Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life…can we discuss! (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

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 So… first I should warn you about how deep my obsession with this show really goes. The rabbit hole is deep. Even as I typed that my phone jingled with the ‘Something Good Happened Lala Song’ ringtone.That said…

I spent Winter, Spring and Summer like WTF have they done to my show?? I was foreseeing a HIMYM type catastrophic ending… but, saved only by the grace of Fall, I didn’t hurl my phone at my new TV. 

I loved the last 4 words. All in all, this entire show keeps reminding us that NO ONE who comes in contact with this mother, her daughter and their bond is ever the same. Not one character isn’t  better for it….. It is fitting that Rory should complete the circle. In the same way. Sharing that special relationship with a hopefully Gilmore Girl of her own…. And I’ve always been Team Logan so…

However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the whole musical thing was painful to watch and the celebrity chef thing was so bad… so, so bad. Cringe-worthy even. And I love celebrity chefs, but that was a whole new low. Lane, Paris and even Luke didn’t have NEARLY enough story. The Emily part was cool- but somehow it still wasn’t enough to counteract the rest. 

Eager to hear other thoughts.


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MsGinkgo :  So,I wrote this on the other thread, but I loved it even through some of the painful parts. I don’t think Lorelai would have needed to “do Wild”. I just don’t buy that she felt lost in any way about her and Luke. I am always torn between Logan and Jess. I’ve always loved how alike Rory and Jess are, but I also like how Logan brings out a different side of Rory. I was really thinking he would realize Rory was right for him and leave Odette. I really enjoyed seeing more of Emily at her lowest and loved her transformation. That was really cool. 

The last four words-I loved it because it does being it dull circle. HOWEVER, Rory isn’t Lorelai and I don’t know that I necessarily feel that those words reflect who she is. I did and still do think it’s cool, but I’m not sure if I think those four words fit Rory. 

I do love that she wrote about their life. I think it’s so fitting. I didn’t enjoy missing Sookie…it felt wrong. What the hell was she off doing anyway? I just feel like Sookie would never give up being a chef. It’s such a part of her. 

Overall, I loved it. I can’t expect a show that’s been off the air for a decade to get back that shine immediately. You could see it took some time to get the rhythm back. 

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MsGinkgo :  I hear you about being worried that that the show was going to have a Roseanne/Dallas/Bob Newhart ending.

Between the rotation of celebrity chefs (as if those chefs would have the time to or interest in coming to a small-town Connecticut inn that has ten rooms, and as if the Dragonfly could afford to host them) and the opening sequence of the scenes with Rory and the Life and Death Brigade (as if these four guys have no other commitments or obligations in life that they could appear at the drop of a hat, and gain access to the rooftops and interior of closed businesses of Stars Hollow), I was starting to be concerned that this was all somehow connected to Lorelei’s dream/sleep issues and that she was going to wake up and we’d find ourselves in an entirely different time and space. I was really glad they didn’t employ that type of device for this show.

As irritating and unnecessary as the musical felt to me, I think I understand why it was important to ASP and DP to do something like that. It was totally quirky (Stars Hollow = quirky.) It provided them with a way to really delve into the history and background of this fictitious little town they created and loved for six years while doing this show and all of the intervening years when they thought they may never get to land this plane the way Amy always intended. And it gave them an excellent way to involve Sutton Foster (from their Bunheads creation) in this finale. BTW, I love the way that ASP and DP involved Sutton as well as Julia Golden Telles and at least one other person from Bunheads, and included the three Parenthood cameos. I especially loved that Lauren Graham had both of her TV daughters with her in this production.

It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see more of Suki (but I know MM only had one day that she could be on set) or Lane, but they weren’t crucial to the outcome. I agree with your assessment that Suki sounded weird. I don’t know if MM just had a cold or if there was more to it than that, but she didn’t seem or sound like her character to me.

I took a ton of notes while I was watching the show, so I may come back onto the thread to add more comments later, since I don’t have them with me right now.

