(Closed) got called out by my boss.. obnoxious.

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Thankfully I don’t have a boss like that now but my old one had a ‘talk’ with me about office hours because I took a shorter lunch occasionally and left work a little early.  Right now I have a bit of an obnoxious coworker though…

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Sugar bee

I minimize my stuff b/c well my email (through my web browser) is personal.  I feel for you, we have different offices and on any given day I might be in a different one and a lot of people come and go in those offices, so I minimize my stuff when I’m about to have a conversation b/c I don’t want it to be a distraction to me or the person I’m talking to.

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Haha.  I’ve never been called out about it but I totally pull an alt+tab before anyone walks in my office.  

Today was a sucky day at work for me too.  I have a head cold from allergies and my boss didn’t like these reports I have worked the last week on.  Oh, and I got two more projects added to my plate that all have major deadlines in the next 2-3 weeks.  UGH.  


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Oh, yeah! The HR manager at my last job was a total hag.

I admit now that I’m older my tattoos are somewhat ridiculous (ie tramp stamp…embarrassing) & not as cool as they used to be as when I was 18. Well Dani ALWAYS had a remark to say about how she thinks tattoos on the back are “so trashy & disgusting”. She said it constantly to other people around me, but never to my face. So one day I heard her making another comment, went into her office and basically told her, “Dani, cut the crap. Don’t even start w/ the “trashy” talk again. I’m so sick of hearing you talk crap about tattoos, it gets old so get over it”. After that she never said much about the tattoos, but certainly had plenty of other crap to talk…ugh, what a bitch.

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I actually do the opposite. I don’t minimize things when people walk by because I don’t want them thinking I’m trying to hide stuff, I just need a break! And that way when they come over if they see I’m reading an interesting story or something it eases the conversation a bit and keeps it casual from the getgo. Seems to work for me anyway, my bosses all think I consistently work above and beyond, and I have no idea what theyre talking about 😀

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ugh. mine’s an idiot as well. luckily he’s not in our office area but damn, he’s aggravating. i sent him a link to a briefing today and he couldn’t figure out how to open it. here’s a hint… CLICK THE LINK. dummy. he’s constantly bitching about how my generation is the “microwave” generation and want everything (like promotions) now. uhh… i have automatic promotions for the next 2 years and i’ve never said anything about it to you! lest we forget that i’m the most efficient, productive person in the office; everyone else is old and sleeps lol. hmph.

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Ah yes. I had a boss who did something similar and I always felt like saying, “….But is my WORK late? Sub-par? No? Then why do you care??” (This was, I should point out, a thankless secretarial first-job)

And PS–there are sites that can disguise your web browsing to look like a Word or Excel file: http://www.vanishd.com 🙂

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I had a boss just like that up until only a few months ago. This guy was a real winner. He didnt do ANYTHING all day but surf the net and email back and forth with his wife who sat about 50 feet from him. He was a total douche and always spent more time in mine and my co-workers cube instead of in his own. He blatantly harassed us both on more than one occasion. The entire corporate office (about 200+ people) completely loathed him. Thankfully he got the boot in March and work had been a pleasure ever since. 🙂

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I got a written warning for doing something that I have seen supervisors do… which is why I thought it was OK for me to do it, too! My office selectively enforces policy based on whether or not you’re one of the “in-group.”

All of the internet is blocked at work, pretty much, and I DO NOT try to do anything of my own because as you may have guessed, I am not one of the people who can “get away” with things at work. I don’t read; I don’t do anything but work on company time. And on one hand,  I can see their points — they’re not paying you to surf weddingbee. On the other hand, it makes for more productive employees if they can take a mental break. It’s a tough call. I hope your boss relaxes.

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My boss is weird.  He will slow down when he walks by my desk.  When I hear footsteps and turn around, he runs off.  He doesn’t say anything though.

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My boss monitor all computers!!! i accidentally went to the wrong page and i quickly went to the right page (i typed in the vendor’s name wrong…and no it wasn’t an P**N site) and i got my butt chewed out bad even gotten written up…i had to show him the site i meant to go to and the site i accidentally went to and he was like…”oh sorry” still never took the write up off (but that was 4 years ago when i started)so yes i agree with you totally OBNOXIOUS!!

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@FutureHarp: what a tool! way to overreact…

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I am a grad student so I TA for various courses and sometimes the instructors are… insanely obnoxious (maybe not as bad as the older grad student I got stuck working with though!).  They would always be looking over my shoulder and checking out what I was doing on the computer… work, because I don’t have time for anything else.  

One day an instructor logged into my computer at school…I totally didn’t get it because gmail was open so I thought I left it on, then I looked at the first unread email and it was about some ordering some raunchy PAYPERVIEW PORN!  So that gave me a good giggle…

It is so annoying when people are suspicious for no good reason.   

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