(Closed) Giving up our dog for baby?

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Or what about even just a special new toy every week or so?  One he can play with on his own?

It may not be ideal, the situation that is, but unless you have a committed family member or friend he is likely in a better situation with you than he would be elsewhere!

Dont give up, he just needs some time to adjust!

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Don’t give up on him! This is a big adjustment for everyone, but you will all get back into the swing of things. I agree with the others who say to try to find a dog walker, a neighborhood kid, or even twenty minutes out of your busy day to play with him, just a little. Sending animals off to shelters usually ends in them being put down, and it breaks my heart to think about that. Give it some more time. If you find that you really cannot keep him, try to give him to a neighbor or a friend, shelters are very hard to trust these days.

Best of luck to you, and congratulations on your new addition 🙂

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Sorry you and your pup are going through this!

I have a 3 1/2 month old so I feel for you! Our poor dog also went from being our baby to being second fiddle. We still let him out back (instead of always taking him on a nice long walk) and then a half hour later say “Oh my god, Teddy’s still outside!” And then we see him sitting at the door waiting. Awful! You’d think he’d bark but he doesn’t.

It has gotten a lot better though. My mom especially will come over and help with him all the time. If she comes to see the baby she always takes him on a nice walk first, or to the dog park. Sometimes she spends all her time with the dog and doesn’t even see the baby! And since our LO loves stroller walks, we of course take our pup with us. He has seperation anxiety so he’s a little spoiled anyway and we’ll take him with us to lunch, dinner, etc. too and go to an outside restaurant.

He does get jealous still, but that’s just life. He loves licking our baby’s feet, and I’m just looking forward to the day when she reacts to it and giggles! Some day they’ll be best buds.

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I agree with the above!  Don’t give up the dog!  I think the only reason to give up a dog for a child is if he was threatening the health of the baby.  Even if your dog is on the back burner for now, that is completely understandable with a newborn.  It is still probably a happier situation than what might otherwise happen to him.  Doggie daycare is great if you can afford it.  I cannot and used to work really long hours.  I found a college kid who would walk him once a day for me super cheap.  You should really look into that.  There is also this site (I have never used it personally):  http://www.care.com that has dog sitters amongst other things!

Good luck to you and your pup!

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@abbyful THIS!


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unfortunatley this happens a lot,  and this is why there are more dogs in shelters. because people give up on them. 

a dog is for life,  not just for christmas or until something better comes along. 

maybe you could play with the dog while playing with the baby,  walk the dog while walking the baby in the pram……bringing up kids and animals together does them the power of good…..the children AND  the dogs. 

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First, I’d ask what do you mean by “acting out”? If he’s chewing, pacing, or just showing signs of having to much energy, then I’d try some of the suggestions above. If there is no way for you guys to increase his walks/exercise, then I’d look into doggy daycare or someone that could come in to help with exercise. A tired dog really is a happy, well-behaved dog, especially if you didn’t have issues before the baby.

If the dog is showing signs of aggressiveness or protectiveness, I’d look at things more closely. If exercise doesn’t improve those behaviors, you might need to look into rehoming him. I’d be willing to deal with a lot from a dog, but any signs of aggressiveness around a baby would be a deal breaker for me. I can’t have a dog in my home that I don’t trust around my child.

It was awful to rehome my dog, especially because the issue we were having wasn’t his fault, but due to our home. He was amazing around my son and I’m heartbroken that DS will grow up without a dog.

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I’ll echo the PPs in that your dog is going through just as much of a transition and adjustment as you are.  Don’t give him up!  It will just take a little bit more time to establish a new routine with both a baby and a dog!

Definitely look into the recommendations PPs gave (hire dog walker, doggie day care, etc).

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I’m sure it was difficult on you when you first got your dog, but you adjusted. It just takes time.

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I think you should give it some time. Of course the first few weeks are hectic. I understand, I have been there. But things will smooth over, and your dog will have a playmate in a few years and vice versa. Plus, he is part of your family, I am sure you guys can make it work.

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Look into a dog walker or doggy daycare. Usually you can do a half day of doggy daycare for under $20, sometimes even under $15, and it will tire him out! You’re two weeks post-partum and you’re all still getting adjusted. Please don’t give up yet. Your dog loves you!

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maybe a friend or relative could help out? that’s gotta be hard with a newborn. we don’t have a dog but we have cats that we’re worried about giving enough attention when baby arrives. I wouldn’t give up on your dog just yet. maybe everyone just needs to adjust? 

good luck!

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I have to say I’m terrified of this, since our dogs are our babies.  But, I already have friends and family who have offered to come over and take them for walks while we adjusts to life with the baby.  Another thing we are planning is to make sure that our guests give the dogs attention when they come to visit the baby (whether it be petting or a treat), so that they don’t get jealous.  That alone will help to keep them satisfied. 

I really hope you’ll find a way to make it work!!

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