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Blushing bee

Our theme is peacock. Our ceremony is  in a Japanese garden that has peacocks running around, so I thought it tied everything together nicely. The garden is one of our favorite places. Our reception will be a picnic at sunset right outsitheir our favorite picnic area. So is kind of a elegant picnic.


Colors are champange and purple with some peacock feathers here and there.


Fiance let’s me have full reign, but is adamant about his tux be a complete suprise, just like my dress. I think it’s cute! His mom says he’s picked a bow tie πŸ™‚

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: November 2015

– How did you pick a theme?

We are going to go with a western/country/horse theme, because we were both raised on farms, work with animals (horses and cattle), and we both live in our cowboy boots. =) I would absolutely LOVE to have both my horses at my wedding, but it’s just not going to work out (having 1,000+ lb animals in strange/crazy environments isn’t exactly the greatest or safest idea- and one of my girls is really young and her reactions to things can be rather unpredictable). We are planning on still incorporating them into the wedding though, either on the table number signs/guest seating cards, centerpieces, or something. I am going to be having hair from both their tails braided around the stems of my bouquet, so both Clover and Flicker are going to be “with me” on my big day. =)


– How did you pick your colors?

My Matron of Honor actually came up with the idea of using peacock feathers, because the colors I had originally wanted to go with were turquoise, purple, and pink. So, we’re going to be modifying things just a bit to include the pink, but I think the peacock colors are going to work out perfectly for us! =)


– Is there significance behind your wedding date?

Not really. The original date we wanted (May 11, 2013) happened to be not even a week after finals, which would DEFINITELY not leave us with enough time to travel back to Minnesota from Kentucky and try to get everything in order in time for the wedding. And, I don’t think I could handle the stress of studying for finals at college AND the last month of wedding planning at the same time. =} So, the new date we have decided upon is July 13, 2013. It is also my favorite kitty in the world’s 10th birthday. πŸ˜‰


– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process?

He really isn’t all that involved… I try showing him ideas I have and pictures, etc that I find, and he’s just like “okay.” It can get frustrating when he doesn’t really care or have an opinion about ANYTHING. It’s cool that I basically have free reign to do whatever I want, but I really would like to have SOME input from time to time. He has liked playing with the scanner when we’ve gone to set up our wedding registry, though. =p

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

OK I’m a bit late but here goes

How did you pick a theme – My theme was our colour scheme really but kept it all quite simple and traditional

How did you pick your colors? – Looking for pictures of aqua kitchens online aqua and red wedding invites came up in the results and that was it I was sold as I knew I wanted red as one of the colours

Is there significance behind your wedding date? – June was a sad month for my mum’s side of the family due to deaths I wanted to make it a happy month and I wanted the wedding to be near the longest day

For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? – I toyed with a few ideas but went back to my original idea

How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? Reasonably well – more so with the DIY stuff he made our table numbers – which I fell in love with when I saw them in the craft store

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

How did you pick a theme? There is no real theme. We started out with a Beauty and the Beast theme, but we had a hard time excluding things we liked that didn’t fit the theme… so we threw out the theme and it’s just a mish mash.

– How did you pick your colors? Again, we started out with blue and gold as our colors (to fit the theme)… but we just really like other colors. So we threw that out and it’s a rainbow of awesome.

– Is there significance behind your wedding date?  Nope. We wanted it in Disney World during the Food and Wine Festival… and we wanted it during the week to keep it more affordable. 

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process?  As you could see from my previous answers… yep.

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? His role is to get wide-eyed with sticker shock everytime I mention paying for stuff.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: November 2012

HI Mrs Cameo!

Im not much of a “theme” person but my Mum insisted on some colour coordination so i went with a jewel toned theme (is that a theme?) just because i like those colours and my fiance doesnt mind what colours i chose. Theres not sifnificance to the date (Dec 1st 2012) we just thought it sounded nice and was easy to remember, its a saturday and its in spring (technically summer but seasons have been shifting as of late!) I have changed my my mind many times but when i do find something i like i try not to look at other options just to stop the temptation of changing my mind! My fiance is pretty good at helping with the wedding…i feel like we havent really done much though…we must be doing something wrong… haha

this is the kind of colour scheme. Infact i would say everything else will be ivory and black except for the flowers…and my shoes. 


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

– How did you pick a theme? I dont really have a theme just a feel I want for the wedding Bright colorful, Summery, Fun is my “Theme”

– How did you pick your colors? I kinda just went crazy and picked most of the rainbow lol… We are having Red, Yellow, Oragne, and Hot Pink, with hints of green and turqoise. Here is my Inspiration board!

