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Tell him what you are thinking, but honestly, I don’t think you should have to justify your relationship to a COUSIN. He’s not your parents. And even then, you shouldn’t have to justify yourself to anyone. YOU are happy. YOU know your FI’s beliefs and if that’s good enough for you, that’s just going to have to be enough for everyone. If they’re going to be stick in the muds about it and not be supportive, well, fine, you don’t want them at your wedding anyways, right?

You are happy and you love your Fiance. Isn’t that enough? It definitely should be. And, you are WILLING to make it work. I think it’s wonderful that you and your Fiance are finding your niche in churches and stuff. Just tell your cousin, "well, you don’t really know my Fiance, so I don’t think it’s your place to judge him or our relationship". I am never a fan of delving private information about a personal relationship to family anyways. What you and your Fiance do is your business, and it doesn’t need to be spread amongst all the family *how* Christian he is and how you two are doing *this* and *that* to prove that he is Christian. If that isn’t enough, you could throw a Biblical term or passage his way about being judgemental or accepting. Honestly, though, I think telling your cousin to politely buzz off should be sufficient. Are you close with your cousin? I would expect this from a sibling or parent. Sorry he’s being such a pooper about your engagement! The last thing anybody wants is a Debbie Downer about their FI!

Isn’t it most important that he is Christian, even if he isn’t a specific denomination?!?!?! That’s what I always thought. Base core beliefs. You can’t go wrong there.

Congrats on your engagement! I hope this all works out well and your family continues to warm up to him. I’m sure it will be the case. Nobody likes to be rushed in their religious quest (myself one of these people), so hopefully your Fiance doesn’t feel unecessary pressure to conform to your more conservative and longer-termed Christian family. Your family should make him feel comfortable and welcomed.

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I am not religious myself, so I don’t feel in a place to give you advice other than to say that ejs4y8’s advice seems spot on to me (sorry, I am having weird formatting issues!). Actually, NM, I will say that ultimately, no matter what we believe, we are all accountable for our decisions. Let your cousin know that you have thought on this deeply, and that you can only reach the answer that comes from inside: yes.

Also, I’m with you on the last part. In fact, consider Joseph and Mary’s marriage: they didn’t choose eachother, but built an amazingly strong relationship on their shared beliefs, values, and respect for eachother. I do think if you have those three things, almost anyone can make it.

Good luck!

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Whenever I feel anxious about anything (especially when it comes to addressing tensions with others) I pray.  That’s literally the best advice that I can offer.  Ask the Lord to fill you with His peace and to provide you with just the words that your cousin needs to hear.  He may be expecting a defensive response from you.  Surprise him with kindness and gentleness.  Remember that none of what is going on right now is a surprise to God… and He knows exactly how this will all play out.

You and your fiance are doing things to build a foundation for your marriage.  Those are great first steps.  Continue with it and your family will have no choice but to see how your commitment to God and to each other changes your relationship, as you both grow stronger in your faith.

If you feel like it’s a good idea (and trust that your cousin won’t use it as an opportunity to corner your fiance), perhaps you can invite him to spend some time with you as a couple or in a group setting.  That way he can get to know your fiance and see for himself the good qualities that you’ve been trying to describe.

I’ll pray for the best in your situation!


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