(Closed) Got second hole piercing 4 wks ago & just now crusty?

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Change to some high dollar earrings — I always did well with sterling silver or 14k gold — and then use either rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or witch hazel to clear up the infection (I have used all three interchangeably so no idea which is “best” — they all work just fine). You may want to try putting a hoop through the hole instead of a stud, as sometimes holes get angry if they’re not getting enough air, which can happen if you have a stud done up tightly around them. And it gets worse when there’s an infection because the skin swells. It’s also easier to get at the hole with the disinfectants when there’s a hoop instead of a stud. But be very careful changing the earring, as you’re technically not supposed to before 6 weeks.

I have like 4278937489183 ear piercings (seriously my ears are pin cushions) so I’m kind of an expert on these things haha.

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The guy who did my last set of piercings told me that some crusting was normal and I seem to remember getting it right around the time you’re at.  Obviously if it hurts or is swollen, that’s a different story but if it’s just a little crusty, I wouldn’t worry too much.  If you can find it, I really like H2Ocean (I always order it online, though).  You can also boil some water, let it cool to warm, add 1/4 teaspoon non-iodized salt/cup, and soak the piercing.  It’s a little awkward to soak your ear without killing your neck which is why I prefer the spray but it does feel great.  As I’m typing, it popped into my head that you might be able to just warm up a purchased saline solution – I haven’t done that but it seems like it would be about the same.  Might want to google a bit to make sure on that first, though.

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I’m confused, you said you have a nickel allergy but you are using gold earrings? Gold has nickel in it… I would try hypoallergenic earrings. I used to have a terrible time with swollen, red, crusty ears until I realized I had a nickel allergy. I would rinse them in hydrogen peroxide and dip my earring posts in neosporin before putting them in my ear, that seemed to help.

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jpalm13:  do not use alcohol or peroxide – they will dry out the piercing and make it worse.  I’ve had several piercings, ears and otherwise.  Saline is your best bet (you can even use contact lens solution – it’s just saline) and some polysporin or other topical antibiotic to keep it from drying and to fight the infection.

All of mine did what you describe – unless they’re swollen and red and pussy, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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My advice would be to go to a piercing shop and get a pair of surgical steel or titanium circular barbells or captive bead rings and let them heal with them in. 

However because you say that the seepage is clear, and there is no pain or redness, then I don’t think that it’s an allergic reaction. I think that it’s just natural lymph seepage from a healing wound. 

Were your ears pierced with a needle or a gun? 

Edited to add: don’t use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on piercings! Buy some non-iodized sea salt. Mix 1/4tsp in 1 cup of warm water, soak a couple of cotton balls in it, and put one on the front and one on the back of your ear.  Soak for about 5-10 minutes. 

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jpalm13:  This might not be good advice… but I was in the same situation a few years ago. I pierced both ears a second time and my right ear took a year to stop seeping and crusting up, while the other ear only took a few months. I think it’s just that my body takes a long time to heal and sleeping on the piercing or bumping it just set it back a bit. Long story short I would just wait it out.

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I agree with the hydrogen peroxide method. My 3rd peircing in my ears sometimes does this, but it’s only if I leave them in for an extended time w/o taking them out to sleep, shower, etc. They are about 8 months old, and sometimes used seep a little (sounds so gross!) and get crusty, but it could just be from the irritation of sleeping on them, knocking them with a hairbrush, etc. I got all 3 of my peircings done at piercing pagoda and never had any real issue. Hydrogen peroxide did wonders for healing,  but saline sounds like a good method too. Yours don’t sound infected, so I wouldn’t be too concerned unless they get red, swollen, and seepy.

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jpalm13:  using a piercing gun causes more trauma and they will take longer to heal. Just try to be gentle with then hairbrush!

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