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Oh Lezlers… Every time I read one of your posts I pretty much go, “omg. I love her!” I always agree with what you have to say and it’s always so wise, relatable, or funny! I could have written this post myself, except for the fact that I haven’t been caught… yet.

The pending-engagement-elephant is the WORST!! I also am always doing the sneaky bee perusing (and no, BF has no idea I’m on here) with him on the couch with me, completely unaware. I would be TOTALLY embarassed if he knew how much I am on here, and I would pretty much DIE if he knew I was the waiting board listkeeper. OMG! Hahah!

I don’t think I realized until you wrote this that the reason why I’m so concerned about keeping my bee activity private at this point is because it really is an outlet, like you said, that is one of the few things keeping the engagement anxiety under wraps, and away from my guy. I don’t want him to wrongly get the impression that I’m a wedding-obsessed pre-bridezilla, or worse, trying to put the pressure on him, but I do still feel the need to let out my anticipation and feelings about the whole thing and this definitely serves that purpose.

I’m glad your guy was so understanding when you explained things to him. I hope mine will be too, when the time comes when I inevitably will get caught!

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Oh, I just love this!  No, I don’t think SO knows I’m on here, although he did use my laptop earlier tonight, and I looked over his shoulder and saw that he was viewing the “history” on the browser.  He didn’t ask what “wedding bee” was, though.  I think he was looking for a hotel website, so I wonder if it even registered in his brain.

I like it as my secret, for now.

Although, we were traveling back from a little mini vacay last week, and I totally bought Bride magazine at the airport (as I ALWAYS do…at least, when he’s not with me).  As I paid for it, I said” “please don’t freak.  I like to read it when I fly.”

He just kissed me and said “crazy monkey”.

hee hee

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Im addicted to WB!!!! I check it like its my mail or something. Im here all the time and I just love it. Fiance doesnt know im here, he wouldnt care really. But since I share everything with him I dont really want to tell him about it cause I dont want him to be checking what i do and what i post. There’s a lot of things going on here that he should know nothing about!!

Love Wedding Bee!!! Smile

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I too check the bee while sitting on the couch next to the boyfriend. He’s asked a few times what I’m looking and I simply tell him “nothing you’re interested in”. He knows that’s code for wedding stuff. I do believe I’ve mentioned a wedding forum before, so he may know something of it. And the other day he caught me while I was looking at the rings board, and saw someone’s picture of their e-ring and asked whose ring it is. I said I don’t know, it’s on some wedding board. 

I’m sure he’s not surprised as I spent a lot of time researching ideas and styles of rings before we designed something. What he doesn’t know ANYTHING about is the “waiting” boards.

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My Fiance totally knew all about Weddingbee before we got engaged! He was the one who said, you have to go on weddingbee and tell them all about it!

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My BF saw it one time when I was on and gave me this quizzical look.  I told him that someone on my facebook had posted a link.  He just say “ok” and walked off. He probably could careless, but I still felt awkward bc we don’t talk about marriage that often.

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I always came on here before I was engaged.  At first I would hide it not wanting him to know, not wanting to make things awkward.  Then one day he basically said that he didn’t know why i tried to hide it all the time….lol, I realised then that he may act oblivious….but he’s not!! ๐Ÿ™‚

After that he would make digs about it, but just out of fun.  And I was like, well good, I can go on more now without having to be sneeky ๐Ÿ˜€

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Mine teases me about being on the forums all the time. I didn’t discover forums, though, until after we got engaged.

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I was caught on Wedding Bee all the time before I was engaged. When asked I would say, I know it says “Wedding”, but it’s really more of a party planning site. Haha! He knew I was full of it, and didn’t really care.

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My fiancé knew that I’ve been salivating over wedding stuff since I was about 10 years old, so when he saw me on the Bee, he just took it in stride. My close girlfriends and roommates knew, too, since we would chat about our dream weddings. I always felt embarrassed to admit it to anyone else, however. And I worried about looking silly if we broke up… You probably over reacted a bit, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a deal breaker- wedding dreaming is just something a lot of girls do!

Side note: Now that we’re actually engaged, the Fiance is actually happy that I’ve been planning forever because I make suggestions based on all the cool projects other bees are doing!

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LOL this post makes me laugh because even though I’m now married, I am still on Weddingbee all the time (actually even more than I was before we were married) and it makes me feel guilty/embarassed when my husband catches me looking at it. He thinks it’s funny though. Or at least he does for now – we’ll see if he still thinks it’s funny if I’m looking at Weddingbee a year from now. Haha!

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My SO knows, and doesn’t care. His sister is getting married and is doing all kinds of nutty things, so often he’ll ask ME to go on my “wedding blogger site” and see what things are supposed to be like. It’s so hilarious and cute, we’re going to get engaged by the end of this year, and he’s excited about planning a wedding and getting married. Who knew they actually existed? ๐Ÿ˜› We’re waiting because I wanted to, he wanted to get married after 6 months! Hahaha, talk about role reversal!

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  I am on this board and also one on iVillage. My boyfriend doesn’t know that I’m on this one, and I don’t think he knows I’m on the iVillage one. It’s my outlet to post about things (and my frustrations about him). That is one of the good parts about being in a LDR right now…he never uses my computer, so he can’t see what I’m looking at! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would be embarassed if he knew that I was on these so much. I don’t want him to think I’m just obsessed! Just…excited about what’s to come :-).

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I got caught with one of my dating books (The Surrendered Single: a practical guide for finding and marrying the man who’s right for you) that I’d left in the bathroom. ARRGH! That was awhile ago haha! Never leave books around with the word “marry” in the title when you’ve been dating for less than 6 months…

I was embarrassed but neither of us said anything and I just acted like nothing had happened.  

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