(Closed) Give me your wedding/reception horror story…drunk guest, ruined food, etc

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  • Wedding: July 2010

in my best friend wedding happen so many little things… and here is the list

1. when we were getting ready in her house all the bridesmaid have to take needle and thread to sewed the guys tuxedo pants because they came without the seam done

2. she was putting some makeup to finish and the lipstick fall on her dress and made a huge line… we went crazy and got some cleaning product to clean it

3. when we got to the church there was another wedding who was suppose to be finish already still there so we waited almost 20 min for them to finish

4. my daughter was the flower girls and she didnt wanted to walk down the isle so she walked with me

5. after the ceremony she sent me first to the reception to make sure everything was done but when i got there her family make a huge deal saying that it was so unfair that i was allowed first in the reception hall and they dont

6. when my friend was ready to change to her second dress she i had to give her the bra i was wearing because she forgot hers

7. we had to pull out a group of 10 crashers out of the wedding

8. he father got so drunk my fi and i pull him out of the reception to get some air and water in his face (it work a little)

9. the cake was a disaster, trying to cut it it start it falling apart

every little thing i was crazy… now we laugh about it

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  • Wedding: July 2010

#1  One of my mother in law’s called me bridzilla in the wedding toast. I might have seemed like a bridzilla to her because I told her how stressed I was about HER daughter not responding to anything having to do with the wedding. (She was a bridesmaid, and her kids were supposed to be ushers)

It didn’t ruin the day, but it made me smile knowing that I knew I could hold it against her for a couple holidays and go to my family’s events instead.

#2  Our cake was driven over already stacked together (bad to do) in the back of a van and after her hour or more drive to the site it had fallen. I hated people who kept taking pictures of it, knowing it was going to end up on facebook, myspace, etc as the WORST cake haha. It was just supposed to have little daisies on it not the huge garland haha. It also was leaning to one side badly. All the guests were nice about it and still ate it 🙂


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  • Wedding: April 2011

@jennifer_espos: My Old School Italian Aunt wants to bring a tazer too in case FI’s mother gets out of line.

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  • Wedding: June 2014

Okay, so this isn’t a horror story, but it’s pretty hilarious.

At my FSIL’s wedding my boyfriend and I were walking around with the videocamera asking people to give the bride and groom advice for a happy marriage. We had some pretty hilarious results, considering it was an open bar and everyone was trashed since it was later in the night. THE BEST ANSWER came from boyfriend and FSIL’s aunt, who had a few gin and tonics that evening: Boyfriend and I: “Do you have advice for the bride and groom?” Aunt: “Yes….. FUCK EVERY NIGHT!”

Pretty good advice, huh? That video is our favorite to watch at family gatherings, and the bride and groom thought it was hilarious!

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Father-in-law, sister-in-law and SIL’s boyfriend sneak out to smoke weed when the place is being watched by actual cops. Then SIL almost push’s her sis my bride over. CLASSY! Thank God it wasn’t 4:20.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

My dad has some medical issues, so for my sister’s wedding my parents stayed at a hotel super close to the wedding, so my dad would be able to make it there on time without any problems. It turns out he forgot his medication the night before, so drove home at 2am to get it and drive back. He looked exhausted in all of the pictures, and during the ceremony he forgot to give my sister away so they just went up by themselves and my dad just stood there for a few awkward moments. He fell asleep during her first dance, and had to be woken up for the father daughter dance. During the reception I offered to drive him home because he was clearly not in a condition to drive, yet left without my knowing. I guess someone thought he was drunk, so when he got to the hotel the cops were waiting for him. My sister’s 11 year old nephew went home early and saw the whole thing, and asked my sister about it. 

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  • Wedding: December 2011

lol… there’s always something that goes wrong, but sheesh! 😉

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  • Wedding: November 2012

1) Back in high school, I used to play harp for people’s weddings. One wedding is definitely memorable in its awfulness. It was held at the groom’s house in the backyard under a tent. The groom was very particular about everything, down to dyeing his grass greener and training the swans in the nearby pond to swim by at the time of the ceremony. Well, it rained. Torrentially. And their tent had no sides. I only played the cocktail hour, but during that whole time people had to keep moving things further into the center of the tent so they wouldn’t get wet by the rain blowing in. The DJ wasn’t sure if he would be able to set up his equipment due to the rain, and everyone’s heels were coated in mud from walking through the newly-dyed grass to the tent area. I felt so bad for the couple, but fortunately everyone tried to make the most of it. Thanks to that wedding, though, I flat out refuse to have mine outdoors. No matter what.

2) My parents also had a bit of a snafu at their wedding. My mom’s parents had both passed away, so her brother was walking her down the aisle. He lives on the opposite coast, so all the tux measurements had to be done by phone. Unfortunately, he’s 6’7”, and apparently they didn’t take this into account when they ordered his pants. There’s this ridiculous photo of him wearing what look like capris the morning of the wedding. Fortunately they were able to get him someting else to wear in time, but it was a bit of a nightmare situation.

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My step brother got married last septemeber to a girl who came from… well.. a less than classy family.

I had a feeling it would turn out brutal when after the ceremony they were taking pictures of them and their wedding party flipping off the camera.

1.  step-sisters out of control children got far too hyper and both vomited under 1 of the tables.  She just let them keep running around after not even caring.

