(Closed) Glucose Test results and my flippant doctors… Advice is welcomed here!

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Is there another OB at your practice that you can talk to, to get a 2nd opinion?

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My doctor is sort of like that…they dont wanna stress out the moms to be so they only worry about sharing stuff if it comes out there is a problem

i dont mind it so much that way, all i know is i passed my glucose test, i wasnt told any numbers…also, i  really would rather not know the poundage im puttin on every month lol

this is my first baby so this is all new to me (:

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@Cwoodward:  hmm….a few seperate issues here.  My doctors are similar, in that they don’t tell me any results unless they are abnormal, but they always answer (in a nice way) when I ask for specifics.  So, if they say you are fine on the Glucose, then you are probably fine.  But I’m sure you could insist on taking a second test if you really pushed.  Most doctors are more than happy to test more if you have good insurance.

The weight gain–well, you are at 28 weeks, and I would need more specific info to tell you.  If you gained very little before the last 2 appointments, then I would say you are pretty on track.  I mean, if you’ve gained say, 18 lbs total, and you were a normal weight before pregnancy, and the healthy weight gain range for a pregnant woman is 25-35 lbs and you only have 12 weeks left, I think you are doing well.  Especially because I hear that the last 8-10 weeks, many women find it more difficult to eat (less space in there!) so weight gain slows a lot.  But that totally depends on the person.

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My doctor didn’t tell me the results of my glucose test besides that I passed. I don’t really need the number, I’m satisfied.

As far as weight gain, I’m 33 weeks and have gained a pound for each of those weeks. I did ok at first but my numbers started climbing towards the end of my second trimester. For reference, I started with a normal BMI so I “should” gain no more than 35 lbs total, but I’m on track for 40 – 50.

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@Cwoodward:  I don’t have anything helpful to say about the glucose test, but regarding the weight gain… I WISH my OB had mentioned that I was putting on too much weight. I was a size 6 when I got pregnant, and no matter how much weight I gained, my doctor just said “nice weight gain” or “ohh, we’re having a big healthy baby!” I had read about gaining 20-30 lbs, but when I hit that at 5 months and the doctor didn’t say anything, it kinda seemed like it was ok to keep gaining. Well, I gained a ton and my doctor never mentioned it once. The baby was born (big and healthy) and 16 years later, I’m still carrying around every ounce of that “baby weight.” So…. do not count on the doctor to tell you when you’re putting on too much weight. They don’t want to offend us or make us cry or throw things in their office, so they just say things like “nice weight gain” instead of “that baby is NOT hungry for Ben & Jerry’s.” Read up on healthy month-by-month weight gain and understand that anything over 20 lbs total is going to be all yours after the baby is born.  I totally wish I had been more careful. 

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My OB never gave me specifics unless I asked. I usually looked at the blood pressure moniter myself. But for example when he would measure my fundal height or take the fetus’s heartbeat, I had to ask what it was. He’d always just say that it was good unless I asked. I think this is just kind of normal. If you are concerned, you need to be proactive and ask your OB if you should worry about your weight and your results. If you were in any serious risk, the OB would say something.

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As far as weight gain I agree with 

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@Daisy_Mae. Since you’re gaining more than you want, and your glucose was high, I personally would cut out some carbs. Not all (nobody stone me!) but just cut back on your refined carbs and increase protein, vegetables, etc. 

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Most doctors don’t give you numbers because most people wouldn’t have any idea how to interpret them. As far as weight goes some people are very senesitive about what is a typical weight fluctuation so they don’t go into it unless they think it’s really unusual.

I don’t think they’re being flippant here, just treating you the way they would treat most patients. A quick explanation that you’re into hearing that sort of thing or come from a health background should do the trick. For example I’m finishing up a degree in Microbiology and I usually mention that so that they know it’s okay to talk specifics with me. 

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just had to comment; I would not worry about it, I am not an OB but in the medical profession; in defense of the doctors, doctors really do not want to stress patients out when there is nothing to worry about; if it is something serious they will act on it trust me; sometimes the more a patient knows and looks things it up on the internet  it will make them more anxious and they think they are abnormal when they are actually not and start pushing the docs to do tests that are not necessary; if something is abnormal the values should be above or below the normal range so I would not worry about it-this is true for most values in the medical field unless there’s an abrupt change in important trends; regarding weight gain; you’ve only gained 24 pounds total; normal total weight gain is 25-35; more if you are underweight less if you are overweight pre-pregnancy;  think you are overthinking it and stressing yourself unnecessarily, just relax aand enjoy your health rather than looking for something abnormal, just my 2 cents; doctors will answer your questions when asked but if everything looks fine then they have to move on to the next patient who may have a serious complicated condition and needs more time to sort out; my OB is efficient but always takes time to answer my questions whenever I ask, I practice the same way; it’s just the way medicine is practiced nowadays a sign of the times; efficiently but effectively; unfortunately you cannot spend an hour on each patient so if someone is normal it’s on to the next in the busy schedule; on the whole docs know what they are doing which is why they study long years and study very hard, it is not that docs are flippant they are efficient and some patients mistake it as flippancy and want more time with their doc if that is the case then you may want to find someone to spend more time with you which is a rarity; figure 15 minutes for follow-ups and more time for new patients (another reason why wait times are long because the appointment time is far less than what is actually used because of time needed to answer questions and concerns) just relax and enjoy your pregnancy it is a special time in your life right now; your docs will let you know if something horrible is happening, don’t look for something not there, good luck

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@Cwoodward:  Totally normal to worry about your weight.  It might be hard for doctors to find a middle ground with emotional pregnant women–lol.  At my lost appointment, (I’m 24 weeks), I got a different doctor in the practice, and I felt he was incredibly rude to me about my weight.  I’d gained 8 lbs in the last month–which I already knew, because I have a scale at home and weigh myself–which I know is a lot, but I also had terrible morning sickness until 17 weeks, so 18-22 weeks was like, “Yay, I can eat normalish foods again!” time for me. 


 I did also work out during that time and I feel like I was making healthy choices–I wasjust suddenly eating a lot more than I did up until 17 weeks and I gained really fast.

Anyway, the new doctor was extremely blunt and told me that 8 lbs in 1 months was awful, and if I gain 8 lbs every month for the next 4 months I’m going to have gained 50 lbs over all, and then I’m going to weigh 200 lbs…and then, he didn’t stop there–OH NO….he continued to say that then I would “probably never lose it” and I would be looking at a lifetime of obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes.

Neither type 2 diabetes nor heart disease run in my family, and neither of my parents are overweight, thankyouverymuch, so even IF i did gain 50 lbs in my pregnancy, I’d like to think I’d at least lose *some* of it.

Anyway, even though my brain was telling me he was being super sensationalist, to assume to because I gained 8 lbs in 1 months that I would continue gaining at that rate, my pregnancy hormones were turning my face red and making my eyes well up with tears.  Which was embarassing, considering the emotion I was feeling was anger, not sadness.

Anyway, now I’m super paranoid about what I eat and what I weigh, and weight myself twice a day and started tracking everything I put in my mouth on myfitnesspal and I don’t feel like that’s particularly emotionall healthy either. 

So..very long story short.  I think it’s great to be aware of what you are eating/how much you are exercising/how much you are gaining….but don’t be obsessed with it.  I’ve been making myself (and my husband) miserable since that appointment, because I’m really limiting what I eat now.


Haha.  So.  Tales from the Other Side.

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