Girls with nose piercings, come here please!

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Helper bee
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I’ve had mine for a few years so some of this is kind of hard to remember, but I’ll try! The pain wasn’t too bad for me, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) I would say about a 4?? But I have several piercings and tattoos, so I’m kinda used to it. I think altogether mine took maybe like 6 weeks to heal completely? At first it was kinda scabby and gross but that only lasted a few days. It was pretty tender at first. IDK about a scar cause I’ve never let it close up, but it’s a pretty small hole. I’ve never had trouble washing my face with it. I just wash it like normal. I do sometimes take mine out to put my foundation on and then just put it back in, but while it’s healing just kind of go around it. Good luck, and I say go for it! I love mine!

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Helper bee
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+1 She said it pretty well. My nose was my first piercing ever and it wasn’t too bad. I remembered it bothered me the most when I sneezed or laughed when I first got it. It heals fairly quick since its on cartilege like your ears. 10 years later the only time it bothers is when ur washing ur face because it can fall out if ur not careful or forget its there. It’s an easy piercing to maintain I think compared to other facial piercings. Go for it!

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Honey bee
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Sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with the other girls on the pain factor…I have a couple of piercings on each ear and used to have on one my lip too, and my nose was by far the most painful. But every person can be a bit different with that. My facial piercings always take awhile to heal, but since I just like a simple little diamond stud in it I really never change it. Cleaning it is pretty simple, I’d just put some saline solution on a cotton swab and rub it on the area. I stay away from that nostril when I’m washing my face, and am careful to go around the stud when applying makeup, but it’s really not a big deal. It’s a pretty low maintenance piercing compared to others – changing the ring can be difficult, but I rarely do. I still occasionally have it happen where it comes out in my sleep (which usually wakes me up) or while I’m washing because it’ll get caught on a the pillowcase or washcloth, which freaking HURTS, but it’s rare.

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I’ve had mine for about 5 years now so I don’t remember everything but…

I don’t think it was that painful but I did “cry” because your nose is connects to all your sinus’s and such. The needle going in is easy, the stud going in and everything else coming out is the painful part. I would say like a 6-7. 

I have a good amount of piercings and this one was one of the most annoying to heal. You don’t really notice how often your nose moves until you get it pierced. I think it takes almost 3-6 months. Its sore for quite awhile. I highly recommend not getting it pierced in the winter or anytime you might get sick or a runny nose. Blowing your nose is very hard until its healed. So I would wait until summer. Even now I can’t blow my nose properly just because of the type of stud I have.

I have a tiny scar from trying to put my stud back in by myself. I leave that to the professionals now. But it is nothing noticable. 

To care for it, where ever you go should give you a cleaning solution I used Q-tips to clean the inside and cotton balls to clean the outside. I remember having to move the stud through the hole. That is painful. The inside gets crusty so you really have to clean all that off before moving it. 

While its healing you just wash your nose gently. Now that its healed I don’t even notice it. I wash like normal. Same goes with make up. Once its healed I don’t do anything different. Too Much Information but now that its healed when I am in the shower I  use my fingers since my nails are soft to get all the crustys off the inside and move the stud around.

Hope that helps.  

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I had mine done years ago, and have taken it out since. When I first got it, I developed a small keloid (raised scar) directly over the site of the piercing. With some research, I was able to get it to go away, but still, that was a TERRIBLE experience. Who wants a raised scar on their nose?

I kept my nose ring in for a few years but eventually had to take it out for work. You can’t even tell I had it pierced now. I do have a keloid on the inside of my nose now though, which sucks. But it’s minor. Getting the piercing was minimal pain – but I have a high tolerance. Taking it out and putting it back in sucked though. I thought that was a pain in the butt!

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Buzzing bee
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i got mine done this summer. It hurt for me, my eyes watered, but it wasnt the worst I’ve had. I have 19 piercings, and it’s probably the fourth or fifth most painful. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but it wasn’t awful.

Took me about 3 months to fully heal, but I did take it out when it was only a month old due to a surgery. I also had a bad reaction to the nose screw, it was irritating the back of my nose and I had a ton of mucus and blood build up in there for weeks. After I changed to an L shaped, I’ve had no problems with mine. I guess my nostril is just not big enough for that style of nose stud.

I used salt water and a qtip to clean both the front and the back. What i’ve used for all piercings and I’ve never had a problem. And no issues washing around it (i’ve got a cloth stuck on it once and that hurt, but nothing bad!), an I just apply my make up like normal, and if I get it on it, i wash the area and the ring after it’s all done.

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Busy bee
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It has been 5 years since I got mine so I don’t really remember, but I don’t remember it hurting very bad. The only thing was that my nose started bleeding some when they did it so I had to lay back to make it stop. It didn’t take long to heal and they told me what to clean it with, but I don’t remember what that was. 5 years later I don’t even really recognize it is there and I wash my face completely normal. I have never taken it out myself because I am afraid I will hurt myself so when I want to change the ring I just go let a professional change it!