Regarding the final four words, I don’t really understand why people are feeling as if this is some sort of betrayal of the characters or the fans. These are the words that ASP had planned since she orginally created this show, and that’s how it ended. It’s not as if she suddenly came up with this idea last year. I actually think the ending works better now than it would have a decade ago.

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I loved the Life & Death Brigade story! It was just like old times!!!

I am team Rory + Logan all the way, and was sooo upset when she turned down his proposal. I wrote this on the other thread but I feel like contrary to everyone else – Logan is Rory’s Luke. Like Luke, Logan wants Rory and is willing to take her in any capacity she will let him. That’s why he sees her whenever she comes to town, always answers her calls, drops everything to help her get through a crisis. Luke was the same way for Loralei through all of her relationships. If at any time Rory wanted Logan he’d drop whomever and go to her.

I feel like Dean & Jess were the perfect relationships for each stage of her life. Dean was the perfect first boyfriend that eased her into dating and relationships. He’s was the “good guy” who was cute/dreamy and fell all over her. Jess was the “bad boy” who was mysterious and an intelectual equal to her…..but when the tough got going, so did Jess. Logan is the guy who pulled Rory out of her bubble and showed her that life can be fun and adventurous – he pushed her to be better and likewise she made HIM better.

I really disliked the scene w/ Rory and Christopher. It’s pretty clear she’s just gotten the news of her pregnancy and is feeling out her dad’s opinion on what it’s like to not be involved in your kid’s life. I think it’s actually shitty….because 16 year old Christopher is in no way going to have the same reaction as 33 year old Logan in terms of stepping up to be a parent. I get the vibe that Rory is considering following in her mom’s footsteps and raising her baby alone. I think Rory telling Logan she’s pregnant would be an answer to his prayers.

I felt like a few story lines were way off. Suki sounded WERID. I could not figure out what was up for her voice. I know it felt like some of the key players didn’t get enough screen time – but remember most of them were only cameos or small parts because that’s all the time they could devote to filming between other projects they had going on.

I hated the musical – it was soooo stupid.

Overall they had better have some more episodes because they just can’t leave us hanging like this!!!!


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The whole thing was kinda meh to me. I definitley missed Sookie. The  last 4 words shocked me. So I gotta ask, who do we think the father is? Logan or the Wookie or someone else? 

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carrolltobee :  Definitely Logan. The Wookie timeline doesn’t match up. She had a one night stand with the Wookie at the end of “Spring”, making her at least 6 months along during the final scene (which she pretty clearly wasn’t). She slept with logan for the last time during early “Fall” and she was clearly drinking through the “Summer” and early “Fall” episodes.

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starfish0116 :  I read your Logan/Jess assessment in the other thread and I just want you to know that I agree 100%! Logan is Rory’s Luke. Except he’s way more of a relationship-oriented man and has actual social skills. He just needs to grow a pair and send the ‘dynastic plans’ to hell.

Oh and can we talk about how insanely hot he grew up to be? I mean I watched the whole series during September-October and in Logan’s first scene I was like wow isn’t that…OMG he was in The Good Wife too! And I really hoped he’d be in this revival. 

Anyway, yeah the musical sucked and the Sookie thing was weird AF. 

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MrsHarryDresden :  I don’t know if you’ve seen this interview in Entertainment Weekly, but according to ASP and DP, Logan was designed to be Rory’s Christopher:

Gilmore Girls

Posted November 21 2016 — 11:00 AM EST

During Gilmore Girls’ seven-season run, Rory’s taste in men… varied. In other words, her three boyfriends were very, very different people. In fact, the only thing they had in common was that, when you put two of them in a room together, they would inevitably butt heads.

But when it came time for the show to introduce Rory’s college boyfriend in season 5, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino had a very specific idea for what kind of guy they wanted Rory to date. “We wanted Rory to date her father,” Sherman-Palladino says. “Every girl has a father issue, and Logan was Christopher. Logan was charming, smart, and not quite the dependable soul that you need. Or, at that time, was not the great dependable soul.”

Alexis Bledel adds: “It’s a relationship like the one Lorelai and Christohper had in their youth. They do reckless things together. It’s fun but on this lavish scale.”

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