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Hi!! David’s Bridal was my first stop because I am plus-sized and I knew they’d have lots of dresses that would fit me. I had a pretty good experience there. My sales consultant was very nice and helped me pull dresses she thought I would like. I was also allowed to walk around with my mom and pull my own dresses. They didn’t put me under any kind of time limit and allowed me to try on quite a few dresses (I want to say 10ish?). They also had a longline bra for me to wear and maybe a slip (I can’t remember about a slip but I feel like I had one). 

The big downfall for me of David’s Bridal was the quality of the dresses. I felt like the fabric wasn’t so nice and the structure of them wasn’t as good. Like, it wasn’t structured to suck me in the way some other dresses did. And truthfully, the prices aren’t THAT good. Yes they are pretty good (lots of dresses under 1k). But so are lots of other designers that have better made dresses. I ended up getting an Impression Bridal dress from a local shop for 800 that I felt like was much better made than a DB dress. I think if you find smaller shops you’re more likely to find dresses the same price that are better made. 

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I got my dress from DB. Here are a few tips

  • Bring your own shoes
  • Bring your own bra (unless you like wearing one 1000 girls have worn before
  • Dont wear a thong
  • Ask for a younger consultant- My first one was 80+
  • Dont buy a dress yet! Your wedding is over a year away you will end up with 15 dresses! (DB dresses come in less than 2 months no matter what they tell you)


Have fun and enjoy dress shopping!

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I really tried to love and embrace the davids bridal experiance, especially since I knew I wanted to do a trash the dress session and didn’t want to ruin an expensive gown.

I liked many gowns, but none of them felt the way my Maggie made me feel.  Keep an open mind, and make sure you look at the dresses online, and try to narrow down the style you are going for.  Since it is a huge store, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Good luck

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I ended up at Davids Bridal after every bridal shop I went to had a version of the same thing.  I ended up finding the perfect gown at Davids and got a pretty good deal (650 for an 800 Oleg Cassini Gown).  It all depends on what you’re looking for and the good news is that you have plenty of time!!  Go with the intent of having fun, rather than finding the perfect dress.

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DB is a great place to start out since they have so many different types of dresses. You can basically try on every style and type of dress without worrying about price since they’re all pretty cheap. I’m with Corgi, though, I’m going to keep looking because the dresses just feel cheap. I would use the DB experience to get an idea of what you want so you can narrow your search, unless you find one you love! In which case, go for it!

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I ended up getting my dress from David’s after the custom one I was having made fell through and the seamstress (even tho having worked on it for a year already) basically could not promise it would be done. So I had to go out and get one, like 2 months before our wedding date. The consultants were really nice and made me feel at ease with the whole crumby situation I was in. I tried on prob. 10-15 dresses and the very last one was the one I chose. And best of all, since it was a pretty popular style, I was able to acctually still order the dress in my size and it has already came in, had it fitted, and I have my final fitting tonight! I was so happy because the sample size 10 was all they had that i could buy off the rack and it was way too big, it would have had to been altered down quite a bit. The only things I didnt like were the consultants maybe being too nice, as in EVERYTHING I tried on they were just a little too over the top with the “oooo that looks so good’s” even tho it looked totally horrible and I am rather large chested, so a couple empire styles, yeah, i was busting out of the top of them, but “oooo, looks great!” lol! so I didnt trust thier opinions (listend to my friends instead) and quickly realized they were really trying to get me to just buy. Also, alterations were pretty pricy and if you have the time, I would recommend going to an independent seamstress for that. I had really no choice, my time is too short, so i just used them. Even the seamstress’s were trying to push product on me, one lady even tried to push a bra on me even tho it was the srong size, by telling me it was last one they had, i should buy it now, blah blah. the best part, i can’t even wear a bra, it pushes the girls up to high for the dress, so um yeah, she almost had me buying a bra i didnt even need and she’s the seamstress who should have known better, lol! So don’t let them push crap on you dont want, i’ve heard that from other people too. Oh and, they don’t do a very good job on choosing the right size and i never even got measured properly until after the dress came in, she just picked a size she thought would work based on other dresses i tried on in that size, well yeah, since my bust is big and my waist small, i had to have the top let out, and i still had to have the sides taken in, i could have easily avoided the $50 to let out a 1/4 of an inch by couple inches long of seam.

Hope that helps! overall it was good, but i think i would have bought from an independent bridal salon had i had more time to order a dress. I fell in love with a maggie i tried on at a different store that same day, but it was a goldish ivory color, and i had to buy that sample, too late to order from a real designer, so i had to pass on it :(.

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I got my dress from David’s Bridal and had an amazing experience…my thought is go into this special day with a good outlook. You make the experience, not the store or consultant. I had a lady at one store who really could have ruined my day, but I didn’t let it…I just had fun and had fun w/ those who were with me.

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I liked my experience at David’s, though I did not end up getting my dress there. It was a really good opportunity to try on a lot of different styles until I figured out what I liked.

Esp if you find a dress you’d like to buy, I’d recommend trying it on in more than one size. My consultant kept putting me in dresses that were a size up from my measurements when I fit in the smaller size off the rack, no alterations needed.

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DB was my first stop and I bought my dress there! I had a wonderful time. Consultant was very nice, dress was inexpensive. Wear a strapless bra and bring heels. Though they have heels there you can try on. My sister helped me with the dresses, though the consultant was more than willing to help. I went in with a wonderful outlook, super excited. I bought my dress then, I wish I had waited, though I still love the dress. 

