(Closed) Going away for 10 days…what's best for my cat?

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    Professional cat-sitter : (37 votes)
    22 %
    Friend dropping by : (56 votes)
    34 %
    Leave her at a friend's house : (12 votes)
    7 %
    Cat sitter - once a day : (37 votes)
    22 %
    Cat sitter - twice a day : (22 votes)
    13 %
    Cat sitter - three times a day : (3 votes)
    2 %
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    Blushing bee
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    If we’re gone for up to 4 days we will have someone come by once a day to clean the litter box and feed her and play a little. Our girl will be fine with this but will definitely show us that she’s missed us when we’re back. We’re going on holidays next week for 8 nights and I’m having a friend who’s writing her thesis come over and work from our apartment for some hours during the day while we’re gone so that our kitty will not feel like she’s alone all the time. 

    Cats do well on their own but IMO someone should always check on them at least once a day. We would hire a cat sitter to come by before we would put her in a new home or cattery. That being said, this summer she was babysitted for two weeks in our downstairs neighbours apartment – besides the furniture its identical to ours (our cat now thinks ALL apartments in the world looks the same lol) and this worked out fine. If we would have had to take her in a car and drive her somewhere to a completely different apartment I’m not sure it would have worked out well as she’s a timid girl, yet very affectionate. I get the controlled environment thing, I’m scared of that too. 

    Can someone stay at your house for a couple of days in the middle of your trip? Otherwise I think having a cat sitter come in twice a day is ok – definitely better than the stress of moving her for just 10 days. Leave a radio on, or the TV or something. Ugh, it’s difficult. They are our babies, after all, huh?

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    Busy bee

    There aren’t many people I would trust to look after my cat. He is totally indoors and very needy. I’d maybe try and get someone you trust to stay for a couple of nights and the other times have the pet sitter. If you don’t have anyone you could trust to do that then I go with the pet sitter at least twice a day. As long as they understand your cats routine and lifestyle. Hopefully a pet sitter would be good at that. I’d read reviews first though. Good luck and congratulations!

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    Helper bee
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    I understand, I’m scared my cats will run away from the others house.  I have two kitties and they keep themselves entertained.  I sometimes work long hours and they are ok as long as they get personal attention when I get home for 5 minutes.  I would say, having someone come by once a day?  Maybe you have a friend who got a teen or college student that would be willing to do it.  It’s a great simple job.  I hate strangers in my house when I’m not there so.  Hmmm…. I’m not sure.  I’d like to follow this post.

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    Blushing bee
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    I’ll be following this thread too! The ideal solution for us was always to have someone stay over in our apartment for some days if we’re gone for 7-10 days and then have a friend come and check on her daily the rest of the time. But we’re also lucky enough to have 3 sets of friends within a 10 minute walking distance from our home, and they’re all always helpful. Even then it’s always difficult to find the best solution. 

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    Except on the rare occasions when nobody was available and we had to board the cats, we’ve always had a friend drop by.  Of course, we’re impovrished grad students, so somebody was always MORE than willing to do it for baked goods, beer, and kitty love!  I tend to prefer a friend to a professional because they already know the cats and their habits.  I know what a dilemma this is, though—good luck! 


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    You really need once a day minimum, in my opinion. I’m fortunate that my next door neighbour happily goes around twice a day.

    In your situation, if your friend can’t come, I’d get the pro once a day. I think twice a day at $22 a visit is overkill.

    Another option is kenneling. They’re in cages but they get interaction with the keeper. I’m guessing that’s roughly similar in price to one visit a day

    I think a friend’s place is the worst option unless your friend can 100% guarantee she won’t escape. (e.g. is her mother liable to come around and leave the door open?)

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    Busy bee
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    @peonyinparis:  I say friend is ok at least every other day. We have 2 cats and while they will be fine ( unlike dogs) i feel better with friends in my house over unnecessary costs or strangers.

    if money is not an issue and you want the photos / extra care it is definitely not overkill

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    We have two cats, a Persian and an Exoptic Shorthair, who are both also very social.  I have left them many times for long trips at home with a pet sitter coming once a day.  They do just fine. My Persian who is particularly social is a little needy for a day or two after we come home, but certainly not traumatized.  The pet sitter plays with them for 15 minutes or so while she is here and I think that helps.  

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    Bumble bee

    I would hire the cat sitter, but I think twice a day is sufficient as it means they can come once in the morning and once in the evening. This would suit our cats as they get fed fresh food in the morning and evening.

    I personally wouldn’t take our cats to a friends house as I wouldn’t trust the friend to keep them inside (they are house cats) and I would also worry about them being disorientated and also they hate going anywhere in the car.

    I also wouldn’t be keen on the friend coming round as I don’t feel once a day or every other day is enough (or at least not for house cats). And I would also feel guilty on the friend.

    We are very lucky in that we have my Mum living next door and she checks on our cats twice a day when we are away. It’s basically up to you and is based on whether your cats are indoor or outdoor, how much cash you have to spare and how used to going away/staying in new houses your cats are.

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    Here’s my two cents…. As someone who takes care of other people’s animals for a living. (And owner of one large dog and two cats). I will say you know your cat best.  My cats are rather independant, and they are indoor/outdoor cats… so no litterbox to worry about, I can leave them for 10 days with someone coming over once or twice (the entire time) to make sure they still have food and water.  BUT, they don’t like other people and are only really comfortable around us, so having someone come over all the time would be pointless because they would just hide from them.  My dog goes to a “kennel” (it’s not really a kennel, more like a doggie resort… he loves it there) since he needs more attention and care.

    When I take care of other people’s animals (mostly dogs, the cats tend to hide… I actually don’t even know how many they have I’ve never seen them, but I’m told they are there and they eat the food. lol) I go twice a day (they have a doggie door, so they aren’t holding it for long periods of time) and spend at least an hour cuddling and loving on them each time.  If your cat is friendly and needs the attention and wouldn’t hide I’d say twice a day would be best.  Three times a day would be overkill in my opinion.  That said though, I would have the petsitter meet the cat first so your kitty can get comfortable around him/her because cats can be funny when their parents arent around.  And I’d hate for you to spend that amount of money to have someone go sit in your apartment and not see a cat.

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    Buzzing bee
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    We have left for about 14 days before. My in-laws or my parents are happy to stop in once or twice a day for an hour or more to see my girls. They miss us, of course, but they are always fine.

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    Bee Keeper
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    I always pay my Future Brother-In-Law to come by and check up on my cat. I pay him to come by everyday and to hang out with her for a couple hours, feed her, give her water, and clean her litterbox every couple days. I went away for 12 days in the summer and paid my Future Brother-In-Law $100 to watch her. A year ago, we went away for 10 days and we paid him $100 + grocery money ($50) + groceries we already had, because he had to travel to get to our place and he had to live there for the 10 days.

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    Sugar bee
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    I pay a family friend to take care of my cat when I go away. I tell him he is fine to check up on the cat once a day, but often he sleeps over and spends time with her. He still lives with his parents so he is happy to do it!

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    Honey bee
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    @peonyinparis:  I would definitely go with a pro coming 3x per day. You don’t want to worry about kitty while you are away. I might even supplement the pro visits with a friend stopping by!

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