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Sugar bee

Use organic paint!  It doesn’t smell and while it’s twice as much… half as much does the same job.  So you pay the same amount, but the paint looks better and is odorless. πŸ™‚

We got our paint at Benjamin Moore…

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Buzzing bee
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First, get yourself a decent angle brush. I usually go with Wooster or Purdy. Spend the money! A good angle brush lets you avoid taping edges, which can take up a lot of time. 

I hate cleaning up, so I often just buy the cheaper packs of rollers and plastic trays so I can throw them away when I’m done. If you’re planning on painting quite a bit and don’t mind cleaning, you could go with the more expensive rollers and trays to keep for later use. 

I usually just buy contractor’s paper and plastic for the floor, and make sure you buy a big bag of rags! You will need them. 

As far as what type of paint, that just depends on what matters to you. As Mr. Bee suggested organic or low VOC is better for you, but is more expensive. Benjamin Moore does have some great paint, but don’t stress is you need to go with the cheaper brands from Lowes or Home Depot, especially if you just aren’t sure about a color. I haven’t found that it makes a huge difference, if cost is a deciding factor. 

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Helper bee
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If you need to tape off windows, doors, ceiling, etc – invest in the Blue/Green Painters tape.  I know it’s more expensive, but if you use masking tape you will be kicking yourself later. 

Tape down your drop cloths! You don’t want to drag one with you as you’re spilling paint and end up with half a gallon on your hardwood/carpet!

If you’re painting over a dark color – Sherwin Williams has several paints that offer a one-coat guarantee.  Aka, if you use that paint and it doesn’t cover in one coat, they’ll give you another gallon free.  Hint*painting tan over purple is a great use of this guarantee*

Take the time to edge carefully – as bree72 said, a good angle brush will save you time, but you’ll hate yourself later if you rushed and made a mess.

Any other questions?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Going to repeat some of above: 

1- go for the blue tape, seriously

2- don’t cheap out on paint. it doesn’t really matter what brand you buy, but make sure you get one that is meant to be a one-coat paint. I just did a room in Sherwin Williams Durability paint and it was fantastic

3- Decide on what sheen you want. Usually there is matte, satin/eggshell, and semi-glass. You probably want the satin/eggshell. Flat paint has absolutely no lustre and it can be really hard to wash. Semi-glass is pretty shiny… probably best used for a bathroom or trim. 

4- Get yourself a purdy angle brush. It might cost $20 but if you take care of it, clean it out immediately and well, it will last you 10 years. 

5- Buy pan liners so you don’t have to wash the pan. They’re like $1. 

6- Take the time to tape really well, it will save you time later in edging and cleanup

7- Take your time edging. Seriously… taping/edging will take more time than painting the whole rest of the wall with your roller. That is the way it should be. 

8- You probably know this… but take off your outlet covers before painting. It is so not worth it to edge around them. Just pop out the screws and put all the screws/plates in a bag and then you can paint much easier. 

9- make sure you stir the paint before pouring it, unless you literally JUST bought it that day. paint settles sometimes and its such a hassle. 

10- when you’re rolling the paint, don’t get so much on the roller that it drips on the wall, and paint in a V shape, not up and down. 


Thats all I can think of for now πŸ™‚ 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Also, if you are going to tape the windows, make sure to paint right afterward.  We taped everything and then went about painting and the stuff that we took off last left annoying stickies on the windows and doors that we had to take off.  Everyone else has great ideas!

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Bee Keeper
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Great post! I need this information too, thanks ladies! Marking as one of my favorites for sure!

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Sugar bee
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…just wanted to add one more tip about taping…make sure you remove the tape before the paint dries. I didn’t do this and ended up ripping away a section of paint with the tape….which I then had to sand down and repaint =(

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Sugar bee
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If you’re painting a dark wall into a lighter colour then I’d use a layer of white between the dark coat and the colour you want. It just means that you use less paint and it takes less time. 

When you use the rollers make sure that you roll out all the colour on the wall until there’s nearly nothing coming out left. Otherwise you’re overloading your roller and you can make it wobbly and uneven for later projects.

Don’t leave your rollers to dry before cleaning them. Wash them in a bucket in a sink once you’re done with them. They’ll be so much cleaner and you can use them so many times afterwards. Just take it off the extender with your hands and wash them as you wash out the roller. If you take good care of your painting equipment then you’ll be able to reuse them over and over.

That being said, if you’re planning on painting a different room the same colour on another day then tape a bag around the roller when it’s on the extender. Just a black garbage bag taped securely will work awesome. It’ll mean the paint on your roller stays wet and you can reuse the paint on it on a different room πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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Take your time. πŸ™‚

Priming is important!

Long strokes, V pattern, don’t put too much paint on the brush/roller, etc. etc.

I hear that Frog Tape is excellent if you’re going to paint stripes or any other job that needs a really clean line.

Plastic and sheets are fine for painting, but I prefer adhesive poly(ethelyne) film because it doesn’t move around or get in the way.

Wrapping your brushes/rollers/pan in tin foil will easily keep the paint wet for a day if you want to come back and paint another coat in a few hours.

Oh! And for the love of God, please make sure your walls are ready to be painted! It’s just like putting makeup on. You need a smooth surface, so fill in nail holes/dings/imperfections, let the putty dry, and sand it smooth before priming.

(Can you tell my dad works in construction? Haha)

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Bee Keeper

A lot of it depends on your walls,ceilings and trim. If you have any cracks or holes in the walls from anything (picture hanging,shelves) they need to be filled and sanded (after completely dry) before any painting is done. Prep work is really the key to a great paint job.

Make sure the temperature is at least close to the painting temps suggested on the can. Low odor or not,almost every paint has some kind of smell and curing time. If you need to crack a window,remember to close off the room and turn off the vents and cover the door jamb while it dries.

Flat or matte finish paint is the best to use on not-so-perfect walls……it hides imperfections much better. Eggshell finish or satin can be used almost everywhere,while high-gloss or semi-gloss is best for windows and trim. Oil based paints are also great for trim,but you need to use really good brushes (or wrap & put in the freezer if not finished with them in one day) and they have a longer cure time.

Decide on your ceiling color….white? flat? 3 shades lighter than wall color? (that will create the illusion of higher ceilings) Tape off everything you don’t want to get paint on. I never remove switchplates or light covers but always paint them out to blend in with the walls. (Makes them way less distracting.) Remove as much furniture as you can, or make ure everything is covered really well as there is always splatter.

Pull the tape as soon as you finish the room as long as you’re happy with the finish coat. Give the room several days to completely cure beore putting it back together.

Stand back & admire your work!

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Helper bee

I agree with others, don’t use cheap paint!  We’ve been using Sherwin William’s durability in our house and it’s been great!

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