Ghost stories spin off- tell us your ghosted stories!

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I’ll bite. I was in nyc visiting pretty frequently at one point. I had my dating apps set up to match near my location.. long story short, I ended up chatting with and meeting up with this guy, Daniel. We hit it off, I think we chatted for the rest of the day and he wanted to meet up again during the trip but I couldn’t due to prior engagements and was leaving the morning after. So, Daniel came to visit me in miami. We talked a lot and really enjoyed each others company. We went back and forth and continued to have good chemistry. One day I was snooping ( read: investigating) and looking at the pics he was tagged in on ig. This girl had posted a pic of him. I asked him what that was about and he claimed she was just a friend. Ok. Right. So we continued for a while. He ended up coming to miami with her and obviously not telling me..but was spotted by a friend of mine. I confronted him and obviously he went ghost. I still chat with his mom every now and then 

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mrsssb :  In college, I met this guy and we dated for a short time and then suddenly he tells me he was “recruited to Italy to play basketball’…I believe him (SMH!). He told me he was leaving on X date. So, a few weeks pass and I’m thinking he’s in Italy….but one fateful weekend, who do I see randomly out at the bar? Yup. The guy!!! He made up the most (looking back now) ridiculous exit strategy instead of just dumping me!!! LOL!! The look on his face when he saw me was priceless.

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A former friend set me up with her boyfriends best friend. We hit it off and I was smitten. We went on a couple group dates and one date on our own. I was so happy. Then I went on vacation and heard from him once the whole week and only because I texted him. Turns out he decided he didn’t want a girlfriend and decided it was easier ghosting me. He did end up apologizing months later when we were at our friends Halloween party. It hurt at the time but I wasn’t over an ex anyway so it was fine in the end. 

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What about us ladies ghosting men?

 He was real sweet, but not my type at all. We went on three dates because I wanted to give him a chance first. First date was a seafood festival, which was alright. The second was an Italian restaurant, same. Last time he met my friends and I at a local pizza joint/bar. My two friends are complete goobers and I guess he really had fun with them..He was talking about what he likes to do and he was talking about how he likes to go out dancing to clubs…. which is not me. He kept asking if I would ever go over and over again and I was like no, sorry, I’m really not into that stuff. My friend says to me later “I knew this would never work out. He was over there talking about grooving and dancing.. and you like to chug cheap beer and eat chicken on a stick” LOL. I feel like a jerk now about it but like even if I had let him down gently I don’t think he would have gotten that I wasn’t into him.

Oh then this other weirdo.. we met at some bar for happy hour. They were doing $1 oysters. Not sure what he was trying to do there. The whole time he was so awkward and talked to some couple next to me. Then when he went to like hug me bye he tried to make out with me and I was like gotta go bye! A week later this dude texts me like “sorry I’ve been MIA” and like asking me out again… umm.. what?

I do not missing the dating scene… at all.

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I remember one time when I was 18 I was dating this guy who I went on two dates with who I thought was my boyfriend and I remember at the time I was feeling depressed after graduating high school and being really scared about college so I confided in him that I was depressed and needed someone to talk to and someone to listen. Well, he was like “Well that is not good” and he cut all contact with me which made me more depressed.


I did this for a while with guys where I thought after a successful first date, they were immediately my boyfriend due to being autistic and not understanding dating until I met a guy who happened to have autism himself and think the same way and we immediately started calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend the moment he asked me out and we are engaged now and life is great.

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I have no ghost OR ghosted stories, just wanted to say I got a good chuckle at the title. Nice one. 

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I went on a very promising first date with a handsome guy. Great conversation, and overall a very comfortable vibe to the evening. We texted in the interim, and the second date was also great. 

Third date, and he no call, no showed. I was super confused until I got a panicked call the next morning, him saying he had a migraine, took his meds, and decided on an hour nap before dinner… and then was out cold, sleeping through alarms until he woke up at 7 am. I bought this one, as he had mentioned having a new medication to help with his headaches on our first date, and I figured someone who did that intentionally wouldn’t have called at the crack of dawn to apologize. 

We made up the dinner date the next night. Once again, great date. 

Fourth date rolls around, and he no call, no showed for dinner with my friends. Great. This is a pattern now. I sent him a text to tell him it’s unacceptable to me, and I’m feeling like this happening twice is not a coincidence.

He ghosted me for about 6 months. Didn’t hear from him after he told me he was getting ready for dinner, was running a bit behind, and would meet me there instead of at my house. Then I heard from him. 

Turns out that he did have a headache the first night, but woke up around 7 pm to my text asking if he was okay, because he had never come to the brewery to meet up. He ignored it. 

The second time he didn’t show up, it was because he “had feelings” and got scared. 

I responded to his unghosting and asking for a second chance by accepting his apology and saying no thank you. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’d be an idiot and I’m not that girl. 😂

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I dated a guy for a year and then we broke up when I moved away. Two years later, I had an opportunity to move back… we had never stopped talking, I was young and naive, so I decided to take the plunge. When I got to town, I called him to make plans to get together. He didn’t take my calls, ignored my texts and emails, completely ghosted. 

But it worked out great because I wouldn’t have met my husband if I hadn’t moved back. It was also the better choice for my career, for reasons that I couldn’t have guessed at the time.

I didn’t hear from my ghost for years but now we’re friendly. I travel to his (new) city frequently for work and we grab drinks every once and a while. 

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mrsssb :  Not only did he use it, he expected the second chance after!! Seriously. Ugh. Haha 

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This is more like being stood up than full on ghosting but…When I was a junior in high school, a boy asked me to be his prom date. I knew him and we were friendly but he came off to me as a proto-womanizer and so I said thanks but no thanks. He continued to ask me and I declined every time until he asked me in front of a large group of people and I felt pressured into saying yes because everyone was making a fuss over it.

Anyway prom rolls around and we agree to meet there – legal driving age is 18 where I grew up, and nobody has a car so driving together was not the norm or expected. I get there early because I’m chronically punctual, and start waiting for him. And waiting. And waiting. Finally a mutual friend who was also a badass girl says eff this, I’m calling him. She calls his cell phone and another girl picks up and says, “is this the girl from prom?” I was humiliated but decided to stay and make the most of the night, and a lot of girls there were so supportive and cool. It ended up being probably better than it would’ve been awkwardly dancing with someone I didn’t like.

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