(Closed) Girl on plane didn’t want to talk weddings! How odd!

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Helper bee
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I agree, that is weird. It would have been a dream come true if I had been traveling and the girl sitting next to me noticed my e-ring and that I was reading Brides and then went out of her way to ask me how my planning was going. Double bonus that you brought up wedding blogs… we would’ve talked the whole way…


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Helper bee
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haha i would have talked to you the entire flight about weddings and im not even engaged yet hahahaahaha

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Honey bee
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haha. I fly a lot & as terrible as this is going to sound: I hate talking to women during flights. I’ll talk to a man or a kid, but women just don’t know when to stop talking. Once a woman talked to me for 4 hours about her lipo she got in Mexico. I mean every last detail.

Also, as hard as it is for us in the hive to believe (I’m obsessed!!)- not every woman is wired for wedding planning. I can name a handful of brides I know that hated every second of the wedding planning process!

It was strange, but I can kind of see her possible POV 🙂

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Worker bee
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Even if you are excited about wedding planning, you might not necessarily want to talk about your wedding with complete strangers.  I’d be really uncomfortable in the girl’s position because while I’m more open online, I’m extremely shy in real life and am terrified of people I don’t know talking to me >_<  And with regards to not seeming excited about being engaged….I’m sure people who have interesting engagement stories are more excited about talking about it.  But in my case, I hate talking about it because people always seem to be expecting some great story and we don’t have one at all…we just decided together to get engaged and got a ring.  Whenever I say that(or how we met, equally boring story) people give me this really disappointed look that I don’t have a more exciting story and it’s just increadibly awkward and makes me dread anyone asking about it.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Yeah, I’m one of those people who hopes and prays that whoever sits next to me won’t try to chat me up… I’ve even considered pretending I don’t speak english, hehe, although never gotten that far. (I sometimes do that on the bus… speak french when people bug me…)

A lot of couples really struggle though engagement, and it sounds like hers will be a long-ish one; could be there’s a back story that she didn’t really want to get into (like a recent fight with the Fiance, or she had to twist his arm to get engaged, or he was just shipped out overseas, etc). I mean, there’s any number of things that could be going on (heck, her grandma might have died and she was on the way to the funeral, wedding mags there only as a way to keep from crying on the plane) – often even chatting will end up bringing up painful things, if they’re in the forefront of your mind already – could be she had bigger things than the wedding going on.

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Blushing bee
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She may have just not wanted to talk on the plane. I know that’s generally me.

Not matter what the conversation, once you begin one, you’re kind of bound to keep it going throughout the trip; perhaps she just wanted a bit of peace and relaxation.

I can see myself doing the exact same thing. Making comment enough in reply to be polite, but nothing to encourage further note.

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Wow, that is pretty weird! Well, I guess everyone is just different. Maybe she deals with her excitement in a different way or something? lol I mean, you said that she was reading through a wedding magazine, so that makes me believe that maybe she is excited? Like everyone else said, she probably isn’t much of a talker or something. However, I was on a plane coming home from Hawaii (which is where my future hubby proposed to me) and there was this lady next to me. She kept staring at me and smiling and then finally asked me “are you two on your honeymoon?” and I replied “No, we just got engaged!!” and we were talking for a while. I was so excited that she asked that, especially since everyone and their neighbor already knew I was engaged before I had the opportunity to tell anyone. My mom just had to open her mouth! lol So it was nice to actually tell SOMEONE about the engagement! hahah:)

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Busy bee
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I don’t know, I wouldn’t have been up for a conversation on a plane about my wedding 🙂  I just dislike in general when people try to talk to me in a setting like that, but I’m not really the kind of person who wants to chat about wedding planning.  It’s something I’m not doing for myself (I’d rather elop!) so it’s not a topic that really thrills me. 

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Helper bee
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I read wedding magazines on planes just hoping someone will chat me up about weddings!  Oh well.  It seems there are 2 types of plane people–those taht don;t mind talking to strangers and those that hate it.

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Sugar bee
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Lol, I would have been your best friend by the end of that flight!!! I have a friend who is engaged and looks at mags and stuff, but can’t figure out how to afford the wedding, and therefore, won’t talk about it at all. She never wanted to hear about mine, and talk about planning hers.

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Helper bee

Talking to people on planes usually lends itself to interesting conversations, however, most of the time I just want to sleep.  Sometimes it makes me a little sad to know I won’t get to sleep once someone starts talking to me.

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Yeah i would have talked to you the whole flight, but thats me, i love weddings, children,anything girlie but we are not all like that, and maybe she did have a very good reason for not wanting to talk about it. A friend of mine got engaged before me and although all seemed ok just a few months from the wedding she called it off, she said afterwards that even booking the venue or getting her dress felt awful thats when she realised she didnt want to marry the guy. I think she saw how me and other friends couldn’t stop talking weddings, etc so maybe that girl was having her own doubts. As someone recently told me you can never know whats going on behind a smile.


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Honey Beekeeper
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I don’t appreciate random people talking to me on an airplane. I don’t know you, I don’t care if we have anything in common, and I doubt I’d want to talk about my wedding with you, a complete stranger. Don’t take it personally; some of us don’t like to use plane time as random chatty stranger time.

Even when I was engaged, I’d just smile and nod. I don’t like random people just striking up a conversation with me. Maybe the girl just wanted to enjoy her down time on the plane and read her magazine in peace? I don’t know how that kind of behavior is strange or bizarre. I hate when random people get SUPER chatty on a plane and disrupt the quiet! I bring earplugs for this reason. People leave me alone and that’s how i want it.

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