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my experience at david’s bridal was not bad.  my consultant was very accommodating and nice and didn’t mind staying even after the store closed to show me more dresses she thought would look good on me.  i did kind of feel pressured when the sell kicked in at the very end of the session.  

i would still have to agree with the other posters on this site – the dresses have a cheaper quality feel to them.  i think its very possible to find a designer dress with better quality with david’s bridal prices especially on the internet (reputable sites of course!)

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David’s Bridal is a good jumping off point, especially if you’re “open”” to what style of dress you want to wear.  You won’t feel the clock ticking as much if you try on a lot of dresses.  Second the recommendation to bring your own bra and shoes.

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I went to DB as my first stop because I knew  they carried dresses in all sizes and I was adamant that I wanted to try a dress on in my real size to see what it was going to look like (I’m 5’8 and a size 4 so really, if I order the correct size, I shouldn’t need alterations!)   I was pretty sure in my head that I wasn’t going to buy a dress from DB as I wanted something that I thought would be a bit ‘nicer’ but was happy to go and try some dresses on.

At my appt, my consultant was so incredibly nice and no pressure whatsoever!  She pretty much knew I wasn’t going to be buying a dress that day (my wedding was still 16 months away!) but allowed me as much time as I wanted and was incredibly obliging.  After that appt, there were several dresses that I really liked and I started thinking that maybe I would buy my dress from DB as the quality was good and the dresses were beautiful! 

I went back to DB on two more occasions before finally buying my dress on the third occasion  and I couldn’t be happier.  The dress is beautiful, definitely does not look cheap, and it is everything I was looking for.  DB was also very accommodating as they only had my dress in ivory in the store, which I loved, but I was pretty sure I wanted a white dress.   They said that if my white dress came in and I preferred it in ivory, they would order it again for me and it would not be an issue – same also applied to the veil I purchased.  Sure enough, I ended up preferring the ivory dress and it was absolutely no trouble to do the exchanges.

Overall, I really enjoyed my DB experience – they have a wonderful selection of dresses in all different styles and fabrics, and the prices are pretty good.  Best of all, it doesn’t take a crazy period of time for your dress to come in!  I definitely think it’s a good place to start to at least try dresses on in your actual size as it’s awfully hard to know what size dress you’re going to wear when you’re clipped into a sample size that is nowhere near your actual size!  Smile

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I honestly think it depends on which DB store you go to but my experiences were TERRIBLE! DB is the first place I went to try on dresses. I was so excited an could not wait. I went dress shopping for the first time 15 months before our wedding date. lol.

First off when we got to DB they had messed up my appointment. They didnt even have me down for a wedding gown appt it was for a Bridesmaid or Best Man appt. Finally they got me back with a consultant. I had written down all of the dress numbers that I wanted to try on (just like I was told to when I made my appt) The consultant tells me that she can not find dresses for me by number, she needs pictures. So she brings me a book with SOME DB dress pictures in it. I end up showing her 5 of the 7 dresses that I wanted to try on.

She brings me the first one and tells my friend to help me put it on. WHAT?!?!?! That is her job. Not to mention my friend was suppose to be watching my daughter while I tried on dresses. So all 3 of us plus a huge wedding dress had to get into a tiny dressing room and my friend had to put the dress on me. I didnt like it so now it was time for dress #2.

Mind you I gave her 7 dresses that I wanted and showed her 5 pictures. She comes back with a dress that is not on my list. And it was sooooo UGLY! So I tell her that I am not trying that dress on and I want the dresses I asked for. Then she gets an additude with me and wants to know why I dont like it. I simply told her “because its not what I asked for and its not the least bit pretty.” So she says okay and goes to get me a dress on my list. She returns 10 minutes later. (remember all three of us, my friend, my daughter, and myself are crammed in this tiny dressing room. DB didnt provide anywhere else for us to sit or go while waiting for dresses)

The third dress is uglier than the 2nd one she brought out. Now I am ticked. So I ask her “whats the problem. Is there some reason you are not bringing me the dresses that I asked for?” She says that she can not find any of them. So I tell her that I saw 3 of them on my way from the front of the store to the fitting room. Now she says they are not my size. I end up putting on the ugly wedding dress she brought me and walking around the store to get the dresses I wanted in the first place. I found 3 of them, in a matter of 5 minutes, in my size on the rack right in plain view. I only found 3 because I quit looking.

Needless to say my experience was terrible. When DB called me for a follow up survey I told them how bad it was and that I didnt even want to see another wedding dress again. They claimed they would make it right and never did.

I found another dress that I LOVED. It was a DB dress so I went to the store and looked at it. They were busy so I could not try it on but I decided to make an appt to do so. The girl making my appt asked if I also want my BM’s to try on dresses that day. I said “Oh, sure, I didnt know we could do that.” The girl tells me yes and goes to write it in the appt book. This other employee comes up behind her, snatches the book, and says “just write plus BM’s and be done with it. You have phone call waiting” And starts to walk away. I told her “that was really rude to both me and your co-worker.” She then rolls her eyes at me as hard as she could and just walked off.

I complained to the store manager about that too. They never did anything about it and actually acted annoyed that I complained even though they admitted to  having problems with this same girl several times before.

Needless to say, I told them to cancel my appt and I have never stepped foot back into that store again.

I really hope your experience is better than mine.

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