper floor.  We do have a backyard, but probably won’t use it.

– How did you pick your colors?  I’m still debating between white and ivory, but I am definately using black, gold, and silver.  Pretty much standard New Year’s Eve.  I asked my one attendant to pick any cocktail or tea-length dress in gold that made her feel pretty and FH and his attendant are thinking about black suits with gold ties or something similar.

– Is there significance behind your wedding date? My grandparents were married on New Year’s Eve after the war.  I think it would be great to incorporate a little bit of that into my wedding.

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process?   Well, originally we were thinking Christmas-y at the local botanical gardens since they have a Christmas lights display.  But, we trashed that idea pretty quickly once we started looking for inspiration.

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process?  My FH is a really talented set designer (not his line of work, though) so he has some really cool ideas.  Otherwise, he’s just happy I’m not asking him to wear a tux or to learn how to tango.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2012


INSPIRATION: We decided to go to Maui because we both love Hawaii and we just wanted to have a small, intimate wedding that was less money and less stress.

THEME: Vintage Hawaii – picked for obvious reasons πŸ™‚  I also really like the old Hawaiian postcards and stuff.  Super cute.

COLOURS: Coral and lime.  They’re tropical, and the bm dresses are coral which I think will go good with the linen pants and white shirts the men are wearing.  Lime is just a nice contrasting colour with coral.

WEDDING DATE: No significance!  I’m a teacher so I wanted it to be the summer.  I’m doing my masters degree which takes up July.  The end of August becomes the low season in Hawaii, so it made it a bit cheaper for guests travelling.

PLANNING PROCESS: I’ve always had the same idea although it took me awhile to find what I wanted.  I’m glad I have had a while to plan (been engaged since May).

FIANCE: Not hands on lol.  I show him some pictures and ask him if he likes it, he usually says “whatever you want”.  My planning partner is mostly my mom!


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

INSPIRATION: Me! I collect vintage owls and old records, my Fiance just wanted me to pick something that made me smile!

THEME: Sort of a “birds of a feather” vintage theme

COLOURS: a dusty seafoam, grey, raspberry with some teal and blush accents

WEDDING DATE: No significance really, we live in Texas so it stays warm for a majority of the year. We HATE being hot but couldn’t have the wedding in November or December for a variety of reasons so we went with the end of October.

PLANNING PROCESS: We’re having a longer engagement (22 months) so I’ve been slowly collecting things and doing projects slowly. I don’t like to rush and we are both giant procrastinators so it just made sense for us to take our time and not stress about everything

FIANCE: ehhhhh, he looks at everything I ask him tom but its really into what Ive been creating lately. Its too early to do the things he’s more interested in (guys attire, food ect) but he gets really excited about things when I’m excited about them lol – he’s amazing πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: September 2012

theme:We dont really have a theme we just no what we like

colors: i dont no how it started but as we were dating we would go shopping and we both loved this royal color purple, so naturally that became one on our colors and a blue just cus we liked how they look together

date: YES! this is probably the only thing that has reason lol its the exact date we met 9/23 even tho we didnt exchange numbers and thought wed probably never see eachother again that is the first day we met.

planning: yes lol im a very indecisive person, it started as a beach wedding in the summer then to a vinyard wedding in the fall then to a garden wedding in spring! now its a september wedding indoors!! inside an old church that is now used as a hall/ceremony location! talk about a turn around.

Fiance: my fiance is pretty hands on; nothing is desided on without the other. Fiance has been extremely calm with all my crazy ideas in changes.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

Our wedding location / wedding plans in general began with the idea of us having our wedding halfway between Canada (where I’m from) and Australia (where my fiance is from / where we live)!

– How did you pick a theme?  I just browsed the knot and pinterest, then cut & paste pictures of things I loved… then I looked for similarities and came to the conclusion that I like rustic, romantic style weddings with a splash of colour!

– How did you pick your colors?  Our colours are purple & orange… Purple has always been a “colour” in my important life events – i.e. my prom dress was purple, graduation dress was purple, etc. plus there were lots of purple flowers I loved!  Then I needed an accent colour and orange just seemed like something fun/different! 

– Is there significance behind your wedding date?  Our wedding date was totally decided by our honeymoon!  I knew we wanted to go on the Carnival Spirit repositioning cruise (from Hawaii to Sydney, Australia stopping in Fiji & Tahiti)… so we booked our wedding for 2 days before…we knew we’d be too hungover for a ship the next day (a Friday)!!

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process?  I am 4 months into 10 months of planning and I always have quick thoughts of changing everything but I instantly remind myself that planning a destination wedding is complicated enough and I just need to learn to love my choices πŸ˜‰

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process?  NOT!  But I like it that way… I get to make all the decisions but if there’s anything manual labour, then he’s my man!  He assembled all our save the dates but he would NEVER want to sit down and talk about flowers… I know he’ll be a huge help with running around & finalizing deets when we’re in Aus… for now I am enjoying FREE reign in all things wedding related πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2012

– No Theme

– Blue, Yellow, Orange. As in those colors are present in the flowers and the girls are wearing blue, but it wasn’t a big deal to me to incorporate that in everything.

– Date was just picked out of nowhere. We had been engaged two years and then we picked the date only 6 months ago.

– Didn’t put much thought into it when we first started, kinda waited last minute to come up with the details.

– My Fiance is involved somewhat. But there wasn’t much to plan anyway. It’s not really that kind of wedding…

Wow, after writing all of that. I realize my friends and family probably don’t know what I will do next….kinda just do what I feel like, when I feel like….they must hate me haha! Oooh weelll….

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