(Closed) Giraffe shot & fed to lions at the zoo in front of public… WTH?

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Honey bee
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I heard about it earlier. It made me sick.

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve browsed a couple of articles about this…I don’t think it’s that awful.  Maybe I’m wrong?

It appears to me that there were reasons that he could no longer be kept around (sounds like it was an inbreeding issue) and as far as I can tell the whole disection & feeding to the lions thing was approached as an educational opportunity.

I get that it’s graphic, but it’s not too different than how lions in zoos are normally fed, or what lions eat in the wild, right?  (I don’t know that lions eat giraffes, but they probably do?)

I could be wrong, I’m a long way from passionate or well educated on the topic, but that’s my initial reaction.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I read that article. I can understand not wanting to breed a giraffe with bad genes. I’m not sure about killing him in front of everyone though. The picture was the worst. It did mention in the article that they told parents that maybe they should take thier children away. Do you think curiousity got the best of them? 

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Buzzing bee
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It is horrible. I’ve had to put down several horses over the years due to age/health issues.

There were numerous offers to take the young giraffe (NOT for breeding purposes) but the offers were refused.

I do understand that lions eat in the wild however the giraffe would also have had a chance to escape rather than just being shot by it’s caregivers like it was.

I also understand that animals are killed for food everday however they are not shot and killed and dissected in front of men, women and CHILDREN. What parent lets their kids watch that?!

I think that any zoo should NOT be making PROFIT from KILLING their animals!!!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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From my understanding the giraffe didn’t have inbreeding issues, they just didn’t want him mating as all the other zoos within the program had giraffes he was related to.

There were rules about sticking within the program, but when the animal isn’t useful I would have liked to see them work with other responsible zoos or sanctuaries.  I’ll admit I have a weird bias though, and exotic makes me think endangered.

I thought skinning the giraffe in front of kids was excessive.

Feeding to the lions – makes sense.  No problem with people including kids watching that.


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This has so been blown out of proportion. It sounds really awful on the surface, but if you read a few rational articles about it that aren’t being sensational and jumping to conclusions, it’s pretty much not disturbing at all. 

Marius was killed with a bolt gun, which is generally accepted as a humane methos when done properly (as here). To say he was shot is to misconstrue.

The children and parents were fully informed. According to reports, those who watched were fascinated by what they saw and took it as a learning opportunity.

It is normal practice for zoos to cull animals in this manner. This one was just done more openly than most and is the one that caught the attention of the media. (Not saying I approve of this practice in general… just pointing out that it’s normal procedure)

Why not feed the meat to the lions?

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Helper bee
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@Barbiestylez:  awful! as you can tell from my username I love Giraffes…haha

But I read that other Zoo’s wanted him… AND they didn’t put him down in a painless way. They could inject him with something that would let him go to sleep…instead of shooting him and dismembering him. 


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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What peopl fail to realize was this wasn’t something people could just wander over to. It was a scheduled event. The people that were there wanted to be there. This really has been blown so out of shape that most people are just reporting the shock value of it.

Culling the heard is a good thing.

He was killed humanely.

This isn’t anything new.

Zoos are educational.

Lions gotta eat and giraffe is a treat.

The parents and children and everyone else wanted to be there. I just gotta reiterate that because it gets missed in every single article. They wanted to be there. This was not like some dude went, “Hey kids! Wanna watch me butcher a giraffe?!”

ETA: I am cooking dinner right now so I can’t pull it up, but before anyone asks, there is a lot of restrictions, laws and red tape zoos have to go through in the trading or sharing of exotic animals. It isn’t as easy as one zoo going, “hey, I have a spare giraffe. Want him?” and then shipping him off if someone says sure. Someone on Reddit went through all the laws and restrictions and it would have potentially taken years to rehome a spare giraffe because of it. This was an educational and easier solution. I believe a bullet through his brain is humane and painless. The giraffe never felt a thing.

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Buzzing bee
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A bolt gun IS humane. Where do you think your own food comes from? Do you think the cow just quietly goes to sleep one night and doesn’t wake up and just appears in your butcher case in nice little pieces? We slaughter cattle with a bolt gun, and they butchered him appropriately. Our own food follows the same process. And why shouldn’t children see where food comes from? Every farm kid sees it, why wouldn’t a city kid?

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Bumble bee
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This is utter bs. How exactly is cutting up a giraffe educational? Practical maybe, but lets not call it for anything other than what it is. Pure unadulterated disregard for life and the care of the animals in their possesion. 

eta: Saying a bolt gun is humane is debatable. It is a matter of opinion not fact. I fully believe that if we saw our cows shot with the gun (that doesnt always kill them) we would eat a lot less meat. Furthermore, unless those kids are training to be butchers or serial killers, why is it educational to watch a giraffe get sliced up?

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Bumble Beekeeper

There has been a 40% decline in the number of Giaraffes in the wild over the last decde. 40% is not a a small percentage when we are talking about a specices of animals.

This is the most ridiculous excuse for killing an animal ever. The animal was a healthy specimen not a disease riddled threat to the species. There are too many people in the world with genetic abonormalities and many areas with inbreeding and overpopulation in general yet we would never say it is for the betterman of the species to cull those people and nor we should.

People and thier treatment and general disregard for animals makes me sick. there were many other options for this animal, culling it should never have been considered.

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Sugar bee

I don’t see the big deal. I don’t think I would want my young kids watching the giraffe be skinned but that’s a personal parental choice.

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Bee Keeper
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@lolita39:  “How exactly is cutting up a giraffe educational? Practical maybe, but lets not call it for anything other than what it is. Pure unadulterated disregard for life and the care of the animals in their possesion.” 

I’m confused by your statement…I don’t know exactly how the presentation went, but why couldn’t an animal disection be educational?  For example, in highschool biology class we disected many different animals.  I don’t think this was unique to my school.  If done through that lense, it can be very educational.


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Bumble Beekeeper

@MariContrary:  Well I am vevegtarian so I am not going to agree that a bolt gun is humane. i mean it is pretty hard to ask an animal let alone a dead animal how painful a way it was to die. The use of humane when talking about this is laughable.

But I am with you on letting kids and people see the suffering that animals go through to provide them with food. Hopefull this disgusting exercise will make people think abouttheir food and switch to being vegetarian.

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