(Closed) Girls can't exercise in dresses, apparently. (Take 2)

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pearlrose :  this was my first thought too! Those scooters could be a disaster with a dress. I would think address could be a safety hazard as well, if it’s long it could get caught on things. It’s just not appropriate for gym.

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Yeah it makes it even worse that op is like ‘omg my daughter’s MALE teacher won’t let her wear a dress for PE – sexist’. Yeah all the logical reasons aside around safety and fit for purpose attire, the male teacher probably doesn’t want rumours circulating about him being a massive pedo by allowing 7 & 10 year old girls to spend PE doing handstands in skirts and dresses.  

chitownyogini :  

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I don’t understand the problem. Of course they shouldn’t be doing sport in dresses. All throughout school we had a uniform for sport because the regular uniform (dresses, skirts and slacks) would not suffice. You need proper attire to do sport. I don’t see how anyone would be comfortable exposing their underwear to the rest of the class. And depending on the dress, it could also get in the way of the physical activities. And of course they shouldn’t be wearing boots. Bloody hell! You need to step back and let the professionals run the school. And please don’t teach your daughters that they don’t have to follow rules because any man telling them what to do is automatically “sexist”. Seriously! You need to step back or your children will never learn how to function in the real world (which yes, has a ton of rules) and will grow up with a victim mentality.

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sf618b :  

Everything everyone said, particularly the inaccurate accusation of sexism. I’d also like to add my entirely gratuitous opinion that high heels, even small ones, are very questionable footwear for children, on a couple of levels.

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Agreeing the common trend here. Boots and dresses are not practical gym wear. The only issue I would have is if boys are allowed to wear street shoes, but girls are not – that would be unfair. In general though, I’d require kids to wear sneakers for gym. Dresses just have a lot of loose material. There are some that would be perfectly fine when paired with shorts, but the range of dresses that might work is so limited that a blanket no dress rule seems reasonable. 

Punishing the whole class when a few students act out is not my favorite disciplinary tactic, but I’m unclear on how it is targeting your child. Everyone in the class had to do it. 

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This has got to be the most overdramatic post ever. Many activities can certainly be done in dresses. But it can often be a hazard too for activities like scooter games and rock climbing (we had this in elementary school) and such. I also have no idea why people send their young kids to school in anything but sneakers. I didn’t have uniform and could wear whatever pretty much but the one thing I could never change was my shoes. Sneakers only. Gym class or not. It’s practical, comfortable, and not to mention there was recess everyday so makes sense to wear sneakers for that too! I’m not a huge fan of uniforms but at the same time, school is not a fashion show. Kids are rambunctious and accident prone. Sneakers help minimize that risk. 

In my district, you have to change into gym clothes specifically starting in middle school. We had locker rooms and the whole nine yards. Elementary school didn’t but I believe we were sat out for certain activities if we were wearing dresses or wrong footwear. I definitely remember no dresses allowed on scooters for risk of getting caught in the wheels.

And yeah no, boots are not gym wear. Heel or no heel. They can easily slip on gym flooring.

Our coach also punished the whole class sometimes. I lived, so did everyone else. I’ve had college professors punish the entire class for one person’s actions! The sooner your kids learn that life is not fair, the better.  

How on earth the coach is sexist is beyond me. 

ETA: are chemistry labs sexist for requiring long hair to be tied up?!

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My first thought was.. don’t they all have to wear gym clothes for PE class? That’s been the way for all of my school experiences. 

I mean…would you go exercise in a dress / skirt and boots? I don’t get how that’s sexism.

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eeniebeans :  we used to do cup stacking too but it was in addition to other physical activities. I believe the purpose was improving hand eye coordination for future ball sports and such. It also added a little bit of fun for those who absolutely despised physical games. I don’t remmeber anyone not enjoying cup stacking so it ensured everyone had at least a little fun. 

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sf618b :  this is everything that is wrong with the world today! Stop breeding up entitled little snowflake kids that cry discrimination and sexism at every turn! Put your kids in suitable clothing and teach them to respect their teachers! It’s not difficult.

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I find this post slightly bizarre. My gym classes wouldn’t allow boys to wear Jean’s the same way girls couldn’t wear dresses…. appropriate gym wear. It’s a safety issue, and kids do need to learn that there are appropriate clothes for different situations, and I couldn’t ever imagine intentionally sending a kid to gym class in a dress. Really comes off that you’re fishing for a reason to be angry with this teacher.

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I don’t see the big deal with the teacher’s requirement. I know at some point well before high school we had a uniform that we had to have at school. I would have hated running around and doing things in a dress that did not have attached panties like a skating dress. How embarrassing if I fell! And I was one of the kids who looked forward to the gymnastics, so I knew I was going to fall. And I hate to think of the repercussions of accidental exposure in this day and age; the possibilities are endless. And we had to wear sneakers. Boots would have earned me a reprimand. 

So far as being “punished” by doing exercises in gym class….well, isn’t that the point of gym? We had to do some Presidential fitness test once a year that JFK had instituted. I cursed his memory every time I had to hang on a bar with my chin not touching it. 

I think you’re overreacting a lot. This is a really, really bad hill to die on so far as taking the issue to the school. 


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Our school makes students bring gym shoes at the beginning of the year. Those shoes are kept at school so they’re always there to change into for gym. Boots and many other shoes (a lot of boys in our school wear Crocs, which aren’t appropriate, either) are simply unsafe for activities, plus many of them will mark up the gym floor.

As for appropriate dress, well, yeah. A child should be dressed appropriately for gym, not flashing undies or risking a dress getting caught or ruined. It is simply unsafe to have a child in a dress much of the time.

And as a complete aside, I think parents should have girls wear shorts under dresses until they’re at least third grade. Girls younger than that play on the monkey bars at recess and flash the whole world anyway. They are not mini adults and cannot be expected to act “like a lady.”

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sf618b :  At 10 (in the 1980s), we had to wear shorts under our dress. I remember either taking my skirt of for PE, then putting it on afterward, or just keeping the skirt on. Personally, I didn’t want my undies flashing everyone on the monkey bars anyway, so I was happy with my little spandex bike shorts under my skirt. We had to bring tennis shoes. Plus we had  “dangerous” (AKA fun) sports, like dodge ball and flag football, so shorts and tennis shoes were more comfy.  

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I distinctly remember being required to wear gym shoes/sneakers on PE day in elementary school, and I’m a 90s kid. We had little cubbies to keep our crap at school too if lugging it back and forth was an issue for any kid. If you didn’t have proper shoes, you had to sit on the side and watch. I don’t recall dresses being much of an issue bc we weren’t doing anything that strenuous.

In middle school and high school we had fugly unisex gym uniforms that made everyone look fat. 

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I’m a staunch feminist, but I think no dresses or boots/heels in gym class is just common sense. Likewise, if a male student showed up in a suit and dress shoes, I’m quite sure the PE teacher would have something to say about that.

I only attended schools where we either had a gym uniform or brought gym clothes from home and kept them in our lockers. I couldn’t imagine running or doing the high jump or long jump in a dress!!! The chafing…

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