(Closed) Giving up Soda, advice/help?

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Try sparkling water? 

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Never buy it. Don’t have it on hand and easily accessible.

Drink tea, and put in a little lemon and/or honey for a bit of extra flavor.

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I went cold turkey with caffeine soda and replaced it with the flavored sparkling water from Wal-Mart. I also like the crystal light packets for water. 

The sparkling teas by lipton I think are nice too. 

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I love Coke. I really truly do.

I’ve stopped thinking of it as something to drink when I’m thirsty — and now it’s just a treat. On par with a milkshake. Definitely not something I’ll keep in the house.

It sounds silly, but drinking water with a straw really helped me to break the habit. When I’m thirsty, I want something very cold and refreshing. Sipping on a straw indulges an oral fixation and makes iced drinks better.

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Flavored seltzer! Naturally calorie free!

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Next time you get a pineapple, boil the peel after you cut it up.  Strain it and drink it like iced tea.  It’s soooooooooooooo good.

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I agree with those who say don’t buy it, don’t keep it in your house, and bring a bottle of water or something with you to drink so you’re not as tempted to buy it when you’re out. I also reccomend looking up facts about sodas and stuff- like you can leave a steak in coke and it will dissolve. Is that really something you want to take into your body? Whenever you’re tempted, remind yourself of the reasons you’re dropping it- whether it be personal or (which helps me) reminding yourself of some of those facts.

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I am bad for drinking Coke all the time. I decided I was going to stop so I started buying lemon Perrier (sparking water) and it’s so good! It’s fizzy so I pretend it’s like pop ha ha

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@MrsN14:  I used to be a big soda drinker too (1-2 a day) and I stopped cold turkey on July 31st this year.  The first two weeks were a bit tricky and I constantly craved it, but I made a point to drink a ton of water and stayed away from soda everywhere (like when there is a free lunch at work with sodas, I always bring my water bottle with me and avoid it).  Once you get past the initial caffeine withdrawals, etc. you are in good shape, just keep going with it.

The most helpful thing was to have flavored sparking water around (http://www.seagramsmixers.com/sparkling-seltzer-orange.jsp’ defer=’defer).

Going off of soda is a great thing!  My crazy sugar cravings went away and my sleep patterns were so much healthier.  It has really been a positive change for me and is really worth it.  Good luck to you 🙂

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I used to drink Dr. Pepper ALL THE TIME. My best friend and I once drank over 40 some 2 liters in a span of 3 to 4 weeks. Not good. I never drink the stuff anymore. Stuff like soda and fast food just started tasting bad to me. Now when ever I think about drinking soda I just shudder cause it’s just drinking carbonated syrup. Yuck!

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my dad always kept diet pepsi around, which is awful. i drank it all the time in high school. i got to college and just started drinking water because it was free and soda cost money. for me it was as simple as that.

i’ve never had really strong cravings for soda, however. nowadays i’m usually in the mood for it about 1x/ month and i’ll indulge about half the time.

chocolate and carby desserts, on the other hand, i DO get strong cravings for… so i feel your pain. i haven’t yet found a way to cut down, but i keep reading that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. so if we can crack down for 3 solid weeks it should be a lot easier from then on out. 

stay strong!

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San Pellegrino.  When I have it in the house, I drink less pop and less beer.  I realized a lot of the issue was that tap water is boring, and you can’t chug back juice, etc. the way you can with pop.  It also isn’t fizzy.  Things like Crystal Light taste to me like, well like what they are, crude approximations of real flavours.  If I want a little more flavour, I put an ounce or so of pomegranite or blueberry juice in the glass before filling up with Pellegrino.  Completely satisfies my pop cravings 90% of the time.  The other 10%, I just have a Coke, which is fine, since I have cut my pop consumption by 90%.

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