– Is there significance behind your wedding date? No I wanted a August wedding and August 17th was far enough away from my birthday (August 2nd) and it isnt my dad’s birthday weekend lol

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process?  Yes I started out with a VERY traditional wedding before realizing that wasnt for me and Fi and planning the kind of wedding we really want!

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? If I said yes I would be a big fat liar lol… He likes telling me NO but wont help me figure out what the YES is lol

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

We don’t really have a “theme” yet althougto incorporates incorporate books into my centerpiece.  It is also going tone kind of DIY/crafty with felt flowers instead of real.


As for colors we are doing turquoise, coral and yellow with gray.  I have a wedding inspiration blog where I create color palettes which Istarted when my sister got married.  I just fell in love with the palette athanking fully my love likes it too!


We want May 17th because it is my bday (5) and his (17).

Just started planning so haven’t changed my mind on things yet!

After showing my fiancé my first budget my fiancé has been very hands on because he wants tolowers our budget Lol.  He is very into it now though which I think is awesome!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

How did you pick a theme?  our Theme just kinda evolved

How did you pick your colors?  Firstly, we picked our colours based on our venue (the beaches of mexico). I wanted something bright and fun so i selected purple, green, and orange. only problem was that i wasnt able to visualize anything and from there, planning was at a stand still… this is when i decided to go dress shopping and thats where it all started… i found a sash that i loved in dusty rose… NOT my colours… so i went and bought a solid black one, got home and immediatly started to hate my decision. I was quick on the draw, called the dress shop and lucked out because it wasnt too late. they had allowed me to switch my sash to the one i adored. After that, i felt my colours had to change so i went with neutrals with soft pinks (and ironaclly enough, i am NOT a pink girl)… everything just started to fall together and the ideas were coming to me faster than i could even think them, lol

Is there significance behind your wedding date? no significance, but the reason we picked it was because it would be held in mexico we didnt want it to be too hot that our elderly guests would want to come because of the heat… we originaly wanted August 19 (our original anniversary date) but opted for the begining of january instead.

For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? Yes, very much so, EVERYTHING changed… i thought i wanted one thing for my dress and went out looking for that and ended up falling inlove with the complete opposite, and my colours… well, see the colours question… and our theme, we originally wanted it to be bright, fun and tropical but went with a soft, romatic, pretty in pink feel

How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? Not very hands on at all… however he sees my frusteration and says he will step up! YAY!


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

– How did you pick a theme? I guess there isn’t a theme, and if there were, it would be “Us”…or like, pop culture we dig, specifically books and movies. There are all kinds of nods to our geekery (my dress, first dance song, etc) but nothing is obvious. You have to look for it.

– How did you pick your colors? The sky, but tweaked. i LOVE how the sky looks just aftr the sun has set, but it isn’t quite dark, yet. The sun is still peeking and there are purples, blues, pinks and peaches. We settled on navy (and midnight blue), lavander and peach with hints of grey, to make it more subdued and calm. 

– Is there significance behind your wedding date? Nope. We have been together 5 years, and didnt want a full year engagement, but still needed time to plan. We took into consideration holidays and important dates, as well as the weather. September 8 is what we came up with. I think my colors work well for that time of year.

– For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? Yes and no. It’s always “How can I include this new idea with what I already have going?” I haven’t scrapped one idea for another, but I find aI am always adding.

– How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? He would prefer I do all the legwork, but I always run ideas by him and ask for his input. We have a system worked out πŸ˜‰

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

I hope you’re enjoying the boards! I’ve found this to be the nicest place on the ‘net to chat weddings. πŸ™‚

INSPIRATION: We went to New York last December, and LOVED it, we go to the theatre whenever we can, and so those things were sort of our inspiration. The elegance of the movie “Sabrina,” that Larrabee party. πŸ™‚

THEME: we’re getting married outside and wanted sort of Central Park, elegant garden soiree rather than rustic/vintage. 

COLOURS: Red, and shades of it from coral to light pinky peach, and darker to plum purple, plus black & white.

WEDDING DATE: The date itself isn’t very significant to our relationship. It’s the 6th, which is my favorite number. It’s roughly between our birthdays, it’s during the summer… those were really the main requirements. I like that it’s a holiday weekend, and always will be. πŸ™‚

PLANNING PROCESS: I’ve been mentally planning my wedding for something like 10 years. It was really hard initially to narrow down all those brainstorms into one choice. If we could have afforded it we would have done Beauty & the Beast at Disneyland (our first vacation together.) But I’m happy with what we’re doing, and I’ll like it forever.

