(Closed) Girls with moissanite…what will happen with the patent?

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Helper bee
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I don’t care. I chose moissanite because it was a forever stone and financially a much more reasonable choice. I have no intentions of trying to resell my ring for profit. ANything you buy will immediately lose value when you buy it, except maybe a house. So your moissanite ring already lost value. Even if you had a diamond, it has very little resale value, you’d be lucky to get half what you paid.

I still think it will be worth more than CZ because CZ is not a forever stone, it will cloud, and moiss won’t.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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msformaldehyde:  I agree. I think that moissanite is most likely pretty expensive to create. You need to grow it in roughs and then cut/facet the stone.. which I heard is done by hand. Seems labor intensive and probably includes a lot of overhead. Also, since it is so hard, some diamond cutting tools are required to make it, which I’m sure are not cheap.

I think once the patents get lifted, it will be a really good opportunity for moissy lovers. The stone is constantly improving, so assuming more people will be creating it, it will hopefully continue to improve. I think C&C might have to step their game up to meet consumer needs and keep up with competitors. 

Even if moissy drops in price, I will still love mine the same. Hell, one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place was because of it’s affordability… so if my favorite stone becomes even easier to buy, then I figure it’s nothing but a win-win.

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Helper bee

msformaldehyde:  I don’t know what will happen when the patent expires but I’m hoping it leads to more options and lower prices. I don’t think prices will quickly drop to CZ prices but I think moissy will become even more affordable over time.

C&C has had YEARS of creating and cutting moissy and it is still getting better and better. With the exception of maybe BTD, I think if new companies start making it they will probably take a long while to produce really white, well cut moissy. There may be an influx of moissy available but I don’t think the quality will immediately be on par with what C&C is producing. I’ll likely stick with C&C Forever Brilliant since they are the experts and most experienced with the stone.

Either way, I won’t regret my choice. Just like some choose a CZ ring for $50 dollars, higher quality CZ is still a few hundred dollars. For example, an Asha at 1.25 ct is $300. If moissy color and cuts keep getting better and C&C starts to sell it at the price of high quality CZ I’ll be an even happier, more blingy bee.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I do think the market is strong enough that competitors will enter and the price will drop. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the price dropping so I can treat myself to a pair of moissy studs. The fact that moissy tends to pick up the colors around it makes it ideal (to me) for a pair of earrings.

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Sugar bee

I don’t own a moissanite but I would also love a pair of studs. I think the expiration means more competition, better prices, and better quality overall. 

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Bumble bee
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Looking forward to shopping based on competitive prices. I love the stone.

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Honey bee
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I think there will be more offerings, but I do not expect prices to drop that much.  Maybe a little, sure, but moissanite is not easy to grow…  I think the quality of cutting will really come into play.

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Bumble bee
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msformaldehyde:  The patent running out and the potential for market prices to drop doesn’t change my opinions on moissanite in general or my rings in particular because I didn’t buy them for the positive or negative judgement of the price.  

The value for me is emotional not economic.  And being upset that the prices could drop to belox “x” seems silly to me when the emotional ties to my rings have nothing to do with how much they cost in dollars.  I liken it to being upset that your 10 year old car isn’t worth what you paid for it, even though you enjoyed driving it to the utmost and it filled it’s purpose to you.

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Sugar bee
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FutureDrAtkins:  diamond cutting tools are cheap. I have diamond tipped cutters I use for glass etching, and have paid $15 for a set of about 10 tips that came with a bunch of other rotary tool bits. I also have a knife sharpener that is diamond impregnated. The stones with crap colours/inclusions/fragment sizes/weird shapes and are not otherwise perfect are about 90% of all diamonds and are industrial priced in tools.

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Sugar bee
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I wanted to wait until 2015 to see what happens before buying any moissanite, but it turns out I’m not that patient and my three stone moissy anniversary ring is on it’s way! 

I don’t really think that the prices will plummet in 2015, I mean look at what BTD has priced the amora gem at. Also, I think I agree with the PP who said she will stick to C&C moissy, as they have made great advances with the stone and they are the experts. I kind of expect to see eBay flooded with poorly cut, low quality moissanite in the future, but who wants that? 

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Buzzing bee
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I dont care about the patent expiring. I didnt buy my forever billiant moissanite for some percieved value. If the price drops to CZ like pricing…than so be it. I will still love all of my moissanite and will continue to buy from Charles and Colvard. I chose moissanite mostly for its out of this world sparkle…but also for its long term duribility.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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babeba:  Eh either way, moissy is hard to grow and there’s a lot of chemistry that goes into it. The growing process, the scientists, and then the cutting all cost a LOT of money, meaning high overhead and not an exorbadent room for profits. Just look at C&C’s financial history.


C&C reported over a $1 millon LOSS on one of their biggest sales years. If the experts are struggling to turn a profit, it would be a bit surprising to me that there would be more than a handful of people willing to try and gain a foothold in a market like that.

I agree with others that we’ll most likely see cheaper moissy, but cheaper in both price and quality. I’ll be sticking with C&C unless someone really blows me away with some new kind of technology (growing or cutting).

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