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When I was getting a dog people said it would be a lot of work. and I was like “Yah…yah.. I know” … I did not know lol. BUT totally worth it. It was just a bit of a shock. I now have 3 dogs. Boxer, German Shepherd and French Bulldog.

The first time you take them to the vet bring a poop sample just in case. 

I used to find a good dog food. If you transition the dog off the food the breeder / shelter gives you then do it slow. I start with 1/4 new food, 3/4 old food for 1.5 weeks then do 1/2 new food, 1/2 old food and so on. If you notice their poops are a bit softer then lessen the amount of new food. If they get bad diaherria and they are given a kibble diet, give a spoonful of pumpkin puree. 

Start leash training right away (in small sessions at first) and be adamant about no leash pulling. 

I recommend crate training right away. I would say all my dogs love their crates… but they all seem to love my boxers crate for some reason. I have caught all 3 in his lol. Get a wire life transitions crate and make the crate big enough for the puppy to get up, do a circle and lay down comfortably. As they get bigger you make the crate bigger. If the crate is too big they will sometimes go to the bathroom in the corner away from their sleeping area. Never ever ever take the dog out if it is whining/barking/screaming bloody murder (unless they are whining because they have to go to the bathroom… in which case take them outside on a leash to do their business and then put them back in the crate). If you do, then you teach the dog that if they carry on and make a ruckus they get rewarded with coming out of the crate. With the boxer (my dog I had before I was with my boyfriend) I stuck him in his crate for the night and he was howling and barking. I would go out and tell him “Enough” or “No noise” then go back to the bedroom. Eventually he calmed down and he was fine after that. The german shepherd is my boyfriends dog and he is a bit more sensitive and was a bit harder to crate train because my boyfriend would take him out when he whined or would sleep on the floor with him. Hes good now though. Frenchie didn’t care because he had his 2 pals with him. I generally block the top and 3 sides with a blanket to make it more “den like’ and I shove the bottom with blankets and a memory foam dog bed. BUT while potty training and puppy training I would stick with old towels or blankets ontop of a cheap crate liner (fleecy looking mat thing). Some dogs like to destroy them. And when they were learning I didn’t use the crate as punishment. Because I want it to be their safe place. My co-worker just got a dog this year and he said it wouldn’t settle in the crate. It would wake up at 3-4am every morning barking. So they put an old pillow they used to use in the crate and it calmed him down. 

I used crate training to help with potty training because puppies are crazy and have no attention span lol. I had a potty schedule (the boxer never whined to be let out and he still doesn’t to this day 6-7 years later.). If they don’t go pee/poop when they should (ie they have been in their crate for half a day) then they go back in the crate and I try again 5 mins later. I repeat until they go potty then they can be free roaming. Then for overnight potty training… for the first week we would wake up every 2 hrs to let the dog out then 3 hrs the next week. If you notice the puppy stops going everytime you take them out at say the 2hr interval you can try increasing the interval by an hour… so try again in an hour then the next time you would take them out every 3hrs… i hope that makes sense. Play it by ear. Oh and when starting out I find it is helpful to take them out on the leash to do their business and go to the same spot. Once they go potty then they can either be free in the backyard to play or go back in the house. (Some people would say “Well I brought the dog out but it didnt have to go … so I brought it inside.. AND IT WENT PEE RIGHT AWAY ON THE FLOOR”  While potty training remove access to food and water an hour before bed time. It is tricky with dogs that don’t tell you they have to go out.. I got 2 of them lol. The boxer and bulldog. So we taught the bulldog to use bells when he had to go out and it worked… but then he started using it to go out to play. So thats where the leash thing comes in. Nope not playing right now… just potty break.. back inside you go sir. The german shepherd being the smarty he is would start ringing the bells lol so we would think it was the frenchie and we would let them all out 😛 Eventually the frenchie started whining instead of using the bells so we just got rid of them. My current schedule now that they are all potty trained is …. in the morning everyone goes out right away. Then they eat breakfast. Around noon they go out again. Around 4-5 they go out. and have dinner around 5:15. Then before bed they go out. Once they are potty trained you get to live the good life lol. 

Do not use peepads. Nope. Never ever lol.

Supervision lol a quiet puppy is bad news. 😛 The german shepherd ate all the corners off our baseboards while boyfriends brother was watching the dogs. He likes to go on his phone a lot. And puppy proof your house. 

Clean up messes with an enzyme killer. If you have carpet I would get the little green machine ulphostery cleaner. They have a pet stain remover soap thing. 

Start getting them used to being touched all over. Ears, paws, legs. Pretend to clip their claws (it will help for when you actually have to lol). Short sessions with lots of praise for these.

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I was a big dweeb as a kid and my favorite hobby was showing my Golden Retrievers. You’ve received so many good tips! Here’s my two cents: 

Introduce your pup to a local stream or body of water as soon as possible. Chances are he/she will love it. But don’t wait, cause Golden’s who don’t like to swim are kinda lame.

The down side to any water loving golden is the ear infections. Dry ears thoroughly after each swim. If you ever sense an infection brewing (look for redness, smell for nastiness, feel for heat), and can’t get to a vet right away or are out of prescribed ear meds, I’d recommend using Monistat. The applicators are perfect for getting the anti yeast/fungal medicine deep into the ear. This has saved me thousands of dollars in medications/vet visits, and many veterinarians have admitted that it’s not a bad way to treat an infection, as long as you administer two cleanings/treatments a day until the infection is entirely gone. 

When I met my fiancé, his dogs knew the command “wait”, which I had never bothered to teach. When preparing multiple bowls of food (different formulas, for small and big dogs) the dogs wait patiently. When I put the bowls down, I say “wait” and call each to their respective bowl. I usually let the oldest eat first with the command “dig in”. No one is allowed to touch their bowl until they are permitted. Some of our adopted dogs had food aggression, and this had alleviated some of those issues. This will make feeding time less stressful for you if you decide to add more dogs or if your dogs ever visit another dog’s home. Remember, the first pet of any bunch sets an example for all who follow.

Pee pads have been wonderful to my dogs 20 lbs and under, but I can’t imagine it working for a golden.

When I was eight years old, there is no way I could have wrangled a six month old godlen and teach him/her how to heel without a prong collar. My left arm just didn’t have the strength. Prong collars were not allowed in the ring, but I use one on all medium to large sized puppies. 

Good luck to you and enjoy!

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