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ShoeGal89:  I am plant based for environmental reasons! I use the term plant based because it feels more inclusive and holistic, but technically I am a vegetarian leaning towards vegan (eat cheese and/or eggs once a month or so for practical reasons, i.e. am at a restaurant that pleases everyone I am out with but me and don’t want to make a fuss lol).

I was already a vegetarian when I saw Cowspiracy at a private screening in September 2014 but I have really stepped up on vegan eating and being more health minded since. Cowspiracy is the first documentary that had an effect on Fiance who is now almost vegetarian (has fish sometimes for same reasons as my egg and cheese reason above) and a lot of my friends are either fully plant based or on the way there after watching it! For those of you who enjoyed it, the Cowspiracy people will be releasing a second documentary called What The Health, which focuses on the detrimental effects of today’s food business on our health, I cannot WAIT to see it!

And for those who say one person or a couple eating this way won’t make a difference, I beg to differ. Technically, ONE person changes nothing…but when one person turns into that person’s friends and family, and those people’s friends and family, a snowball effect occurs and change happens slowly but surely. The vegan ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s that was brought up earlier is a prime example of this phenomenon, consumers ask and they get. I am happy knowing I do my part by eating this way and educating people who seem interested around me. I do not impose or shove this knowledge down anyone’s throat if they do not seem interested…however if you dare show an ounce of interest in my eating habits you WILL be bombarded with cool information  Like I said, I feel good about doing my part with the way I eat, but I also recycle, try and use less products overall and when I do need to buy something I try and buy the one with the least negative environmental impact but at the end of the day, if you care about the environment, eating is the largest impact we can make. We eat at least 3x a day, much more often than we use recyclable grocery bags, and animal agriculture has the worst impact of all on the planet.

Last but not least, I always giggle when I see or hear people say we need to change so we can “save the planet”; please, the planet will be fine, we need to change to save HUMANITY…if we go extinct (seems to be pointing that way right now) the planet will be just fine, better even, and will regenerate itself!

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ShoeGal89:  i didnt do it bc of climate change- more bc of my love of animals as well as the absolute horror of their lives and the processing of the meat after they are killed. The environmental aspect of it is just a plus.

I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian but I eat mostly vegan. I wont freak out if there is milk/butter/cheese in something, but i dont actively search for it, buy it or eat it.



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I became vegan over 5 years ago now for ethical reasons (after I learned that the way factory farmed animals are raised and killed for meat, eggs, leather etc. is unbelievably horrific) but also enjoy the positive impact to my health and the environment! As far as it not making a difference, while it is true that all anyone has control over is what they as individuals can do to make an impact, more and more people these days are changing their eating habits and lifestyles due to increased awareness.

It definitely becomes easier over time as well. I think this is a great time to go vegan as there are so many options now – they even make vegan eggs and egg yolk! Most restaurants are accomodating these days as well, especially if you call them prior. Many restaurants in my area have vegan options, and I can find something at most places I go – for example, Italian, Japanese and Thai places always have numerous choices. Even White Castle has vegan burgers now! 


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“If I eat something that has milk in it, does the fact that I’m skipping beef make a difference? If I treat myself to an option that has meat in it, say a couple times a year, am I throwing away all the times I’ve skipped meat? Do I really have the power as a consumer to make the difference I want to see in this world? Especially if I’m not a purist?”

Couldn’t that go for anything, though? Should I really turn up/down my AC and not waste energy? Will giving a dollar to a homeless person really matter? Does it really matter if I recycle? Should I bother voting? It’s just one vote. And so on and so forth. It makes a difference; you just aren’t going to be able to tell every time you make the choice to not eat meat and dairy.

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