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@hisprettygirl:  I have the Mirena IUD. The thing I like most about it is although it’s hormonal, the hormones are delivered straight to the uterus – they don’t have to go through your whole system to get where they need to be. I’ve had it for 4.5 years, and I haven’t had a real period in all that time (a couple of days of very light spotting, nothing more). I absolutely love it! It lasts for 5 years, so I’ll get a new one towards to end of this year. Something to consider and research though, everyone reacts differently to birth control, but I personally love the Mirena.

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I love the nuvaring. Easy to forget about and not get in trouble and you can skip your period if you please. 

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@ohcaptainmycaptain:  I’m on nuvaring as well, after 4 years of pills. It’s waaaaay better! Put it in and forget about it!

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@hisprettygirl:  I’m also in favor of nuvaring. I took BC pills for 5 years prior, it seemed like I bad side effects constantly, and even though nuvaring is still hormonal i don’t have any of the side effects I had on the pill. I also like the fact you just worry about it once a month and can skip out on a periods if you go on vacay or whatever.

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I have the copper IUD (Paraguard) because I’m totally freaked out by taking hormones, but it does not come with the awesome, light periods I had with the pill. I am also a teacher and honestly have had some inconvenient moments (but I teach middle school and my classroom is right by the bathroom, luckily). So if that is a big problem for you, you might want to research the Mirena IUD- it is still hormonal but local rather than systemic, so slightly less creepy.

My best friend has it and doesn’t get real periods at all, just spotting so light she gave me all her tampons =/

Good luck!

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I have the Mirena, as well. I just got it a little less than 3 months ago, and so far, so good.. I got my first actual period last week… Just spotting on the toilet paper. It’s seriously AWESOME.

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I have tried just about every birth control option over the years short of the diaphragm, sponge, or foam! I tried NuvaRing and found the side effects to be excessive for me. If you’re not affected by your BCP with many side effects, NuvaRing might be right for you.

I have had the Mirena IUD for almost 5 years and I LOVE IT. Some doctors may hesitate to give you one since you don’t have children because it must be inserted through your cervix and into your uterus. My doctor warned me of all the risks and I made an informed decision; but the nurses were stunned that I didn’t have any children! It was painful, like strong cramps, but manageable. The cramping feeling went away after 3-4 days and I took regular ibuprofen during that time.

You can remove the IUD by yourself if you wish or have it removed by your doctor. Mirena lasts 5 years, and the copper IUD lasts 10. I am a huge fan of it — especially that the hormones are delivered locally to the uterus and are not in the blood stream. My periods disappeared for the first year I had it, and have been fairly regular (skipping maybe one a year) and light.

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I hate hormonal birth control. I took it for a long time with no problems, but in the past year I had major problems with it. We’re doing FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) withthe teming and charting now. I am not sure I’d be down with that if it was 100% a huge problem to get pregnant right now. We are not trying, but if we were to have a surprise baby at this point, we’d be very happy.

If I was trying to avoid pregnancy completely, I’d get a non-hormonal IUD. Super effective!

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Mirena and Nuva Ring are both hormonal, but they are basically where they need the hormones so your chance of side effects MAY be less. There is also the arm implant (Nexplanon, and I think there is another one). I had Mirena for less than a year adn it was pretty good. I still got a period, but it was lighter, more regular, and not as crampy (I have really bad periods). My reproductive endocrinologist would not suggest a copper IUD for me b/c if you have heavy periods, it has the chance to make them worse. While women may have their period go away entirely, it’s mroe likely with Mirena than Copper T. 

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