FIANCE: Not really hands on, he’s sort of a “whatever you want dear,” person… Which is kind of good actually. His contributions so far have been that he doesn’t want spiders or grapefruit, and that he thinks it would be cool if we had a puppy stampede, monkey butlers, and a band that raised from the ground… I think he’s also mentioned a laser show. Oh and he would like an Aston Martin for our getaway car… 



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Worker bee

 How did you pick a theme?  we don’t really have a theme, but the “keep calm and marry on” sign keeps popping up around our wedding. my co-workers gave it to me as a gift and we started using it on our things.

How did you pick your colors?  Our colors are shades of pastels. We wanted something summer-y but simple.

Is there significance behind your wedding date? no significance

For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? Yes we’ve had tons of ideas.  It started out with a vintage-nautical theme, then we dropped the nautical bit for the most part (except I am giving my girls necklaces with anchors on them).  We just sort of go with what we love.

How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? Very hands on. We talk about everything to do with the wedding. I think in the end he defers to me though :).

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

 How did you pick a theme?
No real theme we just pick and choose what we like/want. We just want our wedding to be fun, relaxed, sweet, and joyfully. We’re a laidback couple. We’re just planning ways to really get people laughing, dancing, and having fun. Lots of food, drinks, music, games, etc. Our wedding will be a little more modern with a classic, preppy flair to it since it’s at a country club.

 How did you pick your colors?
I’m pretty sure we’ve been through every color in existance. My Fiance needs to just see swatches of colors because pictures(like the one below) make it hard for him to visualize what he wants instead of seeing all the ugly things he doesn’t like. I on the other hand need colorful pictures and inspiration palettes to really get me thinking. We actually just decided on our colors last night.
Our colors now are navy and coral with touches of light green and peach/tanerine.

Is there significance behind your wedding date?
No real significance. We just wanted to have our outdoor wedding in September because it’s a beautiful time of the year were we live. We wanted early September so we could still experience those warm summer nights but we didn’t want it too early.

For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process?

We started off super formal and traditional because that what was kind of expected and we had planned on a different venue. But honestly it just wasn’t us. We’re a classic but casual couple. Swanky venues, cocktail hours, and hors d’oeuvres

How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process?
He’s not as “in to” planning as I am but he’s very hands on and more the willing to discuss ideas. He wants to be a part of all the big things. Touring/book a venue, sampling food, interviewing/booking a photographer, colors, entertainment, etc. He’s not as concerned about flower pairings, table linens, ceremony decor, etc. This wedding is very much going to be a mix of our styles and passions. 

I hope you enjoy the boards. Sometimes discussions can be intense but this is DEFINITELY the best place on the web to talk weddings(and other things as well) You’ll be hard pressed to find a place that has a larger selection of people, opinions, ideas, pictures, inspirations, etc.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

My Inspiration: It just felt right!

My theme: Key to My Heart

My colors: Eggplant, Mediterranean Blue, Purple, Robins-Egg Blue, Silver, and Ivory

The Date: Not Significant- He wanted an outdoor wedding, and didn’t want to wait till next September

Theme Change: A few– Our first theme was going to be “Dragons and Fairies” as we both collect them (Him dragons and Me Fairies) that was shot down after we realized that our figurines and statues would probably try to disappear if they acted as centerpieces… Our 2nd theme was “Key to my Heart” I loved it but it just didn’t float for me.. so I changed it to.. “Masquerade”.. I am a HUGE Phantom of the Opera fan… But.. my mom says “A Masquerade is a deception and thats not what you want a wedding theme to be”… So, we went back to key to my heart and BOY am I glad we did, a friend is making the most stunning jewelry EVER for me and my bridal party πŸ™‚

Fiancé: At this point its up to me, but I’m sure once our house is done and we are moved in, he will want to help more.. He has already started voicing little opinions that the wouldn’t mention before…

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

We do not have a specific “theme” but books are definitely incorporated into our centerpieces.

We are going married in either late October or the first week in November.


This is pretty much our color story. I chose it based on the wedding dress I plan on buying and less cliche fall colors.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

How did you pick a theme – No real “theme” but it’s going to be outdoors.  I like rustic romantic, whimsical.

How did you pick your colors? – I initially wanted the yello/gray but daughter and Fiance (her dad) say nope.  I am between soft pink/lightgreen/champagne and jewel tones.  Indecisive much?

Is there significance behind your wedding date? – Yes.  My Nana’s fav # was 52.  She always played the lottery 25 or 52…2520.  It’s always stuck.  Many of my phone #s have 52 or 25.  So when the choosing came about I asked about the 25th.  5/25  πŸ™‚ 

For those who have been planning for a while, did you start out with one idea and change to something different mid-way through the planning process? – Really  wanted ocean/beach but I am in Boston so it’s tough.  Found the most amazing barn/pavillion though!  So happy we chose this instead.

How hands on is your fiancé in the planning process? He thinks I’m nuts.  Says it all up to me but has some opinions (like colors).  Other than that…good.

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