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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

My ring is from Jared.  I love the ring, but I don’t like Jared.  I don’t necessarily think that their actually products are poorly made, but at least for my city’s store, the repair shop can be hit or miss.  This is an important factor when you consider their repair shop is where you will take your ring for sizing, dipping, and other repairs for the rest of your life!  

I would strongly recommend that you check out some locally-owned stores in your area.  I ended up having to take my Jared ring to a local store for repair, and now I really, really wish we’d just purchased my ring from the local store in the first place.

Some “name brand” companies are fine (I’ve heard great things about Blue Nile, for example, and that’s where I got my wedding band), but in general, I would suggest that you stay away from “mall” stores like Jared, Kay, etc.  And even for local stores, do your homework and see how other people feel about them.

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@memo:  My ring is from People’s, and I am very happy with the quality. We bought it used (we don’t believe in bad Karma) and when I brought it to a local Jeweller to get it resized they even told me that the diamond was very nice. I can’t say anything about their customer service as I’ve never directly dealt with them, but the product we got was absolutely impeccable.


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: February 2014

The ring my fiance proposed with was from Peoples. He paid $6000 for a 1 ct ‘good’ cut I2 solitaire ring in 14k white gold. I could definitely see the inclusions and was unhappy and worried the inclusions would affect the durability of the diamond in the long run. This is a ring that’s supposed to be worn everyday for the rest of you life! 

Anyway, I took the ring back to Peoples and talked to them about my concerns and was completely blown off. My diamond was also loose in the setting soon after I received it and they blamed that on me although I work in an office and leave the ring off other than when I’m at work. Needless to say, I found them rude and unprofessional. We returned the ring after a lot of hassle although we were well within the return period.

With a little research and the $6000 budget I was able to find a 1 ct ideal cut si1 eye clean diamond in a platinum setting with .3ctw pave diamonds.  Much better value for my fiance’s money.

I definitely recommend taking the time to do some research about diamonds and different metals etc. The Pricescope forums are awesome for info.

Good luck!


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jared’s customer service is awful. every single jared store i’ve been in has been a terrible experience with pushy salespeople and a lot of lying. their jewelry may look pretty, but i don’t trust them.

i would go with an independent local jeweler, or with blue nile.

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Blushing bee
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I forgot to mention that the diamond from Peoples was uncertified as well.

My new diamond is GIA certified so I know the grading is accurate.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

My ring is from Kay.  So not Jared’s, but close.  I’m also in the U.S., but not sure how different things are.  I haven’t had it for very long, but here has been my experience so far:

It’s pretty, I love it, it’s the ring I wanted, and Kay was the one to have it.  The end.

Fiance spend the extra $100-ish to get the warranty, so all resizing is free (I’m psychotic about that, and paranoid my hands will change size), plus if the diamond is lost or whatever, they should replace it with an equal value stone.  I do have to take it in every 6 months to get cleaned and inspected, but no big deal, because Kay is freaking everywhere, and I have earrings that have the same policy.  Plus then it’s super shiny again!

Which is nice, because I’m not sure where we’ll be living in x number of years.  I see us moving around a lot, at least at first, and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to go through some painstaking search to find a jeweler I like or will work with me and be held liable.

I’ve only had to get my ring resized, but it only took 6 days.  OK, local stores might be able to beat that, but those few extra days won’t kill me. Because of my job, there are days I don’t wear my ring anyways- I’m probably going to get a “stand-in” which could then work if I had to get anything adjusted anyways.

Now granted, I haven’t had issues.  I’ve heard of horror stories of diamonds coming lose, rings getting banged up, and Kay won’t do anything.  Of course, if you read further into a lot of these complaints, they make some off-hand remark about how it was “only” 4 months past the last time they were supposed to get the inspection.  Um, sorry, but that’s their fault.  Obviously there are legitimate issues, but I’m not sure if they really exceed local stores either.

