(Closed) Global Warming / Climate Change – What Do You Believe?

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Sugar bee
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I believe that it’s a combo of both the earth going thru it’s normal heating and cooling cycle, which science has shown prevoiusly had nothing to do with man. For all we know, we could still very well be coming out of the last ice-age. However, I do believe that the chemicals and pollution we are trapping under the o-zone certainly adds to the mix. 

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Honey bee

I’m going to go with the vast, vast majority of actual climate scientists out there and say yeah, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the theory of global warming. As such, I live my life as though that is the truth and try to minimize my carbon footprint.

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Honey bee
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A combination of the two. It is a natural process, but I believe it has been exasperated.

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Bumble bee
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It is not global warming, it is global climate change, happening more rapidly than the populations can evolve to deal with.  Sea levels are rising, water temperatures are getting warmer and animals are moving north to live in waters they are used to – just look at all the great white sightings in early July off Cape Cod.  This isn’t always the way it was.  Climate change causes more, harsher storms.

I majored in environmental studies and have seen study after study about the negative effects of climate change, the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the decreasing amount of ozone.  I don’t care to get into an extensive debate about this, but climate change is NOT a crock of “hippie liberal bull-crap” (as a random dude at a bar once so eloquently put it).  It is a real thing.  Why on earth would so many scientists WANT this to happen?  I would much rather live on a planet that wasn’t reeling from negative effects of industrialization, but that’s just not the case.

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Bee Keeper
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I think it’s a natural cycle.

Side note: Anybody remember about 15-20 years ago when the big hype was about the “global cooling” and the “upcoming ice age”?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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As a scientist, it really rubs me the wrong way when people ask if I “believe” in scientific theory (like evolution, global climate change, etc). It makes it sound like science is on par with mythical thinking like religion.

Global warming is a misnomer – it really is global climate change. A good deal of my graduate work revolved around it. It’s real, it’s happening, and we can already see it around us. We are accelerating a process that would have naturally occured, and making it much more dramatic. It’s actually causing heating AND cooling – globally.

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Bumble bee
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So, I’m going to go against the grain here and say that I don’t believe it matters whether it is real or not. To me, it seems like it is just another way to divide the vote. We know that excess carbon dioxide is not good for the earth, so we should just act based on that. It doesn’t matter if it’s causing climate changes or not.

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Worker bee

I think it’s sad that climate change has become such a politicized thing.  Everyone forgets that it was the first Bush who originally committed the U.S. to reducing GHG emissions.  When his delegation returned from the Rio summit in 1990, the oil companies chewed him out for agreeing to such a thing.  

We know that the primary GHG emitted by man, carbon dioxide (CO2), is a greenhouse gas.  This is very easy to demonstrate in lab tests.  Basically, CO2 absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun and re-emits it as heat.  The more CO2 there is, the more it does this and the longer the heat remains in our atmosphere rather than being radiated out to space, thus you have global climate change.  The thing we struggle with is understanding how this will affect our climate, i.e., which places will be drier, hotter, have more rain?  There is no one symptom that results.

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Busy bee
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I believe that global climate change is real.

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Honey bee
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@crayfish:  Sorry I say “I believe” because I am not a scientist and have not done much research on it.  I don’t want to get in trouble for stating something as fact based on what I see around me. So thats why I say “I believe” because I am not a professional on the matter by any means especially when it comes to human pollution having an effect on climate changes.  I will make sure to look more into it though to better understand why I feel like it does.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I don’t understand why people who are not scientists think they know more about climatology than those who study it.


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Bee Keeper
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While I firmly believe we as a human race are doing a lot of crap that is horrible for the earth (like the HUGE pile of trash in the middle of the Pacific?) and we should do what we can to stop exessive pollution, there was more than one ice age, therefore the Earth had to warm between them, and so we are a little vain to think we can control the entire climate.

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