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I totally second the Sparkpeople.com recommendation.  If you’re an all-day computer user at wrok, it’s easy to keep the page open and minimized and add EVERYTHING that you put into your mouth.   Those little snacks that you don’t even think about add up, and drinking enough water is HUGE in helping shed the weight.

 @MissyJen–I tried the whole Alli thing.  Yes, it’s a great way to help you lose weight BUT you have to stick EXACTLY to the guidelines or you’ll end up needing an emergency change of clothes.  Any diet pill that recommends wearing dark colored clothing for the first few weeks because "accidents happen" is not for me!   However, it will help the pounds come off easier than just dieting alone!

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Dolo, water provides two benefits.  The obvious is that it fills you up so you eat less.  The more important is that it helps out your liver.  The break down of fat in your body happens in your liver.  But the liver also serves to process and remove many toxins from your body.  If you drink a lot of water you help your liver by flushing out toxins so that more of it is free to break down fat.

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a lot of people have left great tips already, here are a few more:

-drink more water. more water, more water, more water.

-if you’re eating salad frequently, be sure you’re paying attention to the calories in your dressing. if you love ranch dressing, it’s easy to make salad a high-calorie meal.

-find high-fiber foods – i like those rye crisp crackers, and can have them and hummus for a filling snack under 200 calories

-use measuring cups for portion control. no one has ever poured themselves a "standard" serving size of cereal without using a measuring cup.

-do you have Netflix? they have streaming exercise videos. or you can rent exercise dvd’s from them. i do netflix instead of cable, so it’s cost-effective, too.

-work the wedding dress areas – arms & shoulders. pushups are great. if you’re concerned about your waistline try oblique crunches – drop both knees to one side and do crunches like that, contracting your *side.* then do it on the other side.

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Hi there –

One thing that may be contributing to weight gain, even if you are eating healthy, is food allergies. I was diagnosed last year with several food allergies/intolerances and now that I’ve avoided those foods the weight dropped off. If you have health insurance it’s definately worth pursuing…and if not, or if your doctor is not being helpful and you want to move forward you can go on a dairy/soy/gluten/egg/treenut free diet…

I’ve written a lot about this on my blog so if you want to check that out, or send me a message I can give you more information.

Since addressing these allergies I’ve finally found that working out is easier AND more effective…and totally 2nd the Jillian’s 30 Day Shred.

Good luck!

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I know people are pushing the water, but don’t overdo it. There IS such a thing as too much; it can dilute your electrolytes, causing serious harm (in extreme cases death). Water is of course healthy but you do not need to "hydrate." Drink as you’re thirsty. After a work-out, etc. There is no actual research supporting 8 glases a day. (all this supported by a dartmouth researcher: http://dms.dartmouth.edu/news/2002_h2/08aug2002_water.shtml)

As far as losing weight, I’d look into weight watchers. It’s pretty inexpensive and I’ve known a lot people that see good results with it. It’s great that you want to exercise, but the first step to weight loss is truly adjusting your diet. You can exercise 3 hours a day, but if you’re consuming all the calories you’ve just worked off, there is no weight loss. Weight watchers will give you a realistic weight loss plan. Then, start muscle toning. You can even use soup cans as weights. More muscle=more calories burned because they require more energy than fat. The cardio is a little tricky since you can’t go to a gym and can’t run. If you own a bike, do that. An aerobic video would work as well, just make sure you’re getting out of breath 🙂


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From my own experience, losing weight and slimming down is 70% food and 30% exercise.  In My Humble Opinion investing in a nutritionist rather than a gym membership would be much more helpful in losing weight.

But you have access to really great nutrition info on the internet for free!  To lose one pound, you need to burn 3500 calories.  Experts say that a healthy weight loss rate is about one pound per week, so this means you need to decrease your overall caloric intake by 500 calories a day.

Here’s what I would suggest.  Cut your daily food to about 1550cal and spread them out through the day.  You wanna eat 3 meals of ~450cal each and 2 snacks in between of ~100cal.  Make sure there is protein in each meal and snack.  Stick to lean meats and soy, and try some protein bars for the snacks.  Protein helps keep you satisfied and prevents you from getting hungry faster.  Also, cutting your regular carbs intake by half can go a long way.  Just try decreasing your carbs portion sizes and beware that most fruits are actually very sugary and caloric.  Eat something every 3 hours.  The goal is not to feel hungry, because when we feel hungry is when we binge.

