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@urchin:  I’ve also had to cut out most dairy in my life. The only thing I can tolerate is butter. I can have milk in my cereal in the mornings but I cant handle the dairy anytime besides morning time or my stomache gets all wacky. I’m soooo sad that I can no longer have pizza with cheese so I now get it made with just the sauce and veggies and crust which isnt too bad. I have yet to try the alamod milk cause frankly it freaks me out and I would NEVER try the soy stuff ever. I realized that I can eat only  a little bit of mozzarella cheese because it has the least amount of lactose in it or whatever it is that bugs people with sensitivities to dairy but I dont eat it very often. Going dairy free was hard at first since so many things have dairy but you will get used to it

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@urchin:  If you love cheese but the problem is actual lactose (which would explain why some cheese bothers you but not others), Cabot cheese is lactose-free.

You you might still have one safe cheese!

That being said, my Aunt had chronic migraines (16 days a month or more of migraine days) up until a few years ago… When she went vegan. She wound up discovering that dairy was giving her the crippling migraines, and she hasn’t had one in almost a year!

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I am Lactose Intollerant and have been for about 10 years. Initially i totally cut out dairy which was really hard as its hidden in all sort of things but i had to do this to gradually incorporate it again to see how much my body can take. 

I am only able to handle 30g of dairy per day before my intestines say no way.

I do eat lacto free cheese, milk, cream, yoghurts and butter and i am so pleased they exist. i love dairy!!

Coconut based drinks are great, no dairy and no soy and rice milk is ok too. Almond and hazelnut milks are also great unless you are allergic of course.

I find that i am more sensitive to liquid dairy, so milk and cream. I can often tollerate butter and a small amount of milk if it i cooked into a dish too though.

I have found that restaurants are very accommodating these days and never have an issue when eating out.

Make sure you read packagings carefully if cutting out completely,you will be surprised what contains dairy.

When i was pregnant however my lactose intollerance temporarily disappeared! it was great i could eat everything. 2 weeks after i had my daughter, it came back ๐Ÿ™


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Almond and coconut milk are delicious!

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I have been dairy, gluten and yeast free for years. It’s worth it. Look out for casein and hidden sources of dairy. As for the estrogens in soy, it’s not that soy contains estrogen, there is a protien in soy that can mimic estrogens in the body. I limit my soy intake but I’m not convinced that it’s necessary to completely eleminate it for those reasons. That being said, a lot of people I know prefer almond milk anyway. Subsituting milk is a bit ehhh in terms of changing your diet because it doesn’t taste the same. I tried to eat things that just don’t have dairy anyway. For example, instead of cereal with soy milk, I would have toast and egg or Girlfriend oatmeal. That way it tastes more “normal”. 

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@urchin:  I lvoe the choclate flavored almond milk the best but the calories are terrible so I usually buy unsweetened and just add my own measured amounts of chocolate sauce and sweetener.  It’s not as creamy but still good with less calories.  Also, cinnamon flavored cereals with vanilla almond milk are the bomb!

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@urchin:  I’m vegan, so no dairy for me! I would definitely go with almond milk as a straight milk sub.. like over cereal, in coffee, in recipes, etc. I like the way plain soy tastes the best, but as I eat other soy products I definitely choose alternatives when possible.

Daiya is a good soy-free brand of dairy-free cheese. It definitely doesn’t take just like cheese, and it’s kind of..stickier? than regular cheese? but for every once in a while its nice to have if youre craving something melty. I’m pretty sure they also have a cream cheese like spread out too in various flavors!

If you like ranch dress, hands down the best I have found is Follow Your Hearts vegan ranch! It is in the refrigerated section in the produce department and sooo good. 

My favorite ice cream brand is Coconut Bliss. Sooo good. Tofutti ice cream sammies are super good too.

I also love nutritional yeast based “cheese” sauces. You can find tons of recipes on the internet.

Besides product reccommends, my biggest piece of advice is this: don’t expect anything to replace dairy or taste the same. But understand you can have similar EXPERIENCES and still enjoy things dairy free!

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@urchin:  Ughh yes, that is tougher. I use diaya as cheese. I use a lot less and it must be melted, but it’s … well, better than nothing. I use silk for coffee in things that have to be “creamy” but that’s soy… :  

Good luck in the change, it is really worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m not dairy free but I do try to live without eating much of it. I use Almond milk in my morning smoothie and it’s great. Also lasts longer than milk ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all I got for ya besides some good luck!

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I’m allergic to milk and dairy products (miraculously, I am okay with ice cream). So I can’t even have the lactose free products. I dislike soy based products (not for the reasons you stated, I just don’t like the taste), so I use almond milk and sometimes rice milk (not as good though). Almond milk is really tasty and you can easily switch to it from milk.

Regarding cheese, if I need cheese I have to use the vegan cheeses. Most are not that great and kind of plasticky, and they don’t melt (so forget about pizza). I found that Daiya cheese is the best and not only does it taste great, it melts! It’s quite expensive and hard to find here, though.

In terms of yogurt, I’m sure there are alternative versions out there. Maybe you can check out some vegan websites for ideas. And for butter, well I just use margarine instead.

You’ll really have to read and understand ingredient lists when you are cutting out dairy. So much stuff contains dairy, you wouldn’t believe it. Also just make sure that there are adequate amounts of calcium and folic acids in your dairy alternatives. Almond milk is a pretty good source of both.

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@urchin:  Preaching to the choir! I am currently in the process of cutting back on my dairy, as well as being lactose intolerant. I can still have yogurt, and some cheeses but thats about it. Slowly cutting those things out tho. This is where I have a BIG problem… I’m allergic to soy as well as tree nuts. I think coconut milk is gross and rice milk is UUUUUUUUUGH nasty. WTF do can I drink?!

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