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posted 5 months ago in Relationships
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andromeda99 :  By the sounds of it you are well rid of this loser. I would just cut all contact and keep your son out of it, he isn’t your problem anymore and will only try to suck you back in. 

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andromeda99 :  I’m glad you left him bee, but you still don’t get it. Not only are you still over-invested in this POS, but now you put your son in the position to be go-between here. Why would you do that? If you failed to give your family “the memo” that you moved, and their cards are so important to you, go get them your self. This guy mistreated your son just as much as he mistreated you. You allowed it for 3 years and now used him as a pawn to get a sneak peek into the jackass’s life. I’m more sad for your son than for your ex’s kids.

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For the love of god bee. PLEASE please…cut off all ties & contact w/ your ex.

Block his number for once & for all bc he is no longer your problem anymore and definitely keep your son out of it too. 

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None of this is any of your business nor should it be your concern. Its over, cut contact and let go. Having your son involved in any of this mess is just…no. You can decide not to engage in gossip, make that decision.

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The second I read that you gave your ex-bf permission to go over to where your son was housesitting to give him “food and Christmas cards,” I cringed. Food can be bought from anywhere, and Christmas cards from relatives are not enough cause to have contact with a toxic ex, or any ex actually. I would have said thank you, but no thank you, or simply not replied to the text at all.

I’m not sure how old your son is, but no matter how old he is, it is not appropriate for him to be hearing gossip about your ex-bf’s new relationship and life. And gossip coming from his children, no less. Is this what all these children are being raised to think is acceptable? Ferrying stories back and forth to exes? The children are being used as messengers, and this is toxic for them. As for the new girlfriend moving in, who cares? Wishing for other people’s relationships to fail and predicting doom and gloom for the children is not a good look.

And as for the texts between you and the ex-wife, I’m sorry to be harsh, but you sound like a couple of bitchy, gossipy high school girls. His behaviour and relationship no longer affects you, and therefore, it no longer concerns you. As a PP said, gossip is toxic, and it casts you in a negative light. If you truly are happy to be out of there, put him out of your thoughts and don’t expend energy talking or thinking about him.

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Eh, I can see how this occurred. It’s natural to be curious about an ex’s life now that you’re not in it. Just don’t give him any opportunity for more contact. This goes for your son as well as you. 

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