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I’m having wisdom teeth pulled in a few weeks on a Wednesday, my dentist said for one or two teeth you normally take one day off after the procesure ( im taking the rest of the week off since 2 of mine need to be cut out 🙁  ) 

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It depends on the tooth and how you react to injuries in general. I had an extraction, I was put under, had stitches in my mouth etc and felt fine the next day – no pain! I’ve also had 2 root canals (I grind my teeth and apparently I cracked them, ugh) and had no residual gum sensitivity from that.

Ideally they’re removing the nerve when they remove the tooth so you won’t have any tooth pain but you may have gum swelling/sensitivity and if you smoke, drink out of a straw or have a habit of sucking on candies etc you could develop dry socket which is VERY painful. As for myself, I generally do not swell in reaction to trauma (apparently swelling is part of what causes pain? at least that’s what I’ve been told), I had zero swelling with my extraction. Heck after my extraction I took my dog for a walk in 90 degree heat and I never had to take any pain meds! I guess it just depends on your body so take into account your past experiences, if you had your ears pierced, did they swell? Mine did not so that could be an indicator as to how your body will react.


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I had to go in twice for my wisdom teeth (money issues), and both times I made sure I had at least 2 days off from work.

It wasn’t so much because of pain, because it only hurt the second time and went away the next morning, but I was afraid of popping a clot by bending over, lifting, or anything like that where I had to strain. That’s how you get dry socket, and I hear it hurts like a bitch. Don’t know myself, but I don’t want to find out!

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I’ve had 5 teeth pulled at one time (well 4 were wisdom), and took me about a week to recover (but I was doped up on Lortab, so it’s possible I might’ve gone back to work sooner had the pain pills not made me loopy as all get out). 🙂

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As someone over 50… I’ve had several teeth out in my lifetime, and in various ways.

A set of 4 Molars in my teens… as corrective surgery for orthodontics (BIG teeth small jaw)

Those were taken out in the Hospital under a General Anaesthesia, and gave me a groggy day or so.

My Wisdom Teeth (all 4 at once) in my early 20s, in the chair at the Dental Surgeons.  They gave me a pill to take beforehand, and then drugs that made me groggy, and local freezing in my mouth.  I was pretty out of it afterwards, and had to have someone there to take me home. Slept it off for the rest of the day.  There was some swelling, but I remember I recovered pretty quickly, and was back to eating normally in a couple of days.

Had another molar out in my 40s, after a failed root canal to save it (too badly damaged).  That one was removed with just local freezing in my regular Dentist’s Office.  No real issues with recovery whatsoever.

BUT that one was really emotional for me… the other teeth had come out due to a specific reason / plan…

This one, I lost a battle to save … and I mourned over that.  Literally cried a lot, and saw it as a failing on my part.  Losing a Tooth this way was much harder than any Milestone Birthday to date… I was truly depressed for awhile over this situation.

Losing a tooth can be traumatic.  And it does mean you have to make adjustments orally… be that an implant, bridge, partial (eventually dentures) etc.  Doing so is a HUGE milestone in my life that said I was getting older, and my body was failing me (falling apart).  I don’t like that one bit… mind you I know many people far younger than me who have lost many (or all) of their teeth… I’d just like to think I can hold onto mine a lot longer.

Think tho that this might be a fact with people of my generation in particular.  We are the Flouride Kids.  We were brought up to believe that we could have our teeth our whole lives.  Certainly not something that our Parent’s Generation had (My now elderly Parents lost the majority of their teeth in their 20s and 30s).  So by having the majority of my teeth as I approach 60 is a BIG DEAL by comparisson.

As medical / dental care improves, these are the kind of things that clearly show an improvement in the quality of life.  I would expect that my Kids (who are the age of most Bees here) will have their teeth even longer… probably by the time you all age, knowing people with a full set of false teeth will be something rare.

Hope this helps,


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@Charlie89:  I’ve read that it only happens in something like 2% – 5% of tooth extractions, but I do personally know someone who had it (only one person, though). It’s when the blood clot falls out early before the wound has healed, leaving the nerves underneath it exposed.

I was terrified of it myself, although both times everything went well. The worst I experienced was after the second time, when I had a headache for a few hours and pain on and off throughout the next day. Nothing a little Vicodin didn’t cure.

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I had all of my wisdom teeth out at once – I knew if I did two, they would need to tranq me to get me back in there. I have issues with dental stuff. Unfortunately, ALL of them were impacted, so they had to get cut out. I took two days off of work, and I wish I would have taken off an extra day. I ended up getting one dry socket and it was not the worst pain ever, but VERY annoying. 

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I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled and it hurt like a bitch once the local anaesthetic stopped working. I’m not gonna lie to you, it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced so far (but I haven’t yet given birth, lol!) and it lasted for 3 days straight. I was going nuts, no painkillers worked and I was swollen to the point of being unrecognizable. However, I do think it was because my wisdom teeth grew in a way that somehow managed to damage the periosteum in my jaw bone. Nobody else I know had such an ordeal, maybe a little swelling and a pain that could be done away with by popping an over-the-counter painkiller.

I had two other teeth pulled when I was 15 for orthodontic purposes (like a PP mentioned, big teeth, small jaw), it was done under local anaeshtesia and it was fine. No pain, no nothing, I went from the dentist’s straight to school. I had to take extra care with hygene though and wash the “holes” with a saline solution for about a week. 

Good luck!  

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