2. When i was in the bathroom my step-brothers new SIL who had just had a kid grabbed me and said “take a look at my boobs, *pulls up her dress* do they still look good after having my kid?” *awkward* first time i had met this girl.

3. My brother who was 19 at the time brought his new girlfriend as his date.  my brother is a sweetheart and would never say a bad word to anyone and he is very friendly.  The brides male cousins started a fight with him because he only had one cigarette left and he gave it to his girlfriend and not one of them when he asked.  Tried to punch my brother in the face but my bro was sober and the guy wasnt so my brother managed to step out of the way.  He was so freaked out him and his girlfriend went and hid in the car after telling my step-dad.

4. ohhh my step-dad… hes been a police officer in a rough neighbourhood of our city for 35+ years, his brother is also a sniper for the emergency task force… men you dont mess with basically.  These cousins of the bride who tried to hit my brother found my step-dad and told him that they were going to get the bride to invite them up to his cottage on the lake then they were going to trash it.  Needless to say my step-dad informed his brother and the 2 of them kept a close eye on them while also having their names run to see if there may have been any warrants just for fun.  there wasnt sadly but not he isnt very impressed with the brides family.

needless to say we left as early as we could.  Also because my step-bro and his now wife left their new boxer puppy in a cage all alone for over 18 hours at that point and when my mum found our she freaked out and wanted to go check up on the poor dog.

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So, I did extensive planning and had a great friend be my wedding coordinator so majority of my wedding went perfectly. However, its the things you can’t plan for that have potential to ruin your day. I can’t say I feel my day was ruined but I do have a sour taste in my mouth. One of my bridesmaids was caught opening our wedding gifts and cards.The bar tenders tips had been taken earlier in the night so many people were suspicious she might be stealing. A huge yelling fight between her and my husband’s family ensued. This ended with the groom and his brother tackling their father, the guestbook table being flipped, myself getting on the mic and declaring the reception over and the bridesmaid running away into the woods. It was a nightmare.

I tried to brush it off but the next day her boyfriend called and threatened our family and ruined the last day I had to spend with my family that had traveled cross country for the event. In the end I lost friends over something I had no control over. Best advice I can give from my experience, put your gifts away as quickly as possible!  

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  • Wedding: February 2012

Before my ceremony my sister was pretty well plastered. She came up to me and my best man before the cermony began and I introduced them.

Instead of saying nice to meet you or something to that effect, she slurred out “You know what we should do, since you’re, like, getting married? Have a threesome”

I laughed her off and pulled my best man away where he promptly looked at me and said, “so that’s your sister?”

Needless to say it went downhill from there…

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  • Wedding: February 2015

I know this is an old post but thought I’d share our night. My husband and I got married last Saturday.The ceremony was beautiful! We had asked for no children and all guests were aware not to bring their children. Half way through saying my vows I heard a child laugh loudly from the back of the guests. My cousin had decided that because they drove 2 hours to get to the wedding, and clearly couldn’t be bothered sorting their children out 9 months ago for the day, they were exempt and could bring them. Two of my bridesmaids left their children at home (1 yr olds), my husband’s sister left her one year old at home, and my best friend who was also my photographer left her 3 month old she was breast feeding with her mum to then leave and see every 3 hours to feed. I was so embarrassed. 


The Reception was great until Aunt Sally decided to get drunk and start karaoke. We put a stop to that. We cut her off from the bar but kept drinking. She spoke through the speeches and my husband’s family was mortified. The night went on and a few girls were crying. Spent the last 3 hours of the wedding chasing after people who ran down streets and baby sitting Aunt Sally. The day after the wedding we found out Aunt Sally decided to push my husband’s sisters partner INTO the pool in the outside patio area because he offered her some water. The sister threw water in her partners face and they had an argument outside, then proceeded to put a cigarette out in his eye. My mother was approached because there was a situation in the toilets. The door wouldn’t open because Aunt Sally was passed out on the floor, with her dress down and boobs out. 


I honestly don’t have any words for such disgusting behavior. 


My advice: DO NOT INVITE WILD CARDS. Seriously. Just don’t. They’ll ruin your night :/

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  • Wedding: Dieng Clubhouse

Maybe this isn’t exactly horror, but still extremely uncomfortable for me. At a cousin’s wedding about 4 years ago, in an honorable attempt to skimp on reception funds, my cousin decided it would be wise NOT to have a professional wedding planner or day of-coordinator to manage the big day. He ’employed’ his parents, Father-In-Law, Mother-In-Law, aunts, uncles and cousins to fix everything instead. Venue decorationm, church decoration, photobooth, etc. The day before the wedding, I was ‘rescued’ from having to decorate the church and venue until 2 AM because I was down with flu! For me it’s inconsiderate to ‘use’ your relatives that way.

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On the one hand I agree with you, but I know FI’s family has been asking us for weeks if there’s anything they can do on the day of the wedding to help us out- setting up, during the reception, or cleaning up. Some families WANT to participate in whatever way they can to make it easier for te bride and groom, so maybe it wasn’t that bad for them! 

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lillyangelmarie:  Our horror stories were limited, because we absolutely refused to invite the family’s crazy aunt, who no one can’t stand to be around. Her absence may have been noted, but it was oh, so delightful.

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