(Closed) Girls can't exercise in dresses, apparently. (Take 2)

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Busy bee

as a child i would have been very uncomfortable doing athletic activities in a skirt or dress without shorts. i wouldn’t want to expose my undergarments to my classmates by chance.

proper shoes are also more comfortable and safe.

i don’t see how this is an issue of any kind on the school’s part.

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Busy bee

The first instance you complained about the gym teacher- for me it would depend on the context. If the kids all had to do boring exercise drills because the class in general was misbehaving (even if all the kids weren’t), then I’d let it go. If you think the kids were being made to do an unreasonable amount of pushups or burpees etc punitively, this falls under the category of unacceptable discipline in many school boards. So it depends if your kid was forced to exercise beyond a reasonable level of comfort or just unhappy they didn’t get to do something more fun. 

But I think the second incident is your doing honestly. I don’t care if they’re flat dress boots as opposed to high heeled boots or snow boots, it’s still inappropriate PE wear. Letting your daughter wear inappropriate and unsafe footwear for gym class and then trying to turn it into something sexist is just unnecessarily out for battle and could give your daughter an unfortunate sense of entitlement if she sees you reaming out the teacher/ going over his head to the principal when all she had to do was bring proper running shoes. I’m a grown adult and play on co-ed sports teams. There are regulations (for everyone not just the women) on proper attire for safety reasons. I think this is a case of picking your battles- and not creating them. 

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Sugar bee
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I don’t think it’s sexist, I think it’s practical. Students should not run the risk of showing their undergarments in gym class, regardless of gender, and sneakers should be required to avoid injury. Neither one of those requirements seems at all controversial or sexist to me. It was the bare minimum in my gym class. If you were not dressed in gym clothes, you would get an incomplete for that class and have to sit on the side. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I graduated college in the 90’’s so maybe it became a thing after I grew up. I guess I’m just old. Get off my lawn! slomotion :  

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Buzzing bee
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sf618b :  Woof helicopter mom much? As a teacher myself, I can’t stand when parents take the word of their kids over adults before speaking to them or observing for themselves.

Boots for gym? ABSOLUTELY NOT that is a safety hazard. Dress/Skirt? Unless they have shorts on that’s a no go for me… Even the tennis dress a PP posted is still atheletic wear b/c she was probably wearing shorts or spankies under it and she also isn’t likely to get embarassed or have kids make fun of her for seeing her underwear.

Send your kids to school with the appropriate gym attire and stop complaining

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Bumble bee

I don’t think it is unreasonable for a school to dictate that students wear athletic clothing to participate in athletic activities. We had a gym bag that stayed in our lockers that contained a t-shirt, shorts and non-marking gym shoes. We did tumbling, hurdles, rope climbs ( I was pathetic at this), long jump/ high jump, basketball etc at both elementary school and high school. I cannot imagine doing any of this in boots or a dress/ skirt. 

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Honey bee

I have no idea what to say bc in Jr High (grade 7/8) we had a gym uniform that was required and I remember the shirt being light gray which was awful for preteen or teen girls worrying about sweat marks. Ugh. 

We had to keep athletic shoes there too. For High School I opted for a sport and we had required uniforms for that too. 

What grade is this? 

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Bumble bee
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I find it odd that you would send your child to school in a dress and heeled shoe when they have gym that day.  It seems that they should be wearing appropriate clothing for their day’s activities.  I would think the shoes and a dress would not be wise for a young child to wear for gym.  Sounds like a tripping hazard to me.  I would think they could ruin the gym floor, also.  And a dress would not be appropriate for somersaults or cartwheels.  I would think the gym teacher has his reasons for clothing attire.   

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My mother had me wearing biker shorts under dresses for my entire childhood. I was a rambunctious/athletic girl but sometimes I liked to wear dresses. She didn’t want me flashing my underwear to the world (which I think more parents need to be conscientious about) but rather than just not letting me wear dresses or not letting me do activities, she found a wise and effective third option.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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glitterati :  

<u>glitterati :</u> i’d be willing to bet serena is wearing a pair of short compression shorts under that dress. 

for the op, i’d compromise with the school and say she can wear the dress but will put on shorts during gym.  also, i’m all for safety and think sneakers is the way to go, not boots, no matter how flat.  it could be a liability for the school also.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I think you are totally overreacting and off base about the clothing. Boots and dresses are not appropriate and or safe for gym class. As for consequences for the behavior of the class as a whole, that would depend on the circumstances. 

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I could never imagine a school letting someone wear a dress for gym and no I don’t think that’s sexist. The dress could go up, exposing them when they are too young to know better or process what is happening. Boots don’t make any sense either, they should be wearing appropriate gym shoes, anything else is bad parenting imo. 

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Buzzing bee
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You may not think a dress is a safety hazard, but it is for a variety of elementary PE activities.  Lots of PE classes use those little scooters, and kids can absolutely get loose clothing caught in them and get hurt.  Also, anything that requires climbing can be dangerous while wearing a dress- climbing walls, climbing a rope, etc.  Though some activities are safe in dresses, it would not be unreasonable for the teacher to have a general rule about dresses.

Rules about shoes are mostly about the material used for the bottoms of the shoe.  Only soft rubber is allowed in gymnasiums, so most schools make a rule stating sneakers only.  Otherwise, kids can slip and get hurt, or leave black marks and scratches on the gym floor.  Classroom teachers & staff members are also encouraged to wear sneakers when participating in activities in the gym.

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Why would you want your daughter participating in a dress anyways? So her MALE teacher can see her underwear?

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