Customer service… I prefer Kay over the couple of local jewelers I’ve been to, which I know is contrary to what most people will say.  Here’s why: I’m blown off at local jewelers so easily.  I wear jeans and t-shirts a lot when I’m shopping, and I look younger than I am.  For whatever reason, I feel like sometimes they look down on me and assume I have no money to buy anything.  I go into a local jeweler, usually to buy a charm or something for my Mom, and get a ton of evil-eye and backhand comments when I ask if I can look at x, y, and z to compare so I can buy one thing.  Then they shove it down my throat that I need to make a decision quickly, if I’m not going to buy anything I shouldn’t even browze, shouldn’t I be in school (lady, I’m in college, not middle school). etc.  It got to a point where I would just do all my research beforehand, go in, say I want this, done, ring me up, and then I leave.  I’m so sick of their crap.

With Kay, I haven’t had a single moment like that.  They’re so nice to me, even when I’m just saying I need to get my earrings checked, I’m not there to buy anything.  They ask me how I’ve been, or, if it’s the first time meeting me, who got me the earrings, how did he propose, etc.  I never feel like they’re talking down to me.  When we were first looking at rings, they didn’t push us to buy one right away.  They did explain their payment plans and stuff, but that was after he asked (it’s important to know these things).  I had a better relationship with the Kay’s workers here in 2 visits that I did at my local jewelers in 5 years.

So that’s my very long-winded response.  I like Kay so far despite the reviews.  I’m sure local jewelers are lovely, but for whatever reason I’ve had bad experiences.

Also, just a thought: there are many many many more customers for these chain jewelry stores than local stores.  Thus there should be many many many more complaints, and probably more prolific venues to air these complaints.  Just a random theory to think about.


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

My e-ring is from Peoples, and the people there were quite nice.  I liked their selection of engagement rings, but when I went back to look for a wedding band I was disappointed in the options they had.  I ended up going to Barry’s Jewelers and they had a much better selection, and the customer service was excellent.  When we ordered my band, the salesman even offered to clean my e-ring, and they did a WAY better job than they’ve done at Peoples (I had just got in cleaned there a few weeks earlier).

So overall, no big complains about Peoples, but I had a better experience at Barry’s.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

I’ve looked at all the major jewelery stores (including Jared).  The first thing I determined is they are the most overpriced store I’ve looked at (by far comparison).  If you wanted the Leo diamond or something really specific like that and have no budget, then Jared is for you.  I’m not a fan of Jared either because I really can’t stand their commericals and the fakeness they portray on the women in them.

My ring came from a mom and pop local jeweler.  They were so awesome.  They are Greek and the whole family worked there.  They were the nicest, most reasonable people we met.  When picking out a stone, the sales person put it in a setting for me and told me to take a walk down the street and back with it on.  Seriously?  How trusting and honest are they?!  Plus, Fiance liked giving the local small business his business instead of a big fancy chain.  Our jeweler will take care of my ring(s) for life with no extra charges.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

@memo:  My wedding band is from Peoples, as is the necklace I will be wearing for the wedding.  My engagement ring came from a local jeweller. 

While Peoples’ customer service isn’t as good as the local jeweller’s, I don’t have any complaints with them.  We found their jewelry reasonably priced.  Where the other stores have their products way over-priced and then knock off __% to try and make a sale, Peoples has their products priced at that level to start with.  I love my wedding band and when we took it in to have it resized for the wedding, we didn’t have any problems.  We have certain associates that we will deal with and others that we just won’t, same as the local jeweller.

I would really encourage your SO to do his research on diamonds before shopping anywhere.  If there is something that you/he likes from Peoples, I wouldn’t rule them out, but I would suggest going in there knowing what you are looking for and what you want.

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Blushing bee

I’ve dealt with Peoples before (I’m a fellow Canadian), and while I’ve gotten welcoming customer service the majority of the time, my real problem with them is their quality of diamonds and the crazy prices for them. Their rings usually have obvious visible inclusions, something they brushed off quickly. When I asked them who graded the diamonds, they said it was GIA, but they don’t have the certificate. When I pushed harder, they admitted that they themselves grade most of the diamonds and was only based off GIA standards, which now I realize is a huge difference. Their actual certified stones are from very unknown labs, which is too risky for such an important purchase.

