Going on a Cruise! Give me your best advice

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I love at sea days, but I like to watch the ocean and scout for wildlife. Get a manicure, pedicure, massage. There are often shows to see. I’m not much for crowds (my God I will never go to Europe in the summer again) so I tend to hang out in the suite sitting room reading a book and watching the ocean. 

I’ve dived Cozumel. Strong current, not an easy dive, but many nice things to see. Best diving is Grand Cayman and Bonaire.

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Oh I LOVE cruises! Make sure to get some vanilla in Cozumel! If you like to bake, it’s the best stuff and it’s very reasonably priced!

Sea days are my favorite because you can do WHATEVER you want. There’s always activities going on around the ship (trivia, games, shows, seminars, cooking classes, etc) or you can grab a chair and read, or just relax. I would suggest bringing some cards. We’re a big card family and play in our free time. 

I wouldn’t worry about the sea days, they’re often a great break for the busy excursion days. 

Enjoy your cruise! I’m OH SO jealous! 🙂

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We went on one cruise and didn’t enjoy it. The day at sea was so boring for us. We are not interested in lounging by the pool. We are not drinkers. We are not gamblers and even if we did want to just “play” a bit at the casino it was so horribly smoky (not sure if every cruise allows smoking in casino?). 

We are way more interested in getting to our destination and spending all of the time there doing something. The only cruise we would currently consider is one to Alaska for the scenery. 

That said, I think cruising can be an affordable vacation for the right people who enjoy its perks.

We stayed in an interior cabin (no window or balcony) and that was completely fine for us because we could easily go above deck for a view. We also don’t normally book hotel rooms with views (unless there are special circumstances). 

We had decent food on our cruise both at the table service dinners and the buffet.

I really enjoyed the formal night, but then I love dressing up in a formal dress and don’t have too many opportunities. 

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I’ve been on a few cruises, and I might be in the minority here, but I actually prefer to spend my time on the ship, and sometimes I skip ports altogether. I think what it comes down to is the cruise line. On Disney and Royal Caribbean there’s so much to do on board it’s almost overwhelming. My advice is to check YouTube for reviews & ideas of activities to do on your specific cruise so that you can make the required reservations asap. Enjoy your cruise!

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sable :  I was just on an oceania cruise and there was no smoking in the gambling area. I don’t gamble but I have a good nose. I think I’d go nuts in an inside cabin; I’d certainly get claustrophobic. I told my husband that I go nowhere without one of the best suites on the boat. Makes a huge difference. 

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Mrs.MilitaryBee :  Yay I’m excited for you!  I love going on cruises!  To answer your questions:

1). It’s okay in January.  It wasn’t very crowded but still a good amount of people

2. During sea days we just relaxed.  There’s always some sort of activity on the cruise.  Whether it’s shows, games, tutorials, of just shopping.  The weather is nice in January too so you can always join the pool or just play games outside.

3.  After the first time I booked I learnt to book excursions locally rather than through the cruise.  Cruises prices excursions much more than what the locals charges

4.  I least like how if the weather isn’t great the seas do get rough and most people would be affected by sea sickness.

5.  I like being about to go to multiple places without having to plan how to get there.

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sunburn :  Yeah, I agree on this. The “lowest” tier room I book on a cruise is a balcony.  Usually prefer the suite but that also depends on how many destinations. 


I love cruises, but I don’t cruise on just any cruise line. I don’t do budget cruises (Carnival), and as I said before I don’t book unless my trip is comfortable. 

Ship days are great days! I love looking out over the water, drinking a cold drink, reading a book. Love watching movies sitting in the hot tub. Love nibbling on different treats throughout the day. All awesome, awesome stuff!

Hubby and I were just talking about a cruise for our anniversary and taking our little guy along. We’re deciding on where to go!

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I love cruises! I’ve been on 4! Five day and eight day cruises. My favorite days are the sea days. I love waking up and going up on deck to get breakfast and find a table outside along the deck to drink coffee and eat and watch the waves! So relaxing. 

January will likely not be crowded, I typically go in October but I’ve been in May and May was really busy compared to October. I’m not a crowd loving person. It also depends on ship layout. A well designed ship will not feel crowded. The last cruise I took it was poorly designed and traffic to high flow areas like the lido (food) deck and the showtime stages were nightmares. all the other ships I’ve been on had tons of space, mainly different pathways to get to common places and plenty of elevators and I never felt crowded at all. 