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Busy bee
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@cirk: I had one of the screw kind too and hated the way it felt inside my nose. Then I switched to the L and that was ok, but the one I have now is 2 pieces and it like snaps together inside my nose so it is only a tiny piece of metal inside my nose so it doesn’t bother me at all.

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Blushing bee
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The actual piercing of the nose itself wasn’t so bad – the jabbing the needle in part. Does it hurt? yes but it’s more like a quick pinching pain.

What REALLY hurt was putting the nose ring in. THAT was awful becuase the nose ring is twisty and they have to twist this thing in your freshly wounded flesh. I was cringing the whole time. My BFF who was there with and has already had her nose pierced for a number of years said that if she would have seen someone get their nose pierced before she did hers…she wouldn’t have done it lol.

Overall, not terrible. I had an industrial piercing and that was the most painful thing I have ever purposely done to myself ever. It was the worst. I ended up having to take it out for a job and it healed over, and I would never ever do it again. Now if my nose healed, I WOULD do that one again.

I’ve pierced my neck which was surprisingly not painful in any way shape or form, it just felt weird. I also have my lip pierced and my ears double pierced. I have one tatoo as well. I have my belly button pierced but I don’t wear it anymore.

I’m a wimp when it comes to pain to so if I can do you can do it but be prepared because it does hurt. I didn’t do this for the first few piercings but if you take some sort of pain med before it does wonders. I actually have some prescription pain pills so I took one darvocet before piercing my lip. I didn’t do this for my nose however. 

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Blushing bee
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I totally missed the questions about care. I cleaned it wiht salt water solution and a q-tip. Now they make this salt water spray which is what I’m using as I gauge out one of my ear piercings and its much easier. I don’t remember it being terribly painful to clean after the first couple of days. Washing my face was never a problem, just have to be careful not to bump it, that’s the hardest part. Watch when you put shirts on or take them off. I don’t wear makeup much anymore but I used to…I would just go with poweder foundation and apply gently on the nose. You’ll have a hard time with liquid because you don’t want to get that INTO the new piercing, plus it’s going to be tender so it’s going to hurt trying to apply it.

My nose is still pierced so I couldn’t tell you much about scarring. With mine being healed I have zero problems at all. I just take the piercing out to apply makeup. I wear mineral foundation which I can apply with it in but it covers the stud. I’ve also worn a hoop which I like but it’s a pain in the ass to get in and out. The biggest problem I have now is the piercing sliding out! I go through lots of nose rins because of that ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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I don’t remember mine being too painful. It felt funny, my eye watered and that was it. I had mine done with a needle and had the L bar put in straightaway. Friends of mine had their nose pierced with the gun and every single one got infected.

I cleaned mine with salt spray but my piercer also said to apply honey to both sides with a qtip after cleaning, it draws out anything that may lead to an infection. I’d say mine healed after about 6 weeks, and you do notice it twinge when you flare your nostrils etc – my 16yo self kept doing it to remind myself it was there!

I got mine pierced the week before prom and no problems putting foundation etc over it, I didn’t want to take it out so I just took extra care cleaning around it later.

Funny side note – after I got mine done, I started sneezing a lot more!

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Buzzing bee
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How would you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10? Depends, but I would say typically 4ish 

How long did it take to heal properly? I didn’t have mine for terrible long- but if i took it out it starting healing over immediately

If you take it out, does it leave a bad scar? Can’t even see where it was

How do you care for it while its healing? Just clean and twist

How do you wash your face without irritating it? Even after its healed, is washing your face a problem?  I had a huge problem with it falling out when I washed my face- maybe I’m too aggressive?  But it never hurt (cept putting it back in if I didn’t do it fast enough- one time I actually had to get it repierced after an hour)

How do you apply face makeup like foundation with a facial piercing??-Didn’t wear makeup

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Bumble bee
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I had mine pierced about ten years ago and took it out a few weeks after having it pierced because I got sick and was blowing my nose a lot and couldn’t handle the stud. My nose was a bit sore but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as cartilage piercing in my ear. It did leave a scar, though but it gets covered up with make up just fine so it doesn’t bother me.

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Sugar bee
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I no longer have my nose pierced, but I got it done about 10 years ago.

I have had lots of piercings, and I am actually going to say this one was the WORST in terms of pain. Like, more than getting my nipple done. Perhaps I have thick cartiledge?

It never got to heal completely, as I had a dream about a bug crawling on my face and managed to rip that sucker out, even though it was a twisty stud.

It sure looked cute on my 20’s self, but not worth getting redone after that!

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