(Closed) give me some crazy MOB or MOG stories you've experience or witnessed

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I was *suppose* to be Maid/Matron of Honor until her mother became Matron of honor and told me that I was a horrible friend and Maid/Matron of Honor and that I wasn’t there for the bride when I was suppose to be during the planning…oh and by the way, I was going through a life or death situation that they were aware of when they were telling me all of this. 

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ksn1219:  Ok. So this MoB wasn’t crazy but everything leading up to the ceremony involving her was! The MoB was running late and had both flower girls, and the marriage license with her in the vehicle on the way to the ceremony. She got in a wreck. Thankfully no one was injured. this but us almost another 45 mins. behind. NO BIG! So long as everyone was safe it’s ok. We opened the bar early for guest. (huge mistake but another story)

Someone goes and collects the MoB and flower girls. On track!

Marriage license is in the wrecked truck.

On the side of the road.


That’s when MoG starts crying because she’s out of cigarettes and everyone hates her.

At this point I was done. Got it handled. It was great. The MoG doesn’t like me. That’s cool.


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anonybee0810:  I know you said experienced or witnessed, but my Mother-In-Law went bat shit crazy on my Father-In-Law in frotn of all our guests before me, Darling Husband, and our wedding party arrived at the venue, all becuase he didn’t let the dogs out. I had a few people come up and say she just raked him over the coals and screamed at him. Then they left to go let the dogs out, missed some of the reception, and acted like nothing happened.

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My Mother-In-Law went a bit crazy about her and Father-In-Law being late.  This ended up with Father-In-Law stressing out to the point where he FORGOT Darling Husband on his wedding day.   Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law were supose to get Darling Husband from the hotel to the wedding site and Darling Husband was supose to leave the car at the reception site because it would just be easier for everyone. 

And the best part of this is that Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law are NOTORIOUS for running late, so I built an hour into our schedule to make sure Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law where on time. 

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I kind of like reading all of these, my fiance and I aren’t due to be married for another 2 years (almost to the day) and I feel like reading these will help me prepare for the worst hahaha.  In the end I guess you’re married to the man (or woman) you love and that’s what truely matters.  It also gives you reasons to guilt the dear family members for many, many years hahaha.

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I was one of 4 BMs in a wedding where the MOB just lost it. I gather there was a lot of family drama going on and the MOB is the member of the family that tries to keep the peace between all the extended family members. The bride had not seen a lot of this family since she was a young girl, that’s how bad the family relationships are. Yet all of them decided to show up for the wedding and fight.

The wedding was at a very small historic inn that was not used to doing weddings. We only had 1.5 hours to set up everything for the ceremony and reception for 200 people, and no staff. The MOB told us that she, her 2 sisters, and the sisters’ 4 daughters would help the BMs set up. I thought, “11 people, we can get this done, no problem”. Then the MOB’s 2 sisters got in a huge fight and their daughters starting throwing the favors at each other, everyone was screaming and the MOB just melted down! 2 of the BMs went to help the bride get dressed since her mom locked herself in the van with the 2 sisters pounding on the car windows. So me and the 1 other Bridesmaid or Best Man had to do all the linens, chair covers and bows, plates, napkins, favors (that hadn’t been destroyed) and try to let the bride never know what happened!

I kinda felt bad for MOB until she proceeded to be really nasty to everyone the whole evening, basically ruined the reception line and all the photos with her sourpuss face and attitude, and was really mean to the bride. The whole night was just such a disaster because of the family fight that the couple is having a private vow renewal on their anniversary.

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anonybee0810:  Some people have no social boundaries at all! lol Ialways hear about people acting like this…..hopefully it wont happen to me!

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I invited Future Mother-In-Law to my first dress fitting, my family lives on the other side of teh country and my brother and his wife were in town and I am very close with her so we thought it would be fun to try some dresses on.  I invited Future Mother-In-Law because she has all sons and wouldn’t be able to have this experience with her own daughter.  Well, everything was great at the appointment Future Mother-In-Law picked out some dresses and I tried them on for her I thought I found teh dress and we all picked great accessories.  My own mother was on skype too so it was like she was there too.  Well, a week later Future Mother-In-Law decides that the dress apointment didn’t go great and texts Fiance telling him how selfish we are and that I purposely invited her to the appointment to make her feel left out and make it known that I was taking her son away.  My center diamond in my ring was FI’s grandmothers and his mothers and was given to me and she even made sure to include “take my precious diamond and never speak to me again”.  We didn’t talk for like a month after and now she is on board witht he wedding and even offered to pay for a few things as long as we submit expense reports for it.

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Lbward6:  WOW….just. Wow

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Liss13:  Haha yeah, when I finally picked a dress she asked to see a pic and I showed her and she goes “oh that’s nice” in a very non impressed tone. She’s been a trip!

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Yes. My mother was so momzilla that we eloped. I couldn’t take her intrusive behavior and screaming scenes anymore. Polite discussions did not help.

I always wanted a small wedding of 60 or less. My mother insisted that I have 175 guests, marry in a church, have five bridesmaids that she picked, wear the gown that she wanted me to wear, have the food she wanted and even choose my husband’s groomsmen. She thought it was her wedding. 

My mother kept badgering about my weight; told me that I was too fat to look good in a wedding dress when I told her that I was engaged. She also refused to come dress shopping because I wouldn’t let her pick my dress. 

She was very hurt about our elopement but it also taught her a lesson: interfere too much with insults and you will NOT be included. Now that we are planning our vow renewal, my mother is wisely keeping her mouth shut. She also no longer asks me for personal information like my salary or makes snide remarks about my choice to be childfree. 

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My sister’s Future Mother-In-Law went total PSYCHO on the people at the check-in desk at the (super nice) hotel when they told her the room wasn’t ready yet. The whole family got up in the receptionist’s face and was cursing at her and threatening her to such an extent that they had to call security to escort them out. The best (worst?) part is my mom’s good friend had done them a huge favor to book the rooms at the corporate rate since she was an exec at the (huge and very prestigious) hotel chain, so she was brought into the whole shenanigan because her name was linked to the reservation. My parents were mortified

Then, they claimed that they hadn’t said/done anything and that they had been “unfairly kicked out” after doing nothing. Ummm, hotels record everything so we saw it on tape. It was terrible. They were terrible. Ten years later and the marriage is kaput and my sister couldn’t be happier! 

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