There is so so much to do on board! They have tons of foods from all over the world and the buffets are endless! So much food I’m not kidding! You have a sit down dinner every night that is delicious. It’s just like an upscale restaurant but it’s all included in your cruise unless you order wine or a specialty cut of meat. Depending on the ship they do contests, dancing, trivia, bingo, life size chess, raffles, game shows, shops for jewelry and clothes and trinkets. They have live shows of dancing and other preforming arts and the have comedy clubs with usually two nightly shows that are super fun. Those show rooms are decorated so beautifully. Nice comfy couches and booths and chairs. They frequently have life music and dancing in the atrium floor. They have a nightclub which can get pretty hopping in that’s your thing. They have tons of bars to drink at. You don’t have to go far to get a beverage. Most ships have a Casino and several pools. Plenty of deck space for sunning and reading. There is a spa, but those services are extra. Elegant nights, god I love elegant night. You get all fancied up and go out and they take your picture and you have the option to pose at different scenes to have more pictures done. The pictures are expensive but they’re professionally done so you’ll want to budget for buying one or two favorites! Hint hint wait until the second to last night to buy them, you’ll likely spend less. 

I love how all inclusive they are. You can get onboard and not spend a penny more if you don’t want to. Alcohol is extra but if your a big drinker you can purchase a package. I tried the alcohol package once. I couldn’t drink enough fruity frozen drinks to make it worth the money. I tried. Still would’ve spent less buying them individually. They do drink specials on sea days and you can get fun fish cups as a souvenir! The all have an adult only area typically “serenity deck”. That place is awesome. 

If you have kids they have “day camp” for all ages and fun supervised activities throughout the day and night. 

Advice… pack 2-4 bathing suits, (hot tubs, pools and the ocean so you’ll be changing frequently and won’t want a wet suit under your dry day clothes) lots of sunscreen, casual dressy wear for dinners in the dining room and don’t forget your elegant night attire. Shorts, sandals and coverups are fine everywhere else on deck. Also bring a nicer jacket if you are cold natured. Inside the ship the temp can get chilly at night on account of the AC and the constant indoor/outdoor doors being opened so frequently as people come and go. I made the mistake of a hoodie and it was far to casual to wear in the evenings so I had to borrow fiancés suit jacket to avoid feeling and looking out of place. 

Don’t waste money on “faster to the fun” upgrades, just get up slightly earlier most people aren’t ready as soon as you are in port and it’s your assigned debarking time anyway. You’ll get off the boat to your destinations at about the same time. 

Dont bring towels they are provided. 

I’ve never gotten sea sick but the crews swear by green apples as a cure, they have them on the buffet) and bring some Dramamine just in case. Also sea bands. Little sweatbands that have a pressure point button in them. I’ve never needed them even after drinking and the boat is slightly moving but I bring them every time. I got use out of them on the road trip to the port though! 

Relax, enjoy and have tons of fun! 


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I never get seasick. The more the boat moves the more I love it. I just try not to think of the Poseidon adventure. We never get the drink package. Our recent cruise we did the highest end suite and they gave us 6 bottles of wine and hard alcohol. Plus champagne. I don’t even drink but on our last night I had a couple. I really do like oceania. You have a 24 hr butler and they come and clean your room 3x day. I could get used to that…

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I love cruising, even (gasp) budget cruising! I actually went on a cruise with the same itinerary as yours a few years ago. We did cave tubing in Belize which was a lot of fun. In Mahogany Bay the cruise port is directly on the beach and their are lounge chairs and restaurants within walking distance of the ship so we just took advantage of that and saved some money. In Cozumel we went to a resort and spent the day on the beach and did some snorkeling and jet skiing. On sea days there is so much to do, you will have a schedule delivered to your room with the days activities. My advice would be to just loosen up and have fun and participate and if you’re cruising with Carnival don’t miss the Love and Marriage show.

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i love going on a cruise! i had been on a cruise twice, once for family holiday, and one with my  friends where i ended up being proposed on while we’re cruising all the way to Phuket, Thailand from Singapore <3

i usually checked on what attractions or services they’re offering to keep my day busy haha. on some days i just chilled out on the deck of the cruise, feeling the breeze, and watching the blue sky turns yellow. the thing i like the least is when the waves hits the cruise hard that makes it move such in a way that i feel sick on my stomach and what i liked the most was that i got to see dolphins flying in and out of the sea as if they were swimming alongside the cruise <3

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1. Have you went on a cruise in January and was it crowded? I went in May so I can’t really answer that aspect of it but I think it also depends on the cruise ship and port you sail out of as well. 

2. What did you do during the days at sea? They have a lot of different activities throughout the day. Fiance and I relaxed and read a lot, went in the pool and hot tub, watched movies in the theater, walked, rock climbed. We also went to the casino, played some bingo games, tried the dance lessons. They had a spa as well as a club and multiple bars. 

3. Is there something you wish you had known before you booked? To take heartburn medicine (the rocking gave me heartburn)

4. What did you least like about your cruise? Some of the weather we had made it hard to enjoy our port in the Bahamas, but that really has nothing to do with the cruise itself. 

5. What did you like most about your cruise? It was relaxing and fun!

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