Admittably, I was very naive and ended up special ordering a set of 3 G SI1 “GIA graded” diamonds with them after not being satisfied with what they had in store. I took it in for cleaning a while later at another jewelers, and they sat me down and let me look under their microscope and compared the stones to acutal GIA certified stones of the same stats. The difference was night and day, and my SI1 might as well been an I2, and the cut was very poor. Of course with my luck, it was after the return date

I know much better now, and I realized it’s very easy for anyone (you or your FI) to be swept away and buy something that’s very overpriced and poor quality if you don’t know what to look for. To be fair, all jewelers (Peoples included) use the same focused spotlighting that can make almost anything sparkle like crazy, so I can’t fault them exclusively for that. I really do believe there are better places out there. The best advice I can give is please do your research! Stick with GIA/AGS excellent/ideal cut graded stones only so you know what you’re actually getting. Other labs like EGL grade very soft.

Anyways, I hope that helps. I’d really hate for anyone to go through what I (and probably many others) have gone through. I suggest Pricescope for learning more about diamonds, or truthaboutdiamonds.com has concise tips (truthaboutdiamonds is an affiliate of JamesAllen, which is why he suggests stones from there. While I’m hesitant about that, his diamond education pages about where you can save is accurate)

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Didn’t buy from them but here is my experience. Went in first sales person was nice but lacked any knowledge whatsoever on the second trip nice but a bit pushy and very defensive of their pretty low quality stones. Most of the stock was I clarity (not necessarily bad) the stones were mostly graded as SI and even I clarity and I could easily see a huge number of inclusions in the sample I was being shown. The setting wasn’t terrible from a pricepointbut not great. On further inspection most of the stones are IGI certified in the loose selection they are not the worst but not even close to GIA. I had returned due to a friends recommendation but will not be buying from them.

I am going through James Allen instead and for the price I’m getting more, much more. 



14k white gold. 1/5 carat setting not bad nothing special $1400

IGI SI1 1.1 Carat fancy I color (I strongly suspect it would have been a GIA J or K) very good cut $7200 


James Allen


Platinum 1/2 carat hand engraved setting fairly simple but nice 1850 with custom prongs

All the stones I’m considering fancy all GIA from 1.24-1.41 carat all ideal or verygood cut one is an I the others are up to F nothing under a vs2 and so far pre sales assistance has been great and I’m not treated like I know nothing. All are in the 5900 to 6300 range


Out of curiosity I found a similar setting and stone at Jared to my top choice including GIA since Jared has them just notbalways in store . A similar setup to what I would get for about 8k at James Allen will run me almost 15k at Jared. 


I know this is above the OP search range but they have a full range if stones from petite sparklers to boulders . Pretty good selection of settings as well but can always just buy the stones. Also their site shows 365 animated views and if you want to learn to read them you can request an idealscope or aset image when you are narrowed down to three stones.


As far as quality of work my friend hasn’t had any problems with her ering from Jared so there is that 

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2011

I have NEVER EVER had issues with Jared. My e ring, wedding band, some earrings and a necklace is from them and I have ALWAYS had excellent service with them. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2015

My ring is from Jared. Fiance and I have never had an issue with them. He had to call CS to special order my ring (it was taken off the website), and the associate in the store helped him in person. We just went to get my ring cleaned, and I was bracing myself for the *horrible CS* I heard about, but I didn’t get that at all. They were prompt, courteous and respectful. The manager even took the time to let us try on wedding bands, even though we told her our wedding was really far out.

Our store is in Philly and appears to be high-volume, so I’d imagine it’s that particular store.

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Busy bee

I have a Neil Lane from Jared. I love it.  DH bought the protection plan or whatever from Jared and it has been AWESOME, 7 pave diamonds, no charge.  Their staff is a bit flakey but at least they aren’t snooty.  I liked the protection plan, and that they have locations everywhere in case we move.  friends have gotten theirs from other places, no protection plan ($150 for a pave replacement? INSANE!)  and one place even went out of business! I think we probably could have gotten a better deal on the diamond somewhere else, but I’m happy with them in general.

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