Exercise 3 times a week for at least 1hr each session.  Try jump-roping at home for cardio or any of the other suggested work out videos.  To tone your arms, tricep exercises are probably the most important for a bride.  Do high number of reps with lower weights to help burn the fat rather than build muscle.

I hope that helps!!

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Three Words:  South Beach Diet!

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Try this!  I’ve been losing weight for the past year(ish) and this is how I’ve done it.

 It’s all about portion control for me.  I eat really small meals and I eat them 5 to 6 times a day.  That way I only eat what I need.  And I only eat when I’m definitely hungry.  If you’re on the go a lot, try carrying snacks with you.  I like fruit cups and granola bars for a quick pick me up.

 Also, I’ve been doing more toning type exercises.  By increasing my muscle I increase the number of calories I burn each day, plus it looks nice.  

I’ve actually been using resistance bands.  http://www.bodylastics.com is a good resource for some nice one.  They’re definitely cheaper than a gym membership (and better on joints too).  You can also check out amazon.com or maybe Target or Walmart and see if they have similar bands?  They key is figuring out how to use them, and the 1st website has some good tips.  

So… portion control and toning… nothing fancy 🙂

 Hope this helps!  Best of luck to you.

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Most people end up eating way more calories than they think every single day, and if you aren’t counting your calories your best estimate is probably way off. To accurately measure your calories you need to save all of your wrappers from your food, and get a food scale for when you eat portions of food. Sparkpeople.com or Fitday.com give you the ability to plug in the numbers.

It’s going to take a lot of really hard work to lose 30 pounds before your wedding, that is a weight loss of around 2.14 lbs/week.

You actually don’t need 2000 calories day. I used the PC program "Fitday" to do the math for your situation. To lose the weight you want to lose, without exercising intensely, you would need to eat about 1200 calories/day. Which trust me, is NOT a lot. On a day where I ate 1,241 calories I ate:

1 slice of bread with 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon honey

.5 cup grapes

Frozen meal (Healthy choice lemon pepper fish)

1 can of tuna mixed with 2 tablespoons of may spread on 60 grams of Kashi Tasty Little Crackers

5 grams of chocolate

That is not a lot of food, and it takes a lot of discipline to eat so healthy every day. The only way to feel full on that many calories is to eat as much fiber and protein as possible. 

 I personally don’t believe in "get thin quick" diets, or any type of diet for that matter. I believe that portion control and calorie counting are the key to losing weight, and excercising daily will help you tone up faster. Good luck!

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Looks like we have the same wedding day/weekend!  Totally know what you are going through…

In addition to what everyone has said, just think this way – move more, eat less.

Go for a walk everyday.  Park far away in parking lots. If you have stairs at home, go up and down them for 10-15 minutes and do calf raises. Do the workout videos, but you dont need anything to get down and do as many pushups as possible when you wake up in the morning. Squats or wall sits while brushing your teeth.

I also recommend yoga to help with the stress and to tone as well.

As for foods, Pick foods such as fruit, salad w/low fat dressing, lean proteins that will fill you up with the least amount of calories.  

Most of all, remember what this day is about. Its easy to say and hard to do,  instead of worrying about being a skinny minnie, make sure you are healthy and feeling good for the day.  

If I dont drop one pound before the wedding, but feel great all day and look beautiful…that’s what matter more. 😉

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build muscle!  it’ll help you burn calories faster (even if you are just sitting there).  i’m a huge fan of pilates but any way you can build muscle will help you tone up and drop pounds.

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as an avid exerciser…..I think that’s what you are lacking. You seem to have the nutrition thing down.  Now you need to get your heartrate up and sweat!! 

can you go to a local ymca and use the pool ( since it’s too cold to work-out outside?)

also, the workout video suggestions are great.  get your heartrate up at least 3x per week along w/ your nutrition program and you will see results.

good luck!

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Two words: South Beach.


Have you tried that? I’ve lost 10 lbs and I was never really overweight. It’s difficult at first, but it gets easier!

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have smaller portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. also eat every 2 hours. so that means breakfast within the first hour of waking up, then snack, lunch, snack, dinner. it also helps to drink a lot of water throughout the day. if you feel hungry drink water and see how you feel afterwards. also try lifting free weights and do yoga.

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I actually have hired a trainer for my wedding, and have started a blog to share all of her fitness tips with other brides – the blog also follows my progress with Weight Watchers:


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